Origami Craftsman

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Origami Craftsman
Origami Craftsman in Paper Mario: The Origami King
Species Toad
First appearance Paper Mario: The Origami King (2020)
“Olivia?! Crease my corners! Is that really you? You look just how I designed you! Who in the world folded you?! And why aren't you with Olly?”
Origami Craftsman, Paper Mario: The Origami King

The Origami Craftsman is a Toad encountered in Paper Mario: The Origami King, who resides on Mushroom Island in the middle of the Great Sea, distinguished from other members of his species by his green spots and light blue shirt under yellow overalls; not to mention the multicolored pieces of paper he often holds in his hands. He is effectively the catalyst behind the entire game's narrative, as it was he who created the main antagonist, King Olly.


Mario pulling on an Olly Tape to free the Origami Craftsman
Mario and Luigi find the Origami Craftsman taped to a wall

Prior to the events of The Origami King, the Origami Craftsman was preparing exhibits for the Mushroom Kingdom's forthcoming Origami Festival, including one modeled after an Origami Castle. While working on his projects, he aspired to create two origami characters to reside in that castle, the first of them being King Olly, whom he created with the forbidden Fold of Life, granting him sentience. However, the craftsman wrote a note on his stomach while folding him, which infuriated the king. Olly, without reading the note, deemed it an insult to the very paper that created him, and harbored a grudge against all Toads. He then created his sister, Olivia, and fled to take over the Mushroom Kingdom, but not before imprisoning his creator within the walls of his own basement, further immobilizing him with some Olly Tape. The doorknob leading to his backyard was also stolen and locked away in a chest on Full Moon Island, preventing anyone from rescuing him.

The Origami Craftsman would later be rescued by Mario, Luigi, and Olivia, who are on their quest to destroy the purple streamer. The trio stumbles into his basement, where the latter immediately comments on her familiarity with the room, before ripping open the wall to set him free. The craftsman expresses shock at the fact that she has become sentient, before deducing that she was also created via the Fold of Life. He then explains that he never meant to cause Olly any trouble, and only wanted the best for his creations. Following the disclosure of King Olly's backstory, he wishes the gang good luck on their quest, but not before telling Olivia a secret, which she does not share with the others until the final battle, where she reveals that she can morph into a powerful hammer, which even manages to impress her brother while simultaneously returning him to his senses.

The Origami Craftsman later shows up at the end of the game, following King Olly's death, having been escorted to the transformed Peach's Castle thanks to Luigi, Kamek, and Bowser Jr. He helps Olivia fold her brother's remains into a crane, which combined with the other 999 in the room, would grant any wish she makes, which ultimately results in the undoing of everything Olly ever did. Before she makes her wish, the craftsman vows to never use the Fold of Life technique again.

Later that night, as the Origami Festival kicks off as planned, the Origami Craftsman reveals a tribute to his own creations in the form of a revised version of his intended exhibit, complete with thrones that would have housed Olly and Olivia. If the player achieves 100% completion and defeats the final boss, a post-credits scene shows the Origami Craftsman placing inanimate replicas of the origami siblings on these thrones, fulfilling their intended role.


  • "...I can hear you... I'm trapped in a space between dimensions... H-help me, please..."
  • "It's cramped...and dark..."
  • "Phew! Thanks for saving me...Mario?! Wow! A real celebrity is visiting my workshop! And Luigi is here too! I'm the Origami Craftsman. I live a humble life, folding origami. From sunup to sundown. EVERY day. ...I REALLY love origami."
  • "Olivia?! Crease my corners! Is that really you? You look just how I designed you! Who in the world folded you?! And why aren't you with Olly?"
  • "I see. Olly...what have you done? You are correct, Olivia. It was I who folded your brother. I wanted to make him truly unique, so I used a secret technique to bring him to life. Olly was proud and strong...but very angry. He turned on me, trapped me in a realm between light and dark... which turned out to be just a wall, I guess. How embarrassing. I'm guessing he completed you after that, Olivia. It seems he also ran off with my best origami-making tools."
  • "I had intended for him to be a part of the Origami Castle I was building for the Origami Festival. Both Olly the Origami King and his sister, Olivia, were to sit up top as the finishing touches. I don't get to celebrate my craft very often, so I might have gone a bit...overboard."
  • "I cannot believe that Olly managed to fold you on his own, Olivia. He can use the Fold of Life. Origami has folded origami. It defies the natural order! I'm responsible for all of this. I wish I'd never used that darn Fold of Life technique..."
  • "Remarkable. Truly remarkable. Your journey with Mario has made you strong, Olivia—and so kind! I may not have folded you myself, but...I'm proud of you. I don't know how to stop Olly. I failed once. I'd only fail again. I'll have to leave him to you two. Please, Mario...keep Olivia safe on your adventure."
  • "I'm so sorry for the trouble that Olly and I have caused you, Mario... Please, look after Olivia for me."
  • "Wait!"
  • "Take these notes with you, Olivia. I hope they can help you..."
  • "Ah yes... I remember this paper well. Such a lovely royal purple... And Olivia! So good to see you making use of the giant-hammer technique I folded into your design."
  • "Wait! There are an awful lot of cranes here. Is one of you attempting the forbidden 1,000-crane technique?!"
  • "Very well, I will teach you. I suppose all of this trouble is my fault, in a way. After all, I was the one who originally folded your brother. This will be my last Fold of Life, then. Olivia...prepare to fold as you have never folded before!"
  • "Well done. With that, the technique is complete. You may make your wish, Olivia."
  • "Ah, Mario! Peach! Come take a look. My masterpiece is finally finished."
  • "You see? It's a miniaturized Origami Castle...just like the one Olly made."


  • Collectible Treasure No. 92: "The origami craftsman who brought King Olly to life. For some reason, Olly doesn't really seem that grateful."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese オリガミ職人キノピオ
Origami Shokunin Kinopio
Origami Craftsman Toad
Chinese (Simplified) 折纸工匠奇诺比奥
Zhézhǐ Gōngjiàng Qínuòbǐào
Origami Craftsman Toad
Chinese (Traditional) 摺紙工匠奇諾比奧
Zhézhǐ Gōngjiàng Qínuòbǐào
Origami Craftsman Toad
Dutch Origamikunsternaar Origami artist
French Maître origamiste Origami(st) Master
German Origami-Meister Origami Master
Italian Mastro Origamista Origami Master/Master origamist
Korean 종이접기 장인
Jong'ijeopgi Jang'in
Origami Craftsman
Spanish (NOE) Maestro del origami Origami Master