Red Rescue Squad Apprentice Toad

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Red Rescue Squad Apprentice Toad
A Toad from Paper Mario: Color Splash.
Species Toad
First appearance Paper Mario: Color Splash (2016)
“Red Rescue Squad Apprentice Toad, reporting for duty!”
Red Rescue Squad Apprentice Toad, Paper Mario: Color Splash

The Red Rescue Squad Apprentice Toad is a character in Paper Mario: Color Splash. He is found in the Sacred Forest, turning to the Old Sacred Tree for help joining the Rescue Squad. He is believed to have been sized down by Kamek's magic and as such is unable to join. Although he is not an original member of the Rescue Squad, he is required to fill up the audience at the Emerald Circus.


This Toad is first found in front of the Old Sacred Tree in the Sacred Forest. He has come to wish for help joining the Rescue Squad, as well as to admire its size. Only when he turns around and spots Mario does a problem become apparent. Initially, he assumes Mario has become much larger, until Huey explains he has actually been sized down. He asks them to help him return to normal, and heads to the headquarters in Port Prisma, made more difficult by his smaller legs.

When Mario arrives at the station, the Toad has already started introducing himself to the Rescue Squad Chief, describing himself as small but fierce. However, the chief explains it would be dangerous for him with his size, much to his dismay. He responds by running away and attaching himself to a nearby wall, weeping over his rejection. Mario must activate the Cutout here and use the Magnifying Glass to properly restore his size. He notices a difference right away, and now believes Mario has shrunk as well. Huey explains he has returned to normal, much to his excitement.

He runs back to the chief, who is shocked by his quick return. However, he keeps his word and introduces the Toad as the newest recruit to the red Rescue Squad. Although he does not receive the official uniform, he does receive a pink scarf to identify himself. The chief explains he will start out small and move on to better things, much to both of their excitement. If Rescue Red has not been rescued yet, the apprentice waits close to the chief until he shows up.

Red Rescue Squad Apprentice Toad, still wearing his scarf, can be identified at the back of the line for the Emerald Circus after Rescue Red assembles the squad. He also appears sitting in the audience inside the circus tent.


  • "Please, Sacred Tree, hear my plea. I wish to join the Rescue Squad. Please!"
  • "...Wow, this Sacred Tree is just as giant as the rumors say!"
  • "MEGA Mario?!"
  • "...You're HUGE!"
  • "Did you eat a Mega Mushroom or something? They don't even grow in this climate!"
  • "What?! NO! I came here to ask the Sacred Tree to get me into the Rescue Squad."
  • "But now that I'm a micro Toad, there's no way they'll let me in!"
  • "You guys gotta help me grow up again!"
  • "I'll wait at the Rescue Squad headquarters in Port Prisma. Though it might take me a while to get there with these tiny legs..."
  • "Excuse me, sir! I'd like to volunteer for the Rescue Squad. I'm small, but I'm fierce. Please!"
  • "Are you kidding me?"
  • "Arrrrgh!"
  • "Wait...what happened? I feel different..."
  • "Mario! Did you shrink?"
  • "Whoa! This is great! Anyone got a basketball? I'm gonna go see if I can dunk."
  • "No, wait - even better... Now I can join the Rescue Squad!"
  • "Excuse me, sir!"
  • "Thank you, sir!"
  • "I can't believe it! My dreams are coming true..."
  • "Red Rescue Squad Apprentice Toad, reporting for duty!"
  • "Since I haven't yet met my captain, I'll wait here for further orders!"


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Italian Toad apprendista della squadra di soccorso rossa Red Rescue Squad Apprentice Toad