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“You're injured--you can't move!”
Battle text, Paper Mario
Parakarry and his Injured status

Injured is a status effect in Paper Mario. Only whatever partner Mario has out can be afflicted with this status. If a partner is the target of an attack, they become Injured for a number of turns equal to the damage they take. For example, Lava Bubbles can give Mario's partner this status effect. Partners may also receive the Injured status by hurting themselves on a spiked, flaming, or similarly dangerous enemy. This status cannot be healed by an item; the partner must wait the specified number of turns. While injured, the partner cannot take a turn, nor can they be switched with another partner. This status can be avoided by blocking incoming attacks and using proper attacks against dangerous enemies.

This status effect does not exist in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door as Mario's partners have Heart Points instead.