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Mario, Princess Toadstool, Mallow, Geno, and Bowser prepare for a battle with Smithy, the leader of the Smithy Gang.
Mario and his party face off against Smithy in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

Party members, also known as partners or allies, are characters that travel with and battle alongside the protagonist in RPGs. The protagonist and his partners as a group are generally referred to as a party, as the event of a character joining is referred to as said character "joining your party."

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars[edit]

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In Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, Mario's party eventually gains five members (including Mario himself), but only three of them can be active at any given time, and Mario must always occupy the first slot. Inactive party members still gain experience and level up after battles.

Character Description Special moves
Level Move Description FP Cost Magic Power
Official artwork of Mario
The main protagonist of the game. He is required to be in the party at all times and always occupies the first slot. He has balanced stats and is the only party member who can use jump and fire attacks. Start Jump "Stomp foes! Press "Y" just before hit!" 3 25
3 Fire Orb "Fire orb! Push "Y" immediately!" 5 20
6 Super Jump "Push "Y" prior to hit for DAMAGE!" 7 45
10 Super Flame "Fire blast! Push "Y" repeatedly!" 9 40
14 Ultra Jump "Push "Y" prior to hit for DAMAGE!" 11 65
18 Ultra Flame "Fire orbs! Push "Y" repeatedly!" 14 60
Artwork of Mallow from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.
A young Nimbus who was raised by Frogfucius and is later revealed to be the prince of Nimbus Land. He joins Mario in Mushroom Kingdom after he agrees to help Mallow catch Croco and get his Frog Coin back. He has high magic stats and is the only party member who can use ice and lightning attacks. Start Thunderbolt "Hit "Y" just before bolt ends!" 2 15
3 HP Rain "HP renewal! Hit "Y" just before shower ends!" 2 10
6 Psychopath "See foe's HP and...secrets!" 1 0
10 Shocker "Hit "Y" just before bolt ends!" 8 60
14 Snowy "Snowman fells foes!" 12 40
18 Star Rain "Star showers! Hit "Y" just upon contact!" 14 55
Geno from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
An inhabitant of Star Road who was sent to retrieve the Star Pieces, and possesses Gaz's Geno doll for this purpose. He joins the party during the fight with Bowyer. He has high offensive stats and speed. Start Geno Beam "Hold "Y" until just before discharge!" 3 40
8 Geno Boost "Attack up! Push "Y" just before end!" 4 0
11 Geno Whirl "Press "Y" prior to contact for critical hit!" 8 45
14 Geno Blast "Beam hits all foes! Energize!" 12 50
17 Geno Flash "Build power! Beam hits all foes!" 16 60
Artwork of Bowser from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
The king of the Koopas. He joins the party when they first reach Booster Tower. He has high HP and physical stats but low magic stats and speed. Start Terrorize "Scare 'em good!" 6 10
12 Poison Gas "Poison foes!" 10 20
15 Crusher "Rock slide! Hit "Y" prior to contact!" 12 60
18 Bowser Crush "Bowser's ultimate weapon!" 16 58
Artwork of Princess Toadstool from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom. She joins the party outside of the Mushroom Castle shortly after being rescued from Booster. She has high magic stats and specializes in healing. Start Therapy "Heal HP and status♥" 2 40
Start Group Hug "Heal group! HP/status♥" 4 30
11 Sleepy Time "Zonk 1 or more foes!" 4 0
13 Come Back "Revive one... or more pals!" 2 0
15 Mute "Halt magic attack(s)!" 3 0
18 Psych Bomb "Make me mad... and BOOM!" 15 60

Paper Mario series[edit]

Paper Mario[edit]

In Paper Mario for the Nintendo 64, partners are either referred to as Party Members[1] or Mario's Friends.[2] In this game, Mario can only have one Party Member active at a time. Switching Party Members mid-battle uses up Mario's turn unless he is wearing the Quick Change badge. Party Members do not have HP; most enemies' attacks will only target Mario, and the few that can hit Mario's Party Members will simply incapacitate them for a certain number of turns depending on how much damage they took. If the attack is successfully guarded against, the Party Member will take no damage. Party Members can be upgraded with Super Blocks, which increases their attack power and makes them learn new moves. Each Party Member can be upgraded twice, first to Super Rank, then to Ultra Rank. Mario must have the Ultra Stone to upgrade Party Members to Ultra Rank.

Character Description Moveset
Move FP Description
Goombario from Paper Mario.
A young Goomba from Goomba Village who idolizes Mario. He joins Mario after he escorts Goompa back to the village. Headbonk 0 "Headbonk an enemy."
Tattle 0 "See enemies' descriptions and see their HP during battle."
Charge 1 "Charge to raise attack power by 2. You can charge unlimited times, but power fades after attack."
Multibonk 3 "Headbonk continously until you miss an action command."
Kooper from Paper Mario.
A Koopa Troopa whose shell gets stolen by Fuzzies during an attack on Koopa Village. He joins Mario after he recovers his shell for him. Shell Toss 0 "Throw a shell at an enemy."
Power Shell 3 "Throw a shell at all enemies on the ground."
Dizzy Shell 4 "Daze and paralyze all enemies on the ground."
Fire Shell 5 "Attack all enemies on the ground with a flaming shell."
Bombette from Paper Mario.
A Bob-omb who used to work at Koopa Bros. Fortress. She was imprisoned in the fortress after she rebelled against the Koopa Bros. She joins Mario after he falls into her cell. Body Slam 0 "Body Slam an enemy."
Bomb 3 "Explode and destroy an enemy on the ground."
Power Bomb 6 "Explode and destroy all enemies on the ground."
Mega Bomb 8 "Explode and destroy all enemies."
Parakarry from Paper Mario.
A Paratroopa postman with a tendency to lose the letters he's delivering. He joins Mario on Mt. Rugged after he retrieves three of the letters Parakarry dropped. Sky Dive 0 "Kick an enemy."
Shell Shot 3 "Attack an enemy in the air by bumping into it."
Air Lift 3 "Carry an enemy away from battle. Weaker enemies are more easily carried away."
Air Raid 6 "Fly around like crazy, attacking all enemies."
Lady Bow from Paper Mario.
The leader of the Boos at Boo's Mansion. After Mario solves her puzzles at the mansion, she requests his help in defeating Tubba Blubba, who had been terrorizing her subjects, then joins his party. Smack 0 "Slap an enemy."
Outta Sight 2 "Make Mario transparent so he can avoid enemy attacks."
Spook 3 "Startle enemies and scare them away from battle."
Fan Smack 5 "Attack an enemy with a fan."
Watt from Paper Mario.
A young Li'l Sparky who was captured by the Big Lantern Ghost in Shy Guy's Toy Box and used as a power source for his lantern. She joins Mario after he rescues her. Electro Dash 0 "Penetrate defense power and attack an enemy with electricity."
Power Shock 2 "If it works, paralyze an enemy with an electric shock."
Turbo Charge 3 "Electrically boost Mario's attack power for a short time."
Mega Shock 5 "If it works, paralyze all enemies with an electric shock."
Sushie from Paper Mario.
A Cheep Cheep from Lavalava Island who often babysits a quintet of Yoshi kids known as the Fearsome 5. She joins Mario in Jade Jungle after he helps her out of a tree. Belly Flop 0 "Flop on an enemy."
Squirt 3 "Squirt a powerful jet of water. Great for fire enemies."
Water Block 3 "Create a cube of water to boost Mario's defense briefly."
Tidal Wave 6 "Swim madly to create a wave that washes over all enemies."
Lakilester from Paper Mario.
A Lakitu from Flower Fields who was working for Huff N. Puff. After being defeated, he decides to join Mario's party. Spiny Flip 0 "Throw a spiny egg at an enemy."
Spiny Surge 4 "Throw spiny eggs at all enemies."
Cloud Nine 4 "Create a cloud to hide Mario for a short time. While in the cloud, Mario will avoid enemy attacks."
Hurricane 5 "If it works, blow the enemies away from battle."


Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door[edit]

In Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, Mario's party members are referred to as partners or allies. The party mechanics work similarly to the first Paper Mario, but with several changes. Partners now have HP and take damage the same way Mario does. Partners are now upgraded by giving Merlon three Shine Sprites. Luigi also gets partners throughout the story: Blooey, Jerry, Torque, Hayzee, and Screamy. However, the player cannot play as them, for Luigi is not a playable character.

Character Description Moveset
Move FP Description
Goombella in the game Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.
An archeology student at the University of Goom, Goombella is searching for the same Legendary Treasure as Mario and decides that it is in their best interest to work together. Goombella has 10 HP initially, 20 at Super Rank, and 30 at Ultra Rank. Headbonk 0 Hits enemy twice. Does not work on spiky or fire enemies.
Tattle 0 Analyzes enemy and reveals their HP and other statistics.
Multibonk 3 Attacks enemy repeatedly for diminishing damage (minimum 1 per hit). Does not work on spiky or fire enemies.
Rally Wink 4 Gives Mario a second turn, at the expense of her own turn.
Artwork of Koops from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Koops's father hadn't been seen since he'd gone off to challenge the ferocious dragon Hooktail. After hearing that Mario and Goombella planned to launch a fresh assault, he decided that he wanted to join them to prove to everyone (particularly his girlfriend Koopie Koo) that he could be tough like his dad. Koops has a Defense of 1, but can be knocked on his back like enemy Koopas. He has 10 HP initially, 15 at Super Rank, and 25 at Ultra Rank. Shell Toss 0 Attacks one ground-bound or low-hovering enemy.
Power Shell 3 Attacks all ground-bound and low-hovering enemies.
Shell Shield 4 Summons a Koopa Shell to protect Mario for a few turns.
Shell Slam 6 Attacks all ground-bound and low-hovering enemies, ignoring their Defense Power.
Artwork of Flurrie from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Madame Flurrie was a retired actress, just dreaming of coming out of retirement when Mario and friends asked for her help with a small task. She found their stories of adventure alluring, and decided that she would come with them to help as much as she could. Flurrie has 15 HP initially, 25 at Super Rank, and 35 at Ultra Rank. Body Slam 0 Attacks one enemy. Does not work on spiky or fire enemies.
Gale Force 4 Blows weak enemies away from battle. This move is particularly effective against aerial enemies.
Lip Lock 3 Transfers an enemy's HP to Flurrie's HP. This move pierces Defense Power.
Dodgy Fog 4 Makes Mario dodgy for a few turns, so that attacks directed at Mario miss more often.
This baby Yoshi hatches from an egg that Mario found outside the Glitz Pit. He could be any one of a variety of colors and the player can name him. He has 10 HP initially, 20 at Super Rank, and 30 at Ultra Rank. Ground Pound 0 Attacks one enemy multiple times for 1 point of damage per hit.
Gulp 4 Swallows an enemy and shoots it at the enemy right behind it, damaging both of them. This move ignores Defense Power. Does not work on fire enemies.
Mini-Egg 3 Throws a set amount of eggs at various random enemies, dealing 1 HP of damage per hit to them. This attack may make them tiny.
Stampede 6 Calls a herd of Yoshis to attack all enemies.
Artwork of Vivian from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Once a member of the villainous Shadow Sirens, Vivian decides that Mario is much more deserving of her help than her sister Beldam is. She has 15 HP initially, 20 at Super Rank, and 30 at Ultra Rank. Shade Fist 0 Punches an enemy and leaves it magically burned.
Veil 1 Hides Mario and herself in the shadows to negate all damage for a turn. Next turn, Vivian will not be able to act.
Fiery Jinx 6 Attacks all enemies with fire, penetrating their Defense Power and leaving them burned. This move is particularly effective against ice enemies, and it heals fire foes.
Infatuate 4 Blows kisses at all enemies, possibly confusing them.
Admiral Bobbery
Admiral Bobbery
Admiral Bobbery had refused to go out to sea after a tragedy in his past. Mario must learn his secret to convince him to serve as navigator on a journey to Keelhaul Key, and he joins Mario's party shortly after the ship's crash. He has 20 HP initially, 30 at Super Rank, and 40 at Ultra Rank. Bomb 0 Attacks one ground-bound enemy.
Bomb Squad 3 Sets up three time bombs to explode on the next turn.
Hold Fast 4 Damages all enemies that physically attack Bobbery.
Bob-ombast 9 Powerfully bombs all enemies. This move will ground all enemies.
Artwork of Ms. Mowz from Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door
Ms. Mowz (optional)
A dashing badge thief, Ms. Mowz and Mario cross paths a number of times before she asks him to find a badge for her. Unknown to him, it was a test of his abilities--and once he passes and proves himself to her, she'll join the party and lend her treasure-sniffing abilities to the heroes. She has 15 HP initially, 20 at Super Rank, and 25 at Ultra Rank. Love Slap 0 Attacks one enemy, ignoring their Defense Power.
Kiss Thief 2 Steals an enemy's held badge or item.
Tease 3 Makes all enemies Dizzy.
Smooch 10 If successful, Mario recovers up to 10 HP.


Super Paper Mario[edit]


  • Mario - The first of the four Heroes of Light, Mario can Flip between dimensions.
  • Princess Peach - Joins Mario when she discovers she is a hero of Light. She can duck under her parasol, blocking most attacks, and she can also use it to float through the air.
  • Bowser - Joins Mario when he is convinced by Peach. He has twice the Attack of Mario, Peach & Luigi and can breathe fire, but he is larger and slower than the others and can't jump as high. He is also unable to climb ladders.
  • Luigi - Joins Mario when found in The Underwhere; can jump the highest of all the heroes and can also use his super jump technique to jump even higher and to deal double damage.


  • Tippi - Allows the player to Tattle enemies and reveal invisible objects.
  • Thoreau - Allows the player to pick up and throw enemies and objects, as well as activate switches.
  • Boomer - Acts as an explosive.
  • Slim - Allows the player to turn sideways to move through narrow spaces and evade attacks.
  • Thudley - Allows the player to perform a Ground Pound.
  • Carrie - Can carry the player on a floating platform, allowing them to move faster, bypass spiky floors, and jump on spiked enemies.
  • Fleep - Can flip sections of the background, as well as enemies to make them briefly dizzy.
  • Cudge - Acts as a Hammer.
  • Dottie - Can shrink the player, allowing them to avoid detection by enemies and fit through small doors, pipes, and passages.
  • Barry (Optional - Unlocked by completing Chapter 3 and returning to the start of it and speaking to him) - Projects a barrier around the player.
  • Dashell (Optional - Unlocked by completing Flipside Pit of 100 Trials) - Increases the characters' speeds.
  • Piccolo (Optional - See Piccolo for unlocking instructions; a long list of errands) - Can use music to heal status ailments.
  • Tiptron (Optional - Sold by Francis after Chapter 8's completion for 999 coins) - Replaces Tippi after beating the game.

Paper Mario: The Origami King[edit]

In Paper Mario: The Origami King all party members are temporary, only accompanying Mario for specific periods of time or in specific streamer districts. Party members only have one attack in battle and are AI controlled.

Battle allies[edit]

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Mario & Luigi series[edit]

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