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Mario traveling through Rose Way

Rose Way is a small area that leads from Tadpole Pond to Rose Town in the game Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. People from around the world travel here for the level's "balmy climate" and "gorgeous scenery."[1] Rose Way is notable for having the most self-replenishing treasure boxes in the game in one area. There are five boxes total, each guarded by a Shy Guy - four boxes are filled with five coins apiece, while the last treasure box contains a Mushroom that heals all HP and all FP for Mario's party members. Upon leaving the area, the treasure boxes will refill with all their original contents. These treasure boxes are another one of Rose Way's attractions, and many travelers journey to Rose Way knowing it is "one of the best places to get lots of fast cash."[1] However, the denizens of Rose Way, such as the Crooks, will attack, mug, and generally scare away outsiders.

When Mario and Mallow pass through Rose Way on the way to Rose Town, they encounter Bowser and his fallen Minions, who have set up a temporary training camp at the outskirts of the area.

Enemies found[edit]

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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ケローズ
Portmanteau of「ケロケロ」(kero-kero, frog's ribbit) and "rose"; rendered "The Swamp of Kellows" in the Shogakukan guide[2]

Chinese 呱森林
Gū Sēnlín
Croaking Forest

Dutch Rozenpad
Rose Path
French (NOA) Piste de Rosenville
Rose Town Path
French (NOE) Sente de Rosenville
Rose Town Path
German Rosenpfad
Rose Path
Italian Sentiero delle Rose
Way of Roses
Korean 개굴로즈
Gaegul Rojeu
Croak-Rose, possibly "Croak Roads"

Spanish Camino de Rosedal
Rose Town Way


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