Mini T.

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Not to be confused with Little T.
Mini T.
Sprite of Mini T. from Paper Mario
Species Toad
First appearance Paper Mario (2000)
Mini T. (far right) talking to Dane T., Mario and Parakarry
Mini T. (right) talking with Dane T. (left), Mario and Parakarry in southern Toad Town

Mini T. is an olive-spotted Toad kid from Paper Mario. He is located in the southern section of Toad Town near the train station, with his best friend Dane T. He is involved in the letter delivery sidequest, during which he corresponds with the red Yoshi Kid from Yoshi's Village and his uncle Frost T. of Starborn Valley, and asks Mario and Parakarry to deliver his letters. His name comes from his body size.


  • "These Toad kids always seem to be together. They share all their secrets with each other. They're really good friends."


  • "Yeah! Some are kiddie sized, but there are also huge ones that launch you way out! I wanna go there again!"
  • "Yeah, let's go beat him up! ...No, maybe he's too tough. Hey! Hey! Mario! How about you go beat him up instead of us?"
  • "You're so tough, Mario!! I'm going to get stronger 'til I can beat up Shy Guys, too!"
  • "How could something that looks like a flower be scary? Will the flowers Minh T. is growing also turn into scary monsters someday? That won't happen, will it?"
  • "I guess mysteries are all right, but I think that funny and exciting stories are better. I'd rather read a story about one of your adventures, Mario. That'd be the best!"
  • "We're all rooting for you! Yeah, Mario! Yeah!"
Upon delivering the first letter
  • "Uhhhh... You know, I'm really kind of busy and... Oh! Yeah! I just had the greatest idea! Let's ask that Yoshi Kid from Yoshi's Village to come. You just got a letter from that kid last week, didn't you? You know! That letter you got from the island? Let's send a letter back to him and tell him about the scary adventure we're gonna have. Hey! Mr. Postman! Take this letter to the red Yoshi Kid in Yoshi's Village!"
Upon delivering the second letter
  • Hmmmm... I don't know. Let's think about it later. By the way, I wanna ask you for a favor, Mr. Parakarry. Can you deliver this? It's a letter for Uncle Frost T. of Starborn Valley. He's my uncle. He's up there taking care of lots of Star Kids. It sounds like a hard job. He has to chase 'em around all the time. At least that's what he says in the letters he sends. Anyway, I wrote him a letter to take his mind off work. I know it's far from here, but I'd really appreciate it."
Found in the coding of the Japanese version
  • 「メッセージは でないはずだよ でたら おしえてね」 ("This message should not appear. Please tell us if it does.")[1]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese コノピオ
Both this and Dane T.'s Japanese name「コノキノ」(Konokino) are from「子」(ko, child) and「キノピオ」(Kinopio, Toads)

Spanish T. Mini
From the English name


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