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Pa-Patch's appearance
“When the sun rises, I wakey-wakey, and when it sets, I tuck in for snoozer-time! Perfect for a simple bloke like me, eh?”
Pa-Patch, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door

Pa-Patch is a Bob-omb character that appears in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door. He is a large purple Bob-omb with an eyepatch, and his wind-up key resembles a set of bones. Pa-Patch's name is derived from his distinctive eyepatch and the style of his species name.


Pa-Patch is one of the many sailors seen frequently in Rogueport's harbor.

In Chapter 5, Pa-Patch and several other sailors, along with Admiral Bobbery and their self-described leader Flavio, join Mario on his quest to Keelhaul Key. Arguments regularly break out between him and Flavio, so Pa-Patch takes a shining to Mario instead. After Mario defeats Cortez and Lord Crump, Pa-Patch decides to stay on Keelhaul Key with a few other sailors. Pa-Patch only made this decision after he was sure there were no ghosts left, as even he was afraid of them.

Pa-Patch later sends an e-mail to Mario, in which he is expressing his new life on Keelhaul Key.

Mario and Mini-Yoshi inquiring Pa-Patch about General White in the Keelhaul Key town
Mario inquires Pa-Patch about General White

Much later, Mario must revisit Keelhaul Key and talk to Pa-Patch to inquire him about the whereabouts of General White, having been directed to the island by a Koopa in Petalburg. Pa-Patch explains that General White has gone to an arena, so Mario must travel to Glitzville next.


Oy, you!
An attached image of Pa-Patch from the Mailbox SP in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
An attached image of Pa-Patch in his e-mail to Mario

Oy, Mario, 'ow's yer 'stache? Life on the island feels great! When the sun rises, I wakey-wakey, and when it sets, I tuck in fer snoozer-time! Perfect fer a simple bloke like me, right?

Every now an' then that cretin Flavio spits out some bit o' seizin' life, but I just tune 'im out.

So, you off on another adventure? I think that suits you best. Give them 'ooligans what for an' save your princess!

From, Pa-Patch


Rogueport harbor
  • "That's Pa-Patch the Bob-omb. He's a real salty sailor type. Totally active guy, huh? Yeah, he looks pretty burly, too. Gotta love strong go-getters, huh?"
Keelhaul Key
  • "That's Pa-Patch the Bob-omb. He's a salty old sailor, and a totally solid deckhand. I heard he built all these shanties by himself, too! ...Still, he's afraid of ghosts."
  • "That's Pa-Patch the Bob-omb. He's a salty old sailor, and a totally solid deckhand. ...But he's afraid of ghosts."


  • "Ay, you wanna know what REALLY smells? Flavio's armpit! Oy, smells like low tide!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese コンポビー[1]
Possibly from「紺」(kon, navy blue) and「ポン」(pon, onomatopoeia for banging), with name ending "-by" attached
French Bomborgne From "bombe" (bomb) and "borgne" (one-eyed)
German Big-omb English word "big" and "Bob-omb"
Italian Galerio From "galera" (galley) with "-io" (a suffix roughly equivalent to "-sy")
Spanish Bomberto From "bomba" (bomb) and masculine Spanish name "Berto"


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