Mega Paper Macho Pokey

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Mega Paper Macho Pokey
A Paper Macho Pokey from Paper Mario: The Origami King.
Species Pokey
First appearance Paper Mario: The Origami King (2020)

Mega Paper Macho Pokey is a Paper Macho Soldier boss in Paper Mario: The Origami King, a massive Pokey fought in Scorching Sandpaper Desert. Mario must bring the Sun Incense, acquired from the front desk of the hotel in Snif City, to the Sun Altar northeast of Scorching Sandpaper Desert. After placing it into the bowl of sand, a tornado forms behind the altar, pulling Mario, Olivia, and the Boot Car in. When they come to, they find themselves in the center of a sandstorm. A few large spikes emerge in the sand nearby, to no concern. The figure then rises completely out of the sand to reveal a massive, much more intimidating Pokey, who stands tall before falling down and sinking back into the sand. After Mega Paper Macho Pokey is defeated, its head explodes to release a burst of confetti as well as Professor Toad.

Like the other bosses, Mega Paper Macho Pokey can be fought again in the Battle Lab.

A Collectible Treasure of Mega Paper Macho Pokey (No. 62) can be found in Scorching Sandpaper Far West. It is buried in front of a cactus, and requires Professor Toad to dig it up.


If Mario approaches the walls of the sandstorm, the Mega Paper Macho Pokey as it is spinning, or the tornadoes, he is launched upward, landing back in the middle of the arena and losing a chunk of HP.

Mario must simply use the Boot Car to avoid Mega Paper Macho Pokey charging at him in the sand. After a while, it stands up, allowing Mario to hurry over and hammer or ram into one of the many stickers on its bottom segment. This not only makes it more vulnerable, it completely destroys the segment to unleash a burst of confetti.

After having one of its segments destroyed, Mega Paper Macho Pokey sinks back into the sand and creates tornadoes to rotate around the area. Mario must avoid them, wait for the Pokey to completely emerge out of the sand, and hammer one of the stickers on its bottom segment. After having all three lower segments destroyed, the head rolls around in the sand, chasing Mario before coming to a stop. With the head now upside-down, Mario can get on top of it and hammer the sticker on the bottom of its head before it sinks back into the sand to destroy the head and end the battle.


  • Collectible Treasure No. 62: "The largest and clumsiest Paper Macho enemy in the world. It falls and rolls around without any regard for safety!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 巨大ハリボテサンボ
Kyodai Haribote Sanbo
Giant Papier-mâché Pokey
Chinese (Simplified) 巨大纸糊刺球丸子
Jùdà Zhǐhú Cìqiú Wánzi
Giant Papier-Mâché Pokey
Chinese (Traditional) 巨大紙糊刺球丸子
Jùdà Zhǐhú Cìqiú Wánzi
Giant Papier-Mâché Pokey
French Méga Pokey mâcho Mega Paper Macho Pokey
Italian Mega Marghibruco cartapestifero Mega Paper Macho Pokey
Korean 종이거인 거대선인
Jong'i Geo-in Geodae Seonin
Paper Giant Gigantic Pokey
Spanish Mega Pokey de papel maché Mega Paper Macho Pokey