Paper Macho Piranha Plant

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Paper Macho Piranha Plant
PMOK Paper Macho Piranha Plant.jpg
First appearance Paper Mario: The Origami King (2020)
Variant of Piranha Plant

A Paper Macho Piranha Plant is an enemy in Paper Mario: The Origami King, a type of Paper Macho Soldier. They are extremely rare, found only in the Spring of Jungle Mist. In fact, once defeated, they do not reappear. Rather than move about like the other Paper Macho Soldiers, they stay in place like regular Piranha Plants, waiting to attack. They blend in certain bushes along the path, hinted by a slight shake. If the shrub is destroyed, the Paper Macho Piranha Plant reveals itself and lunges at Mario if he is close enough. If successful in catching him, the Paper Macho Piranha Plant shakes him about, slowly draining his HP. Mario must thrash about to escape its grasp and destroy it. Collectible Treasure #110: Paper Macho Piranha Plant can be found in Bowser's Castle. It is hidden away behind the chest in Spike's room.


  • Collectible Treasure description: It lurks in the grass, waiting to snap up anyone who comes too close. If you get bitten, thrash around to escape!