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DJ Snifit
DJ Snifit in Paper Mario: The Origami King
Species Snifit
First appearance Paper Mario: The Origami King (2020)
“What's up? You got a request? Oh, I forgot. I don't take requests. Scram!”
DJ Snifit, Paper Mario: The Origami King

DJ Snifit is a minor NPC who appears in Paper Mario: The Origami King. He is a yellow Snifit, only distinguished from other members of his species by the fact that he is always seen behind a set of turntables. Mario and Olivia first encounter DJ Snifit at the Snif City Royal Hotel, where he is DJ'ing a pool party in the foyer.

He does not play any major role in the story, but after the yellow streamer has been destroyed, all of the Toads that were captured and defaced by Hole Punch repopulate the town, managing to live in relative harmony with the other Snifits who had taken over in their absence. As a result, DJ Snifit loses his job to DJ Toad, who differs from him in that he takes requests, much to his disappointment. However, by the time all the streamers are gone and King Olly is defeated, DJ Snifit appears to have gotten over his misfortune, as during the Origami Festival, he can be seen sharing his job with DJ Toad.