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Heart Island
Heart Island in Paper Mario: The Origami King
Toads 2
Not-Bottomless Holes 5
? Blocks 1
Enemies Nipper Plants
Cheep Cheeps
“It's shaped like a heart. I'll call it...Heart Island.”
Captain T. Ode, Paper Mario: The Origami King
Sea Chart icon for Heart Island

Heart Island is one of 11 accessible islands in the Great Sea in Paper Mario: The Origami King. It is found in the center of the sea, charted in territory D-4 on the Sea Chart with a heart icon. This is one of the four suit islands to be found, along with Club Island, Diamond Island, and Spade Island. While there are no Collectible Treasures to be found on the island, there are two Toads to be rescued, five Not-Bottomless Holes to repair, and only one ? Block to be struck. Additionally, a MAX UP Heart can be found here.


The completed layout of Heart Island

Upon arriving at the island, Captain T. Ode notes its shape and names it accordingly. Once Mario and Olivia get off the boat and onto the dock, many more shrubs are revealed than can be seen at first glance. In fact, there are shrubs all over the island, with almost no enemies. There is a stone Toad statue on top of the island. Mario can hammer a shrub to knock it over and reveal a button on the other side, which can then be hammered to trigger an event changing the layout of the island.

  • The button on the shrub all the way on the east side of the island changes the shape of the statue, which now carries a stone ball.
  • The bush to the left of this shrub has a button which, whenever hammered, simply blows some steam out of the boat.
  • The shrub directly southwest of this bush has not a button on the other side, but a Nipper Plant Mario must battle if revealed.
  • The bush to the right of the Nipper Plant bush has a button which lights up the right half of the neon outline of the large heart pillar in the center of the island.
  • The southernmost shrub has a button which turns the statue and drops its ball down the ramp.
  • A bush northwest of this shrub has a button which lights up the left half of the neon outline of the pillar.
  • The shrub on the northwest part of the island has a button which, whenever hammered, resets up all of the other bushes on the island.
  • To the right is a secluded bush with a button which brings up a small part of the island out of the water to complete the ramp.
  • A button next to the chest, when hit multiple times, causes some Cheep Cheeps to attack Mario.

To solve this riddle and complete the island, Mario must change the shape of the statue, turn it to the left, bring up the missing piece of the island, and drop the stone ball. This causes it to roll onto the main layer of the island, allowing Mario to get onto the ramp and travel up to the top of the island. Here, Mario can examine the statue to see a diagram indicating that this island forms a baseball diamond layout with three other islands, Heart Island corresponding to the home base. On the ledge off to the right is a chest containing a Toad. Believing Mario may be disappointed he is not a real treasure, he marks a spot on the Sea Chart where a treasure is to be found to make up for it. Before leaving this island, Mario can activate the large neon heart on the pillar in the center of the island to reveal what appears to be a Heart. To the right of the statue is a bush with a button Mario must hit to create a bridge allowing him to reach the pillar. However, hammering the heart reveals it is actually a Toad. Believing Mario may be disappointed he is not a real heart, the Toad gives Mario a MAX UP Heart worth 20 extra HP. There are a few Not-Bottomless Holes on this island, around the pillar at the center of the island and close to the dock.

Hidden Toads[edit]

After The Princess Peach is repaired, these Toads are seen sharing a table by themselves at the ship's bow.

Form Description Image
2 Hidden Toads
Origami Toad #35 & 61: Heart
# 1
There are 2 bushes with buttons Mario should hammer: a bush near the stairs leading up from the dock, and a bush closest to the start of the ramp up the island. These light up a pattern in the center, raising an origami heart Toad up the platform. The first hidden Toad at Heart Island, disguised as an origami heart that can be revealed after pressing 2 specific buttons hidden on the sides of bushes.
Artwork of a Toad surrounded by a purple border in Paper Mario: The Origami King.
# 2
After completing the main puzzle of Heart Island to reach the Toad statue, Mario can drop down to a ledge and enter through a tunnel to reach a chest with a red Toad inside. The second hidden Toad at Heart Island, resting inside of a chest and reached through a short tunnel.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハート
Heart Island
Chinese (Simplified) 红心岛
Hóngxīn Dǎo
Heart Island
Chinese (Traditional) 紅心島
Hóngxīn Dǎo
Heart Island
Dutch Harteneiland Heart Island
French Île du cœur Heart Island
German Herz-Insel Heart Island
Italian Isola Cuore Heart Island
Spanish Isla Corazón Heart Island