Temple of Shrooms

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Temple of Shrooms
Temple of the shrooms.jpg
Toads 40
Not-Bottomless Holes 20
Collectible Treasures 2
? Blocks 6
Enemies Boos
Shy Guys
Black Shy Guys
Dry Bones
Bone Goombas
Hole Punch

The Temple of Shrooms is a location in Paper Mario: The Origami King, containing the spool of the yellow streamer. It is a haunted Egyptian-style temple with several traps operated by Black Shy Guys. The Temple of Shrooms' name is likely a reference to the 1984 film Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.


After Professor Toad digs up four jewels (the Diamond Jewel, Triangle Jewel Round Jewel and Square Jewels), Mario has to go to the desert towers and put the jewels in the missing eyes. After Mario inserts the Diamond Jewels, the towers will shoot lasers into the middle of Scorching Sandpaper Minor, creating a Magic Circle for Olivia to use the Earth Vellumental power making the Temple of Shrooms rise out of the sand, showing that the yellow streamer is wrapped around it.


The first room in the Temple of Shrooms has eight pillars, four on each side and Egyptian-themed art of Toads on the walls, one of them being a Not-Bottomless Hole, The room also has Mini-Scuttlebug in it. When Mario enters the second room, he is surrounded by spikes, forcing him to move forward; there is a Scuttlebug that Mario is forced to fight. To the left and then down there is a Not-Bottomless Hole and a ? Block that holds a Shiny Mushroom. To the right is another Not-Bottomless Hole. Around the front of the room are two Toad statues, each holding a platform, that are facing away from each other.

If Mario stands on one, it will move the plate down allowing Professor Toad to read the text on the wall; the one on the right says "The left sign is more useful.". If Professor Toad digs in the sand furthest to the left, he will dig up a Magic Circle allowing Mario to use the 1,000-Fold Arms, which he can use to pull down a staircase to reach the left platform. If Professor Toad tries to read it, he will say that he needs a lot of time to properly decipher it. While Professor Toad stays on the platform to the left trying to work out the message, Mario can stand on the platform to the right the door, allowing it to open.

When Mario enters the third room, it will be dark. After going left slightly, a torch will light up, scaring Professor Toad. At the end of the hall, the shadow of a faceless Toad will appear, making Professor Toad think there's a ghost, There is also a Not-Bottomless Hole. A Black Shy Guy will come out of one of the statues and slap Mario with a paper fan.

The next room is very spacious, with two Not-Bottomless Holes on walls and two Toad-head shaped statues, If Mario tries to leave the room, two Paper Macho Mummy Goombas will appear acting the same as regular Paper Macho Goombas. If Mario hits the floor instead of the Paper Macho Goombas, he will create a 4x4 grid of holes that, if Mario falls in, he will struggle to get out of.

After entering the next room, there will be a Toad getting eaten by Mini-Scuttlebugs. After defeating all of them, it will reveal that it is actually a faceless Toad, The room also has 3 coffins and 4 buttons in each corner; each of the buttons has a different amount of triangles on it. The coffin to the top says "Personal Internment Number: 1 4 2 3" and Mario needs to hit the buttons with that amount of triangles in that order to open the coffin at the top. The coffins to the left and right can also be entered to reveal a secret room or go back to the previous room to get music disks. Going back to the previous room leads to a treasure chest containing the disk "Heartbeat Skipper" and a blocked Pipe. The room to the right has a Scuttlebug and a Boo in it. There is also a chest that has a Collectible Treasure for the Fire Vellumental Statue and a Not-Bottomless Hole to the right of the room. Going up a hidden staircase leads to a faceless Toad in a chest.

The next room has a hall of statues. The end of the room has three faceless Toads hanging from spider webs that Mario can pull down. The next room is very small being just a bridge to another room with an even bigger spider web that has 24 faceless Toads hanging on it, a Boo and a Black Shy Guy. The next room has a Not-Bottomless Hole and a ? Block with a 100 Coin inside. It also has falling statues. A few of them have stuff inside like a Dry Bones, a Not-Bottomless Hole, a Boo, the entrance to another room, and the final one has the music disk "Deep, Deep Vibes".

The next room has two Not-Bottomless Holes, a ? Block with a 100 Coin in it, and lot of cylinders poking out of the ground. Hammering these cylinders will make them go into the ground and glow; a few of them are trapping faceless Toads. At the front of the room is a hint that says, "A star lights your way...". This is a hint saying Mario needs to hammer the cylinders in a shape that looks like a star to raise a staircase leading to the next room, which is a small room where Black Shy Guys must be fought.

The next room has a disco floor. This room has a Save Block, a pipe, more faceless Toads, and the entrance to the other side of the room with the large spiderweb trapping faceless Toads. DJ Toad needs Mario to find the music disk "Thrills at Night" and needs all 40 faceless Toads to start a party. After finding the disk, Mario needs to go around the temple to bring every faceless Toad in the temple to the dance floor. There a few Toads in the coffins that require 10 faceless Toads to push open. Coffins with Toads will start shaking to alert that those are the correct coffins.

After going through the coffin with a moon on it in the 2nd row will lead to the bottom of the room with a final coffin in it, If Mario tries to get too close to it, he will get attacked by a lot of Scuttlebugs. If Mario opens the coffin, he can get a Star to defeat the Scuttlebugs. After they are all defeated, a Magic Circle appears which allows Mario to use the 1,000-Fold Arms and get all the Toads down. After all the Toads are brought to the dance floor, they will start a dance party, This will make Hole Punch come and start the boss fight. After Hole Punch is defeated, the Toads get their faces back and Mario can destroy the yellow streamer.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese キノピチュいせき
Kinopichu iseki
"Kino Picchu" Ruins; a portmanteau of Kinopio and Machu Picchu
Spanish Templo Champi Shroom Temple
French Temple Champi Shroom Temple
Dutch Tempel van Zwamses Temple of (King) Shroomses (a combination of the mushroom 'zwam' and 'ramses')
German Tempel von Chamses Temple of (King) Shroomses (a combination of the mushroom "champignon" and "ramses")
Italian Tempio di Fungis Temple of Mushroom