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Pa-Patch, the salty sailor
“When the sun rises, I wakey-wakey, and when it sets, I tuck in for snoozer-time! Perfect for a simple bloke like me, eh?”
Pa-Patch, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Pa-Patch is a large purple Bob-omb and one of the sailors seen frequently in Rogueport harbor. He is arguably the toughest of the sailors there, but he is not without a caring side. Unlike most Bob-ombs, his wind-up key is an arrangement of bones. He joins Mario on his quest to Keelhaul Key, along with Admiral Bobbery and their self-described intrepid leader Flavio. Arguments regularly break out between him and Flavio, so Pa-Patch takes a shining to Mario instead. After Mario defeats Cortez and Lord Crump, Pa-Patch decides to stay on Keelhaul Key with a few other sailors. Pa-Patch only made this decision after he was sure there were no ghosts left, as even he was afraid of them.

Mario inquires Pa-Patch about General White


  • "Ay, you wanna know what REALLY smells? Flavio's armpit! Oy, smells like low tide!"

Tattle information[edit]

  • (Before Chapter 5) "That's Pa-Patch the Bob-omb. He's a real salty sailor type. Totally active guy, huh? Yeah, he looks pretty burly, too. Gotta love strong go-getters, huh?"
  • (Chapter 5 and onwards) "That's Pa-Patch the Bob-omb. He's a salty old sailor, and a totally solid deckhand. I heard he built all these shanties by himself, too! ...Still, he's afraid of ghosts."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese コンポビー[1]
Spanish Bomberto From bomba (bomb) and Berto, a masculine Spanish name
French Bomborgne Cross between "bombe" (bomb) and "borgne" (one-eyed).
Italian Galerio From Galera (Galley).


  • Pa-Patch's name may come from the fact that he wears an eye patch and his species is spelled Bob-omb, with the dash.


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