Nimbus Land

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Nimbus Land
Nimbus Land from Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.
First appearance Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars (1996)
Latest appearance Super Mario RPG (Nintendo Switch) (2023)
Capital Nimbus Castle
Ruler King Nimbus and Queen Nimbus
Inhabitants Nimbus, Birdies, Beezos
Smrpg nimbuskingdom.gif

Nimbus Land is a floating kingdom on a massive cloud where Nimbus live in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. It is ruled by King Nimbus and Queen Nimbus, who have a son, Prince Mallow. Nimbus Land also refers to the sixth mandatory world,[1] which makes it the greater location of Barrel Volcano. It is considered World 7 in the Shogakukan guide[2], World 6 in the Player's Guide[1], and Nimbus Land Region in the remake, although the in-game graphics depicts the main Nimbus Land area as an extension of Land's End.

The giant cloud of Nimbus Land is attached to a vine accessible from Bean Valley, the only known way to access it from the ground. Nimbus Castle stands in the center of the town. Normally, it houses many statues and birds, both of which the king is fond, and the citizens of Nimbus Land are free to enter. During Valentina's attempted usurpation, however, the palace is sealed to the public and its halls are filled with monsters.

Other noteworthy locations include the usual item shop and inn, Garro's studio, the docking point for the royal bus, and the royal hot springs. The Nimbus innkeeper gives the option of using his special "Dream Cushion", which costs an extra 30 coins and causes Mario to have dreams. The hot springs instantly restore HP and FP and are situated directly over Barrel Volcano, but only royalty can bathe there.

For a long time, Prince Mallow was missing. Valentina, however, pretended she found the prince during a plot to become queen of Nimbus Land. 'Prince Mallow' was actually Dodo, a large bird, but the population of Nimbus Land was convinced for a while that he was the true prince. However, the real Mallow was traveling with Mario. They, along with the other members of their party, stop Valentina and Dodo and rescue the king and queen.

Later, Croco comes to Nimbus Land in his ongoing search for treasure. If Mario finds him, he drops the Signal Ring.

Also, Beezo can be found hiding in an unlikely spot, on a hidden path. He bribes Mario with Fertilizer in exchange for letting him go free.

Nimbus Land's name refers to the Latin word for cloud, nimbus. The Japanese name refers to marshmallows, a solid yet soft confectionary made from water, sugar, and gelatin.


Names in other languages[edit]

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Language Name Meaning
Japanese マシュマロの国
Mashumaro no Koku/Kuni
マシュマロこく[3] / マシュマロくに[4]
Mashumaro Koku/Kuni
Kingdom/Land of Marshmallow (the kanji 国 can refer to either)

Marshmallow Kingdom or Land; rendered "The Kingdom of Marshmallow" in the Shogakukan guide.[3] The remake uses kuni/land.
Chinese 棉花糖之國
Miánhuātáng Zhīguó
Marshmallow Country
French Royaume de Nimbus Nimbus' Kingdom
German Nimbusland Nimbus Land
Italian Nimbus
Regno di Nimbus
Nimbus Kingdom
Korean 마시멜로 왕국
Masimello Wangguk
Marshmallow Kingdom
Spanish Reino de Nimbus Nimbus' Kingdom


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