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Mario and Goombario talking to Rangers (Red Ranger T., Yellow Range T. and Green Ranger T.) in Paper Mario
Mario and Goombario next to the Rangers.

The Rangers are a group of three Toad kids living in Toad Town in Paper Mario. They can be found in the grass area across Harry's Shop in the southern part of Toad Town. They dream of becoming heroes and will tell Mario their plans for outdoor activities which involve role-playing if Mario talks to them. Other than that, they play no role in the game.


Red Ranger T.
  • Look at these cheerful kids! Everything is just fun and games to them. Boy... I feel like a grown-up when I look at kids having such carefree fun!
Yellow Ranger T.
  • They're just some Toad children, having a good time outdoors. You have to be careful when they're quiet. You know kids. They're probably up to some mischief.
Green Ranger T.
  • He's a Toad kid who follows the other two. He's a little bit shy. When they pick on him, though, he always fights back and he never, ever loses. Despite that, I think those three are really good friends.


A red Toad kid in southwestern Toad Town wishing for Shroom Cakes on the Star Ship mistaken as a shooting star at the beginning of Chapter 8 of Paper Mario
A red Toad kid wishing for Shroom Cakes.
  • Their individual names are revealed in their self-introduction when Mario talks to them in Chapter 2.
  • Their collective name is mentioned in a couple of other quotations ("After them, Rangers!" and "C'mon, Rangers!") later in the game, without the article "the".
  • When Mario and his partners use the Star Ship to travel to Bowser's Castle, a red Toad kid mistakes the ship as a shooting star and wishes to eat lots of Shroom Cakes. It is likely that this red Toad kid is Red Ranger T.