Turbo Charge

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Not to be confused with Turbocharge.
Paper Mario move
Turbo Charge
Watt using Turbo Charge on Mario in Forever Forest
Mastered by Watt
Rank Super Rank
Effect Temporary increases Mario's attack power by 1
Target Mario

Turbo Charge is a move mastered by Watt in Paper Mario upon reaching Super Rank. This attack costs Mario 3 FP and will in turn boost Mario's Attack power by 1, for up to four turns. For the Action Command, the player must press the A Button Button as the red stars light up, and the number of successful inputs will equal the number of turns this effect lasts. Reapplying this move while it is already in effect will not extend the duration, but rather reset it.

This move is the only way of bestowing Mario with the Attack-Up status in this game.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese はつでんパワー[1]
Hatsuden Pawā
Power Generation

Chinese 涡轮蓄力
Wōlún Xùlì
Turbo Charge

French Électro boost
German Turbolader
Spanish Turbo Carga
Turbo Charge


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