Silver Shy Guy

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Color Splash Enemy
Silver Shy Guy
Location(s) Fort Cobalt
Type Normal
HP 4
Attack 25 (?)
Strong Any non-iron attack
Weak Iron
Moves Slash (25(?))
Cards Type



Usual: "PING!" ~ "Freeeeow! Swooooosh! Bang!" ~ "I'm SO metal!" ~ "I'm nonstick, baby!"

Silver Shy Guys are a variant of Shy Guy in Paper Mario: Color Splash. Silver Shy Guys, like Gold Shy Guys, are invincible to all attacks except for Iron Jumps, Hurlhammers, and Things. Iron Jumps and Hurlhammers will cause their silver covering to fall off, revealing that they are really red Shy Guys. They act like normal Shy Guys once their silver covering comes off. Silver Shy Guys appear in Fort Cobalt.

When Silver Shy Guys are defeated, they drop more Coins and Hammer Scraps than most enemies.