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Not to be confused with Noko Bombette.
Paper Mario promotional artwork: Bombette doing the "going to explode" pose
Species Bob-omb
First appearance Paper Mario (2000)
Latest appearance Super Paper Mario (as a Catch Card/picture) (2007)
“I have a little score to settle with those Koopa Bros.!”
Bombette, Paper Mario

Bombette is one of Mario's partners that appears in Paper Mario, and the third party member encountered in the game. She is a pink Bob-omb (most likely a Bob-omb Buddy) with a ponytail-shaped fuse and a white heart-shaped turn knob with no holes. Her name is a simple combination of "bomb" and "-ette," a suffix used to denote a female subject.

Bombette first appears amongst the other friendly Bob-ombs imprisoned in a room within the Koopa Bros. Fortress; upon meeting her, she demonstrates an eagerness to get back at the Koopa Bros. for capturing her. She can be used to destroy cracked walls and other similar obstacles in the overworld, a role that would carried over in the next two games of the Paper Mario series; the role is taken by Admiral Bobbery in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door and the Pixl Boomer in Super Paper Mario.

Bombette and all of the other partners from Paper Mario were meant to make an appearance in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, but she and all the others (except for Lady Bow and Parakarry) were removed for unknown reasons. A sprite for Bombette, as well as the other helper characters from the first Paper Mario, have been found in the game's files. Bombette and the partners from both Paper Mario and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door also have unused data in Super Paper Mario.


Paper Mario series[edit]

Paper Mario[edit]

Bombette from Paper Mario.
A portrait from Paper Mario of Bombette's abillity to explode
A portrait of Bombette exploding
“Mario rescued me. So I figured the least I could do was help him even the score with Bowser, King of the Koopas!”
Bombette, Paper Mario

When Mario goes to the Koopa Bros. Fortress, Yellow Ninjakoopa traps Mario in a cell. Here, Mario meets Bombette, who was imprisoned in the fortress for exploding next to the Koopa Bros.; she helps Mario by demonstrating her field ability, walking over next to a crack in the wall and exploding to make an escape route out of the cell, and then joins Mario's party. After she helps Mario defeat the Koopa Bros., she decides to join Mario's party permanently and aid him on the quest to find the Star Spirits. Prior to these events, Bombette had broken up with another Bob-omb named Bruce; he constantly looks for a chance to get back together with her, only to be met with constant and comical refusal each time.

Cracked rock (conjectural name)
A cracked boulder for Bombette

Her field ability, in addition to destroying walls, can also be used to flip switches and attack enemies; both this and Kooper's field move are the only ways that Mario's partners can score a First Strike. In battle, Bombette can Body Slam foes or explode on them by using her Bomb attack. After upgrading, she can learn more powerful moves like Power Bomb, which hits all enemies on the ground, or Mega Bomb, which hits every enemy in battle.

When Bombette blows up a particular cracked wall in Crystal Palace, four Bombette imposters show up, whose quotes always end with stars, hearts, extra exclamation points or question marks, and extra periods. These are tells that the Bombettes are fake; the real Bombette quickly loses patience with the charade and begs Mario to hit the imposters with his hammer. After Mario exposes the fakes, the real Bombette shows tells him that if he'd hit her, she was going to bomb him the next time he napped. If Mario hits the real Bombette, however, she calls him terrible, and they must fight the Duplighosts.

Bombette receives three letters at the Toad Town Post Office throughout the game: one invitation letter from the Dry Dry Railroad Transportation Department, and two love letters from Bruce.

Duplighosts and Lee can transform into Bombette along with Mario's other partners, where her name appears as "Bombette???"

Super Paper Mario[edit]

An unused image of Bombette, from Super Paper Mario.
Bombette's unused sprite from Super Paper Mario

In Super Paper Mario, Bombette appears as a Catch Card found on the 40th floor of the Flopside Pit of 100 Trials. She and all the other partners from the Paper Mario series could also be seen very briefly at the beginning of the game, in a photograph at the Mario Bros.' House.

Super Mario-kun[edit]

Super Mario-kun Volume 26 third bonus chapter's part 3 cover
Bombette in Super Mario-kun

Bombette is the only party member from Paper Mario to not appear in the game arc present in Super Mario-kun. However, in the last three chapters of volume 26, a special and shorter version of the events of Paper Mario are told. At the end of the second chapter, Mario, Goombario and Kooper are captured by the Koopa Bros. and they meet Bombette in the cell. In the third chapter, Bombette presents herself to them. After she explains she is a friendly Bob-omb, Mario kicks her against a cracked wall, freeing them. Bombette then accompanies them, not having a relevant role for the rest of the chapter. Like many other Bob-ombs in the manga, she has a mouth and more expressive eyes, but she is lacking her ponytail-fuse.

Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour[edit]

In Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour, the name "Bombette" can appear on the leaderboard.

Unused appearances[edit]

Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door[edit]

Although she does not appear in the game, there are unused sprites of Bombette in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.


Attack Flower Points Needed Effect Action Command Attack Power Move Ranks
Body Slam None Charges at the frontmost grounded enemy. Hold down A Button to fill the gauge Base Rank: 1/2
Super Rank: 2/3
Ultra Rank: 3/5
Base Rank
Bomb 3 Explodes at the frontmost grounded enemy. Press A Button repeatedly to fill the gauge Base Rank: 1-5
Super Rank: 1-6
Ultra Rank: 1-7
Base Rank
Power Bomb 6 Explodes over all grounded enemies Press A Button repeatedly to fill the gauge Super Rank: 1-6
Ultra Rank: 1-7
Super Rank
Mega Bomb 8 Explodes over all enemies Press A Button repeatedly to fill the gauge Ultra Rank: 1-7 Ultra Rank

Values in bold are for perfectly executed action commands.


Paper Mario[edit]

  • Start Menu description: Hot-headed Bombette was once jailed in Koopa Bros. Fortress. Her specialty is blasting open cracked walls and rocks. Press Down C Button. She'll walk off and explode, creating openings. Press Down C Button while she's walking to make her blow up on the spot.
  • Tattle: She's named Bombette. That pink is adorable! She does seem to be pretty strong willed. Her future boyfriend might be in for some trouble!
  • Instruction Booklet description: Her special ability is exploding, but don't worry—she'll return to normal right away.[1]
  • Official Nintendo Player's Guide bio: If you're facing a wall with nowhere to go, Bombette may be able to help you find your path. The helpful Bob-omb can blow open walls and rocks that already show some signs of stress or fracture. She has an explosive fighting style and can damage any enemy on the ground.[2]

Super Paper Mario Catch Card[edit]

The Catch Card of Bombette from Super Paper Mario
Bombette's Catch Card.
  • Card Type: Rare
  • Card Description: Bombette was Paper Mario's bombastic starlet. Who knew a pink Bob-omb could pack such a punch?



  • Bombette was featured in a 2015 press release made by Nintendo for Women's History Month, which highlighted some of the company's female characters.[3]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ピンキー
Pinky; shared with Spoiled Rotten
Chinese 炸弹妞
Zhàdàn Niū
Bomb Girl (by iQue)
French Bombinette Portmanteau of "bombe" (bomb) and the common female name "Ninette"
German Bombette -
Italian Bombette -
Korean 핑키
Transliteration of the Japanese name
Spanish Bombette -


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