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Mario in the center of Rose Town

Rose Town is a town Mario travels to in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. From Tadpole Pond, Rose Town can be reached via Rose Way. It is also connected to the Forest Maze and Pipe Vault.

When Mario arrives, arrows are being fired at the town by Bowyer. These arrows contain a toxin that paralyzes anyone unfortunate enough to be struck by one, and any inhabitants outside of a house have been frozen in place.

Mario later finds the Rose Town inn. The little Toad boy Gaz convinces his mom, who runs the inn, to let Mario play dolls with him. However, while they are playing around, Gaz activates the Geno doll's Star Shot, which fires bullets that knock out Mario. During the night, the Star ♡ ♪ ! ? possesses the Geno doll to go out and retrieve a Star Piece from the Forest Maze. In the morning, after Mario wakes up, Gaz claims to have witnessed this occur. Having heard this, Mario and Mallow head into the Forest Maze.

After defeating Bowyer, the town's inhabitants that are frozen return to normal.

The Toads of Rose Town all have striped mushroom caps with a large circle directly on top, making their caps appear like target boards. This is fitting, considering that Bowyer is shooting arrows at them.

Places of interest are the inn (where Link can be seen sleeping) and the shop. Rose Town is also home to the gardener.

Names in other languages[edit]

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Language Name Meaning
Japanese ローズタウン
Rōzu Taun
Rose Town
Chinese 玫瑰鎮
Méiguī Zhèn
Rose Town
Dutch Rozendam From "rozen" (roses) and "-dam" (a common suffix for towns and cities in The Netherlands)
French Rosenville Rose Town
German Rosenrode From "rose" and "-rode" (a suffix used for creating German town names)
Italian Borgo Rosa Rose Burg
Korean 로즈 타운
Rojeu Taun
Rose Town
Spanish Rosedal Rosegarden