Hammer Island

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Hammer Island
Hammer Island
Toads 1
Collectible Treasures 2
? Blocks 4
Enemies Fire Bros
Nipper Plants
Hammer Bros
“A hammer, floating alone along the waves. I'll call it...Hammer Island.”
Captain T. Ode, Paper Mario: The Origami King
Sea Chart icon for Hammer Island

Hammer Island is one of 11 accessible islands in the Great Sea in Paper Mario: The Origami King. It is found in the west part of the sea, charted in territory A-4 on the Sea Chart with a hammer icon. Notably, the Legendary Hammer, the strongest hammer in the game, is found here. While there are no Not-Bottomless Holes to repair on this island, there are four hidden ? Blocks to be revealed and struck, two Collectible Treasures to be found, and only one Toad to be rescued.


Origami Fire Bros on Hammer Island

Upon arriving at the island, Captain T. Ode notes its shape and names it accordingly. At the time Mario and Olivia get off the boat and onto the dock, it appears the island is peaceful, with not much more than a treasure chest in the middle and a stone Toad statue in back. There is a slab beneath the statue that reads "Seek ye a path to paradise". The treasure chest contains the Legendary Hammer, described as the strongest hammer in the game. When Mario opens the chest, six Fire Bros appear from shrubs on the ledges and throw fireballs to set Mario's path aflame. Mario must get onto the adjacent ledges and defeat the Fire Bros to clear the path. After the flames dissipate, there are three small holes on the ground that Mario can hammer to reveal their contents. One contains a good number of 10-Coins, one contains a Flashy Mushroom, and the other contains a Toad rolled up in a scroll that Mario must pull out of the hole to reveal the Toad. As thanks for rescuing him, the Toad marks a spot on the Sea Chart where a treasure is to be found.

Collectible Treasures[edit]

A Collectible Treasure of a Hammer (No. 78) is simply found in a treasure chest.
There is a pile of luggage consisting of a barrel, a crate, a net, and some rope. Mario must jump while on the crate to reveal a Hidden Block containing a Collectible Treasure of Captain T. Ode (No. 79).

Both Collectible Treasures are found on the left side of the island.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハンマー
Hammer Island
Chinese (Simplified) 锤子岛
Chuízi Dǎo
Hammer Island
Chinese (Traditional) 鎚子島
Chuízi Dǎo
Hammer Island
Dutch Hamereiland Hammer Island
French Île du marteau Hammer Island
German Hammer-Eiland Hammer Island
Italian Isola Martellia Hammer-ia Island
Spanish Isla Martillo Hammer Island