Canned Heart

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Canned Heart
An item from Paper Mario: The Origami King.
"A mysterious can from beneath the ocean. Can it be opened?"
First appearance Paper Mario: The Origami King (2020)
“I can see something shiny on the sea floor! It's treasure. It has to be treasure!”
Shy Guy, Paper Mario: The Origami King
Mario collects a Canned Heart in The Great Sea

The Canned Heart is an item in Paper Mario: The Origami King. It one of several treasures that can be found in the depths of the Great Sea. Mario must head to where the boundaries for territories A-6, A-7, B-6, and B-7 intersect on the Sea Chart, right in the middle of a star icon, to find a Shy Guy on a rock. When talked to, the Shy Guy says that there is something shiny on the sea floor, which he claims to be treasure. After diving underwater with the Super Marino in front of the Shy Guy and collecting the Canned Heart from the sea floor, Mario can again talk to the Shy Guy, who is disappointed that the "treasure" is merely an unopened can, also wondering if the food inside is still good.

With the Canned Heart in his inventory, Mario can visit the Canned-Food Par-tay Trio in Autumn Mountain. When he gives the can to a Bone Goomba of the Trio, the Bone Goomba uses its teeth to open the can, from which a MAX UP Heart comes out and increases Mario's maximum HP by five.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハートの缶づめ
Hāto No Kanzume
Canned Heart
French Boîte de cœur Heart Box
German Herzdose Heart Can
Italian Cuore in scatola Heart in a can/box
Spanish (NOA) Corazón en lata Canned Heart
Spanish (NOE) Corazón en conserva Canned Heart