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PM Posie.png
Species Flower Spirit
First appearance Paper Mario (2000)
“Ohhh, yes!! The sun!!! Yay! yippee!! The sun's back!!! Oops... Tee hee hee! Losing control like that... It's so unlike me...”
Posie, Paper Mario

Posie is a Flower Spirit that lives down the south-western path in Flower Fields during the events of Paper Mario. She lives under the Crystal Tree, a tree that produces Crystal Berries. Posie is very protective of the Crystal Tree. She provides Mario with the Fertile Soil needed to reach Cloudy Climb.

Posie is connected by her roots to the Crystal Tree

The Crystal Tree's roots are connected to Posie's roots, so if Mario whacks the tree with his Hammer, Posie will feel the pain. Although Posie requests that Mario refrain from hitting the tree, she is willing to shake a Crystal Berry free for him when he asks for one to give to Rosie.

If Mario hits her tree too many times after getting the Crystal Berry, Posie will throw Mario out of her section of Flower Fields. If Mario walks back in, Posie will scream at him to get out immediately. This will not prove permanent, however; if Mario returns to her area five times she will eventually cave in. Hitting the tree again will repeat the process.


  • "She's Posie. A lily. She looks generous and kind, doesn't she? Of course, sometimes the kindest looking characters turn into the scariest when you make 'em mad."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ユーリー[1]
From「百合」(yuri, lily)
French Pose


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