Beetle Race

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Mario chasing after beetles up Booster Hill.

The Beetle Race is a minigame in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. It takes place on Booster Hill. Mario needs to purchase a Beetle Box from Beetles Are Us in Seaside Town to be able to play this minigame. A new Beetle Box must be purchased every time this minigame is played.

The game involves Mario running up the mountain and jumping on barrels or Snifits to catch beetles. The beetles come in three varieties and are valued differently. In order of increasing size and value, these are female beetles worth one coin, then big males worth 50 coins, and finally rare gold Beetles worth one Frog Coin. Part way through the course, the Snifits change their tactics and start moving left and right as they charge at Mario. The minigame ends when Mario reaches the top of Booster Hill, where his beetles are tallied. Mario can then return to Beetles Are Us to claim whatever prizes his haul of beetles amounts to.