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Mario and Goombella hitting the Save Block in Petalburg.
Mario hitting a Save Block
First appearance Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door (2004)
Greater location Petal Meadows
Ruler Kroop
Inhabitants Toads, Koopa Troopas, Bub-ulbs
Not to be confused with Decalburg.
“Sorry, but it's been a long time since we've had visitors here. We're kind of remote.”
Koopa Troopa, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Petalburg is a peaceful village filled with flowers and found in the game Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. Koopa Troopas, Toads, and a couple of Bub-ulbs reside in the village. The mayor of the town is an old Koopa Troopa named Kroop. Petalburg is where Koops, a member of Mario's party, hails from. The peaceful village used to be terrorized by the dragon Hooktail. Thankfully, Mario, Goombella and Koops put an end to the dragon's reign of terror.

Similar to Koopa Village from Paper Mario, Petalburg is divided into two scenes and has six houses in a row by the north side: an inn, a shop, a Koopa Troopa's house who is a Peach fan, the mayor's house, Koops's house, and a Toad girl's house. However, Petalburg has rivers containing Nibbles.

The in-game map description of Petalburg reads, "A tiny village surrounded by flowers and greenery, just east of Petal Meadows. The village is warm all year long and boasts clean, delicious air and water."


Mario and Goombella encounter the village on their search for the first Crystal Star in Chapter 1. The Koopa Troopa who greets them mentions that Hooktail is terrorizing the area, which has hampered the local tourism. When asked about the Crystal Star, he suggests the pair to ask the mayor about it. The pair then visit Mayor Kroop's pink house, and are told that they must find the stone keys in Shhwonk Fortress in order to reach the castle. After visiting the mayor, they can talk to the Koopa guarding the gate in order to pass the village. Before they go, however, they are stopped by Koops, who intends to say something but is overcome by his shyness so does not say much. When they have retrieved the stone keys and are ready to leave the village from the entrance they came in for the first time, Koops comes out and pledges to join their party. After they have defeated Hooktail and got their first Crystal Star, Koops says goodbye to his father Koopley, his girlfriend Koopie Koo, and Mayor Kroop in the village, and the three continue their adventure.

In the Bowser intermission at the end of Chapter 2, Bowser and Kammy Koopa are in Petalburg due to their intel suggesting that Princess Peach was spotted there. Bowser eventually does spot Peach, and starts talking to her, only to find out it was a life-sized poster kept by the Koopa Peach fan.

Later in the game, the General White hunt in Chapter 7 as well as several sidequests requires Mario and his partners to revisit the village. When the box containing the Shadow Queen is opened, shadows appear all over the world, including Petalburg, where the characters then know what is going on and cheer up Koops's team. Finally in the game, Goombella's email shows that Koops, after having defeated the Shadow Queen, lives peacefully in the village with Koopley and Koopie Koo and wants to be the mayor of the village.


Additional items are on sale at Niff T.'s shop.

Item Icon Found In
Dried Bouquet Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Given by Bub-ulber after finishing his trouble. Finishing his trouble allows Mario to trade Hot Dogs to him in exchange for Dried Bouquets at any time.
Mega Rush P Sprite of the Mega Rush P badge in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. In the east area, it is behind the fence to the right of Kroop's house. Requires Paper Mode.
Star Piece A sprite of a Star Piece. In the west area, it is under a panel in front of Bub-ulber on the island to the south of the river.
In the east area, it is under a panel to the south of the east exit.
Turtley Leaf A Turtley Leaf in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door In the east area, it is in the front yard of Kroop's house. Can be gotten an unlimited amount of times.
Given by Kroop for doing his trouble.


Dupree, General White, and Traveling Sisters 3 can also be found as roamers.

Area Tattles[edit]

  • "This is Petalburg. It's nice and warm here, and the air is sooo clean... Such a peaceful hamlet... There's a shop and an inn, so you buy stuff and rest. Oh, and one more thing... The river's pretty, but fall in and Nibbles will getcha!"
  • "This is Petalburg. The warm weather makes the locals laid-back and happy. Wow, and talk about unique personalities... Very... individualistic, to put it nicely. Or, not so nicely... Downright kooky..."


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハナハナ
Hanahana Mura
Reduplication of「花」(hana, flower) +「」(mura, village)
French Carafleur Portmanteau of "carapace" (shell) and "fleur" (flower)
German Blütenweiler Petal Hamlet
Italian Borgofiore Flower Village
Spanish Villa Verde Green Village


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  • In English versions of the game, a small Toad in Petalburg discusses playing Game Boy Advance games, saying that his favorite is Fire Emblem. In the Japanese version of the game, he instead discusses playing Famicom games, with his favorite being Super Mario Bros.. In the French version of the game, this Toad says that he cannot stop playing Nintendo Entertainment System, and adds that he prefers Super Mario Bros.; then he urge the player to play this game. In the Spanish version, he says he has a Nintendo 64, and adds his favorite game is Paper Mario.
  • In Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, and their remakes, there is a town named Petalburg City (although the Japanese name is different).
  • Due to a glitch, if the ID value of the previous NPC Mario interacted with is greater than 11 upon entering Petalburg for the first time and speaking to the Koopa Troopa at the entrance, the game crashes.