Turbo Charge

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Paper Mario move
Turbo Charge
Watt using Turbo Charge on Mario in Forever Forest
Mastered by Watt
Attack power 0
Rank Super Rank
Effect Temporary increases Mario's attack power by 1
Element None
Target Mario

Turbo Charge is an attack that Watt uses in Paper Mario. This attack costs Mario three FP, and Watt also needs to be leveled up to the Super Rank. To execute this move, the player must press the A Button Button as the red stars light up. Mario's attack power is then temporarily boosted by one. The duration of the boost depends on how many times the player hits the star (up to four rounds). This move is similar to Sushie's Water Block; it raises a stat by one for an amount of time which depends on how well the attack is executed.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese はつでんパワー[1]
Hatsuden Pawā
Power Generation
Chinese 涡轮蓄力
Wōlún Xùlì
Turbo Charge
French Électro boost -
German Turbolader Turbocharger
Spanish Turbo Carga Turbo Charge


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