Emcee Shy Guy

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Emcee Shy Guy
Emcee Shy Guy in Paper Mario: The Origami King
Species Shy Guy
First appearance Paper Mario: The Origami King (2020)
“I said... Ladies and gentlemen! It's time for... Shy Guys Finish Last”
Emcee Shy Guy, Paper Mario: The Origami King

Emcee Shy Guy is a Shy Guy wearing a pink bowtie who appears in Paper Mario: The Origami King. He hosts the game show Shy Guys Finish Last. During the show, he stands in a floating box. He explains the show, each challenge, and the Sudden Death round to the player. He also appears in the background of the Bath Math minigame and appears at the start and finish line of the Race 'n' Place minigame. An image of Emcee Shy Guy is used for the second level of the Ring Scramble challenge. Emcee Shy Guy also appears on the Quiz Master trophy.


  • "I said... Ladies and gentlemen!"
  • "It's time for... Shy Guys Finish Last"
  • "Welcome to the show! You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wish you were in the audience instead of onstage!"
  • "Please join me in welcoming your host for today, the fabulous and talented Emcee Shy Guy. That's me!"
  • "Now, to meet today's contestant..."
  • "It's Mario! Give it up for Mario!"
  • "Now, let's see what kind of fabulous prizes await our contestant. Ooh...today's winner will receive an exclusive invitation to the Spring of Rainbows. Ooh, aah!"
  • "So, whaddaya say? Ready to play?"
  • "Look who's back! It's our favorite contestant, Mario!"
  • "Look who's back! It's our returning champion and Quiz Master himself, none other than Mario! Give it up!"
  • "You...what? You won't play?"
  • "Cut the cameras! Go to commercial![sic]"
  • "So, whaddaya say? Ready to play for a chance to visit the fabulous Spring of Rainbows?"
  • "All right! Now, Kamek, if you wouldn't mind, please make your way to the spectator zone."
  • "Fantastic! Now, let's have a look at the board."
  • "Want to hear the rules again?"
  • "We've got four categories with three challenges each. That's a grand total of 12 mind-melting puzzles! All you need to do is score 100 points to unlock your invitation to the fabulous Spring of Rainbows. One last piece of business... The categories will be selected randomly! Ooh, what a twist!"
  • "Ring Scramble will test your ring control and your visual memory. Good luck!"
  • "The Race 'n' Place game will test your eyesight and your memory. Good luck!"
  • "Ninji Skills will test your dynamic vision tracking. Good luck!"
  • "The Bath Math game will test your memory and your math skills. Good luck!"
  • "Heeeeeeere we..."
  • "Start up the music! Let's..."
  • "GO!"
  • "Ladies and gentlemen...we are down to ONE. FINAL. CHALLENGE. For all the marbles!"
  • "Take a good look... We're going to scramble this picture beyond recognition."
  • "Now...unscramble it using a limited number of ring moves in a limited amount of time. Good luck!"
  • "It's a day at the races! Watch the finish closely, and try to remember the exact results."
  • "Who won? Who lost? Who tried really hard? All that matters is finisher #[number]. Put that minion in the blue box to win!"
  • "Who won? Who lost? Who tried really hard? Line them up in the order they finished within the blue-bordered area to win!"
  • "On your marks..."
  • "You've got to fill up the blue box with minions in the right order!"
  • "Next time, put someone in the blue box within the time limit!"
  • "Let's take a peek at the correct answer."
  • "We're going to shuffle some random minions in with one or more Ninjis. Can you keep track of the Ninjis after we shuffle?"
  • "Put any and all Ninjis in the area with a blue border. Make sure ONLY Ninjis are in there! Good luck."
  • "You've got to finish putting the Ninjis in the area with the blue border!"
  • "Oh, time's up. Remember, you were supposed to put all of the boxes that contain Ninjis within the blue border."
  • "Here's how this game works... It's easy! Just count the number of Goombas remaining in the hot spring at the end. Simple, right?"
  • "All right, you've got your Goomba number in your head... Now just use the rings to formulate the answer! Be sure to put a number or symbol in all four slots within the area with the blue border, OK? Good luck!"
  • "Mario, you need a number or symbol in each slot within the area with the blue border to make the correct equation, OK?"
  • "Oh, time's up! Remember, you need to line up the numbers and symbols to show your answer using each slot within the blue box."
  • "The rings have been set. The answer awaits. But is it the right answer? There's only one way to find out..."
  • "Let's take a look at the scoreboard."
  • "That's worth [number] points! Congratulations!"
  • "That isn't gonna help you out any. Zero points!"
  • "That adds up to a grand total of [number] points. You still need [number] more points to win!"
  • "Your total so far is [number] points. That means you need [number] more points to qualify for Sudden Death..."
  • "Let's move on to the next challenge, shall we?"
  • "Whoa, that's 100 points. You've done it!"
  • "Oh no! Even if Mario gets everything right from here on out, he still can't get enough points to win. And you know what that means..."
  • "What a ride! You competed in every category on the board and came up juuuuust short. So sorry!"
  • "Game over!"
  • "We'd love to have you back someday. Thanks for playing! Goodbye, Mario!"
  • "It's time for the..."
  • "Bonus Round!"
  • "Here's how it works. You'll get one final challenge. Get it right and you'll be moving on! Get it wrong and...well, things can't get any worse, can they? I should probably mention that the bonus round costs [number] coins!"
  • "Whaddaya say? Do you want to spend [number] coins to compete in the bonus round?"
  • "Are you sure? Win the bonus round and you could be moving on! If you pass, you'll have to start over. Last chance. Yes or no?"
  • "Let's give him a hand, folks! I'll take the [number] coins now."
  • "All right! Let's get right to the bonus round!"
  • "Oh no! You don't have enough coins. That's it for our show, people!"
  • "Ooh, you hate to see it. Well, that's it for our show, people. Until next time!"
  • "That's not good TV, Mario. You lose!"
  • "Congratulations! You're today's big winner!"
  • "And now it's time to collect your fabulous prize—a visit to the exclusive Spring of Rainbows!"
  • "But first, we have one more surprise in store for you..."
  • "And, since you scored 100 points, we've got a special surprise for you. ...Which may not be as surprising as it once was..."
  • "Well, nobody's perfect, but you did score at least 100 points. And we all know what that means..."
  • "It's Sudden Death!"
  • "Only the very best contestants make it to the Sudden Death round, so good for you! In even better news, the Sudden Death round is your chance to earn another fabulous prize! And in slightly worse news, if you lose, it's game over. Sound like too much? You can pass and go directly to the Spring of Rainbows."
  • "What'll it be, Mario? Want to test your luck in the Sudden Death round?"
  • "I'm not sure if you heard me, Mario, so I'll say it again. If you don't pass the Sudden Death round, it's game over for you. You sure you want to give it a try?"
  • "You'll need to play again from the beginning if you don't do it now. Last chance. Do you want to try Sudden Death now?"
  • "All of our lucky winners will receive [a fabulous prize/prize money]! And our less-fortunate contestants will be spared the indignity of continuing to play. Game over! ...And, I'm legally required to tell you that you can refuse this part and just...go back outside."
  • "But first... You've got something special going here. You reached 100 points without missing a beat! If you can finish out today's show without failing a single challenge, you can win another fabulous prize! It's...[a fabulous prize/prize money] Now don't worry—you can always try your luck in the Sudden Death round later."
  • "So, whaddaya say? Do you want to go for the glory of a perfect round?"
  • "And the crowd goes wild!"
  • "Without further ado, here comes Sudden Death! ...It's not QUITE as bad as it sounds."
  • "All right, all right. Maybe next time, OK? There is a fabulous prize, after all... And that's not all! Come back next time and we'll have a brand-new challenge waiting for you!"
  • "You'll try the Sudden Death round next time, won't you? After all, you could win [a fabulous prize/prize money]!"
  • "Do you want to hear how Sudden Death works?"
  • "All right! Here's how it works... We're going to play a tune that I know you've heard before. Ah! But we've replaced one key lyric with a ? symbol."
  • "So, you'll have to remember what word is missing. And then..."
  • "you'll guide your special assistant Olivia to the correct button!"
  • "That's right, YOU! Mario, use the arrows to create a route for Olivia to reach the button that's connected to the right lyric. Be careful! Press the wrong button and things could really GO OFF, if you know what I mean. That's a surefire game over, folks!"
  • "Here we go."
  • "We've got something new in store for you this time, Mario. We call it...the Perfect Game! If you clear all of the challenges in today's episode, we'll present you with a trophy and a new title. And as always, if you score at least 100 points, you'll get to try the Sudden Death round at the end. Will you win [a fabulous prize/prize money]? Let's find out! I'm legally required to tell you that you can also skip all of this and go straight to the Spring of Rainbows... But where's the fun in that?!"
  • "If you clear all of the challenges in today's episode, we'll present you with a trophy and a new title. And as always, if you score at least 100 points, you'll get to try the Sudden Death round at the end. Will you win [a fabulous prize/prize money]? Let's find out!"
  • "Hanging in the balance today...is a tremendous amount of coins! And you just need to clear all of the challenges correctly to get them."
  • "So, whaddaya say? Are you going to go for the glory? Or send us to another commercial break?"
  • "Awww! Well, you're welcome back anytime on...Shy Guys Finish Last!"
  • "Want a little refresher on the rules for the Perfect Game?"
  • "All right! Perfect Game, here we come!"
  • "So...to complete the Perfect Game, you'll need to clear all 12 of the following challenges. If you score at least 100 points, you'll also be able to try your luck in the Sudden Death round. But remember, you'll need to ace each and every challenge to pass the Perfect Game! Let's get started, shall we? Spin that roulette!"
  • "That's right! Let's give him a hand."
  • "Ooh, so sorry. Not what we were looking for."
  • "Wanna see how many you've gotten right? Of course you do! Iiiit's...[number]! That means you're just [number] away from a perfect score. If you get [number] more points, you'll qualify for Sudden Death!"
  • "Let's take a quick look at how you're doing. Wow! That's [number] correct so far. You just need [number] more to complete the Perfect Game!"
  • "Do you know what you just did? You just completed the Perfect Game! Congratulations!"
  • "Now, don't celebrate just yet. To be today's big winner...you must pass the Sudden Death round!"
  • "We all know the stakes. Just one question standing between you and the title of Quiz Master. And if you blow it, it's game over. No pressure."
  • "Now, we all know you're already the Quiz Master, Mario. So the stakes aren't as high as before. Unless you like coins! And who doesn't, am I right?! We're gonna drop a huge pile of coins on you if you get this right!"
  • "Oh no! You missed one. And while your mom might tell you you're perfect, judging strictly by our game show's rules, you're not."
  • "Oh no! What happened, Quiz Master?"
  • "However, not all is lost! You can still make it to the Sudden Death round if you score 100 points. Do you want to keep going?"
  • "Congratulations! You've completed the Sudden Death round!"
  • "Show him what he's won!"
  • "It's...[number] coins!"
  • "We'll have something new for you the next time you come back, so don't be a stranger, OK?"
  • "Why not try for perfect next time? Are you scared of success?"
  • "Anyway, come on back anytime you like, Quiz Master. We're always happy to have you!"
  • "You've done it! You've cleared the Perfect Game AND the Sudden Death round!"
  • "You've done it! You've cleared the Perfect Game AND the Sudden Death round! Of course, we'd expect nothing less from our Quiz Master, right? Ha HA!"
  • "You've done it! You've cleared the Perfect Game AND the Sudden Death round! This is outrageous! I can't even keep track of how many times you've done this now."
  • "And now, to celebrate your achievement, we'll be sending your Quiz Master trophy directly to the Musée Champignon in Toad Town!"
  • "And now, without further ado, please accept your prize of [number] coins!"
  • "And now, without further ado, here's your fabulous prize for clearing the Sudden Death round!"
  • "And, before we forget, here's your prize for completing the Sudden Death round."
  • "Now then, without further ado...you're headed to the Spring of Rainbows! Enjoy the spring's restorative powers, and don't soak any longer than I would. Oh ho!"
  • "And that's our show, folks! Let's give it up for Mario one last time. What a great sport! Come back and see us again, won't you? And remember...say it with me now..."
  • "Shy Guys Finish Last"
  • "That's all from us. See you next time!"


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese MC ヘイホー
Emushī Heihō
MC Shy Guy

French (NOE) Animateur Maskass
Quizmaster Shy Guy
Italian Tipo Timido presentatore
Shy Guy announcer
Spanish Shy Guy presentador
Host Shy Guy

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