Dry Dry Outpost

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Dry Dry Outpost
Dry Dry Outpost Town.png
First appearance Paper Mario (2000)
Greater location Dry Dry Desert
Ruler Moustafa
Inhabitants Nomadimice, Dryites, Toads, Merlee

Dry Dry Outpost is a small town at the east end of Dry Dry Desert in Paper Mario. Nomadimice and Dryites live in the town. Moustafa is the leader here. Mario and his partners come to this town in Chapter 2. After some information gathering (specifically, buying a Dried Shroom and a Dusty Hammer in order from the shop), they are allowed to see the town leader, Moustafa, and receive the Pulse Stone from him. The Pulse Stone then allows them to proceed further in Dry Dry Desert.

There is a shop and a Toad House in the outpost. Merlee also lives here and can, for a fee, cast a spell on Mario which will occasionally give him several advantages in battles. Later in the game, Mario can optionally go back here to complete several sidequests such as letter delivery, Koopa Koot's favors, and Master Poet's favor. There is a shortcut warp pipe in the Toad Town Tunnels, which provides a faster way to go to Dry Dry Outpost. The in-game map description reads, "It's a small desert town that has many inhabitants for its size. You'll find a Toad House and a shop here."

In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Lumpy mentioned that he visited Dry Dry Outpost during his quest to strike oil. Mario can learn about Lumpy's visit by listening to "Part 3: A Helping Hand", the third tale in his adventure.


In addition to the items listed below, Little Mouser's Shop has several items on sale. 64 Star Pieces in total can be obtained from Chuck Quizmo.

Item Image Location

Letter A letter
  • On the roof of the Toad House.
  • Given by Mr. E after giving him a letter from Koover.
  • Given by the owner of Little Mouser's Shop after giving him a letter from Miss T.
Star Piece A Star Piece, from Paper Mario. Under a hidden panel on the roof of the most eastern house.
Red Jar PM Red Jar.png Given by the owner of Little Mouser's Shop after purchasing a Dusty Hammer, a Dried Pasta, another Dusty Hammer, and a Dried Shroom in order.
Crystal Ball The Crystal Ball from Paper Mario Given by Merlee while doing Koopa Koot's 8th favor.
Melody PM Melody.png Given by the composer in the pink house after bringing him Lyrics.
Pulse Stone PulseStone PM.png Given by Moustafa after he reveals his true identity.


List of unnamed characters
Character Quotes Goombario from Paper Mario.
Goombario's Tattle
Sprite of a Nomadimouse from Paper Mario
A Nomadimouse found standing near the entrance to the outpost.
  • "Welcome, travelers! You must have had a long, hot journey getting here. Welcome to Dry Dry Outpost.
Moustafa is the leader of this entire town, so... You'd better keep it in mind.
...Although you probably won't ever see him..."
  • "There's no question that Mr. Moustafa is the boss of Dry Dry Outpost, but...
it's incredibly rare for him to actually be seen in public. His personality is a mystery. He's surrounded by secrets.
Even so, as long as you behave yourself he won't mess with you. He's not a tyrant or anything.
Please enjoy yourself during your stay at Dry Dry Outpost."
  • "He's a Nomadimouse who lives in this town. He seems to pay special attention to strangers, like us.
He belongs to some kind of shady organization. The organization rules Dry Dry Outpost.
So mysterious and dangerous... I can feel my skin crawling! Mario, isn't this exciting?"
A green Dryite from Paper Mario
A Dryite found on the west side of the outpost.
  • "Master Mr. Moustafa is the main man, yeah!♪ Master Mr. Moustafa is the main man, ooh!♪
Where's the man? No one knows!♪ He stays hidden from his foes♪"
  • "Dry Dry Desert is a desert, very dry♪ Winds of change blow sand in your eyes♪
...Oh yeeeeah. That's right! Don't I rock?"
  • "I'm out of new songs. I can't sing a song some composer wrote, either. I have to rock in my own style!
I made a wish to the Stars that I'd be inspired to write a ripping tune but so far, zilch. Nothing."
  • "That's a Dryite.
The wind out here in the desert is full of stinging sand, so he protects himself by wrapping his face in a cloth.
Since their faces are covered, it's tough to tell them apart. I'm pretty sure they're all adults, though."
Orange-turban Dryite
A Dryite found on the west side of the outpost.
  • "Are you aware that there's a Dojo in Toad Town? There is!
A while ago I took one of the Dojo challenges and did pretty well, I must say. I got a Second-Degree Card.
You look pretty strong, so... Huh? You haven't earned any Cards?"
  • "He's a Dryite. I've seen him in Toad Town.
He earned himself a Degree at the Toad Town Dojo."
Orange-turban Dryite
A Dryite found on the west side of the outpost.
  • "Have you seen the old fortune-teller in Toad Town?
He's always right, so his fortune-telling is famous.
If you hit trouble in the middle of your adventure, it'd be a good idea to see him."
  • "This Dryite has been seen in Toad Town.
Why does he look like he's worried about something? Whenever I worried, my Goompa always told me...
"When you're feeling lost, ask Merlon to show the way." Merlon's fortune-telling is surprisingly accurate."
A blue Dryite from Paper Mario
A Dryite found inside the left house on the west side of the outpost.
  • "Hey! Guess what! Hey! Somewhere in the desert, there's a stone cactus.
If you move 3 south and 2 west from there, you'll find something special hidden.
I'm not sure how to find it exactly, however. You should go there, huh? Yeah!
Hey! Wanna hear something else? I know lots of other stuff! Useful stuff! Hey!"
  • "Hey! Did you know? The desert is dangerous!
If you get caught in a desert whirlwind, it'll blow you away and you'll get lost.
Bandits are out there, too! They appear all of a sudden running really fast, and they steal people's coins!
There are many tales. You'd better pay attention to them, too, because the desert is an unforgiving place.
Hey! Wanna hear more?"
  • "Hey! Guess what? Here's something not a whole lot of people know.
If you go south just after you leave town, you'll find an oasis. It's amazing... A paradise!
I go there sometimes. If you want to take a rest, it's the best place to go.
Wanna hear something else? You'll be sorry if you don't! I know lots of stuff! "
  • "Hey! Know what I heard? There are these three trees growing in a triangle somewhere in the desert.
The rumor is that if you jump in the center of the triangle, you'll find something good.
Only... I don't know where the three trees are... I mean, the desert is huge! I can't know everything...
Hey! You wanna hear something else or what? I'm loaded with tons and tons of useful information!"
  • "These Dryites look like they have big heads because they're wrapped in cloth.
It's hard to tell them apart since we can see only their eyes."
A green Dryite from Paper Mario A green Dryite from Paper Mario
A pair of Dryite friends found on the west side of the outpost.
  • Left Dryite: "Are you from Toad Town? Wow, that's a ways away!
Dry Dry Ruins? ...Nope, never heard of it. It sounds like a local fairy tale or something."
Right Dryite: "..."
Left Dryite: "Hey, if you're serious about looking for Dry Dry whatever, you should go and ask the information trader.
Supposedly this information trader lives in town and swaps information for items. Or something along those lines.
...That's what my friend says.
My friend? This guy? Nah, he's way too shy to be an information trader."
  • Left Dryite: "My friend is the shyest guy.
He can't talk to strangers at all. He just clams up.
That's why I usually talk for him, you see."
Right Dryite: "..."
Left Dryite: "What's that, buddy? You want to see the princess? Whuh-ho! That's a toughie!
For that wish to be granted, I think you'd better wish to the Stars, buddy.
Hey, you travelers! Am I right or am I right?"
  • Left Dryite - "Dryites look like the heat doesn't even bother them.
I wonder why? I'm boiling! And they're all wrapped up in clothes! What gives?
Maybe it's because their clothes are wrapped loosely. I could use some threads like that."
  • Right Dryite - "This Dryite is really quiet. He's shy, I guess. But...
I don't see any reason for him to be so timid."
A green Dryite from Paper Mario
A Dryite found on the east side of the outpost.
  • "A brother and sister who are very close live atop Shooting Star Summit.
The brother, Merlow, collects Star Pieces and will trade Badges for them.
The sister, Merluvee,[sic] is a fortune-teller who will tell you where to find Badges."
  • "This Dryite has been to Shooting Star Summit. I bet he was pretty impressed. And cold."
Sprite of a Nomadimouse from Paper Mario
A Nomadimouse found on the east side of the outpost.
  • "Long ago, in this very land, there was a kingdom called Dry Dry Kingdom. King Mousta ruled over it.
One dark day, he was betrayed by his subjects. In the uprising that followed, Dry Dry Kingdom was ruined.
King Mousta escaped and vowed vengeance on his enemies. He gathered those faithful to him and defeated his betrayers.
King Mousta's supporters were the original robbers who built Dry Dry Outpost."
  • "He's a Nomadimouse who likes telling old tales. He knows much of the history of this town.
The legend surrounding this town is very mysterious.
I wish my hometown had such a cool legend! Then I could act mysterious."
A blue Dryite from Paper Mario
A Dryite found on the east side of the outpost.
  • "I heard that an archaeologist named Kolorado is around here looking for Dry Dry Ruins.
You know what? Even if he digs up the entire desert, he won't find them."
  • "That's a Dryite.
It's hard to tell whether he's old or young because of that cloth that's wrapped around his face.
What do you think? Young or old? I'm betting young..."
A green Dryite from Paper Mario
A Dryite found on the east side of the outpost.
  • "Dry Dry Outpost was built by robbers long ago, you know. The boss of the robbers was the descendant of a king.
The king hid the entrance to the ruins of his kingdom, and the robber boss guarded them.
Legend has it that even now, the descendant of that boss hides in this town and keeps the ruins safe from prying eyes."
  • "That's a Dryite.
This guy looks to be pretty easygoing. Who can be easygoing in this heat? I'm cooking!"
Sprite of a Nomadimouse from Paper Mario
A Nomadimouse found on the east side of the outpost.
  • "Keep this quiet...
If this woman casts a spell on you, it might help you during battle.
For instance, your attack power might get stronger or you might get more coins for winning.
Other, stranger, things may happen, as well.
But do not rely on this spell. By no means will it take effect in every battle.
The spell can be beneficial, but it's also unpredictable."
  • "He's a Nomadimouse who never strays from the back street in Dry Dry Outpost. He loves to stay near the lovely wizard.
Ah, a rival for her affections!
Just joking. He's obviously fond of Merlee.
Maybe he just doesn't have anywhere better to go. He's always just sitting here.
There's no reason to move... His beloved is here."

Area Tattles[edit]

  • It's Dry Dry Outpost. Lots of Dryites and Nomadimice live here. I'm so happy to find civilization after crossing that desert. Despite the climate, lots of travelers seem to come here. Still, they can't get that many tourists. It's too hot!
  • I heard that this town was originally founded by thieves from the desert. It's a pretty mysterious town, don't you think? There are all kinds of stories and legends about this place. The residents around here love all those old tales.


Names in other languages[edit]

Bowser's CastlePeach's CastleStar HavenStar WayShiver CityShiver SnowfieldStarborn ValleyShiver MountainCrystal PalaceGoomba VillageGoomba King's FortressMario's HouseShy Guy's Toy BoxClub 64Toad Town DojoShooting Star SummitKoopa VillageKoopa Bros. FortressWindy MillTubba Blubba's CastlePleasant PathDry Dry RailroadToad TownGoomba RoadFlower FieldsBoo's MansionForever ForestDry Dry OutpostDry Dry DesertMt. RuggedGusty GulchYoshi's VillageMt. LavalavaJade JungleLavalava Island
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Language Name Meaning
Japanese カラカラタウン
Karakara Taun
Dried-up Town

Chinese 干旱村落
Gānhàn Cūnluò
Dry Village

French Campement Sec Sec
Dry Dry Camp
German Staubtrockener Vorposten
Dust-dry Outpost
Italian Arsura
From arsura ("scorching heat")
Spanish Puesto Seco Seco
Dry Dry Place