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The Pipe Vault

The Pipe Vault is a system of tunnels that leads to Yo'ster Isle in the game Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. The level is optional; Mario can simply bypass the Pipe Vault and move on to Moleville if he wishes. However, the Pipe Vault is the only way to get to Yo'ster Isle.

The Pipe Vault begins with a pit of lava filled with jumping Sparkies. In order to make it to the other side, Mario must traverse a series of platforms while dodging (or fighting) the Sparkies. If Mario slips and falls into the lava, he will have to go back to start and try again. After the first area, Mario will encounter pipes, treasures, puzzles, games and even a few enemies (many which are fairly weak). There is no boss in the Pipe Vault.

Goomba thumping game[edit]

The Goomba thumping game is a special minigame run by a Mole entrepreneur from Moleville. He charges contestants ten coins to play the game, and if the contestant can reach a certain number of points, the Mole will give the contestant a special prize. Such prizes include Flower Tabs, Flower Jars, and Frog Coins.

Enemies found[edit]

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Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese パイプダンジョン
Paipu Danjon
Pipe Dungeon; rendered "The Pipeline" in the Shogakukan guide[1].


Pipe Vault.
  • The Pipe Vault is considered a reference to the "classic" NES Mario platformers. For instance, the vault is home to the classical enemies of the Mario franchise, including Goombas, Thwomps, Piranha Plants, Spikeys (Spinies), Sparkies, Chompweeds and Shy Rangers (an elusive type of Shy Guy). In fact, the only enemy in the Pipe Vault that cannot be linked to the original platformers is Frogog, who only appears in Super Mario RPG. Additionally, the Pipe Vault is only one square wide, creating a pseudo-two dimensional effect. At one point Mario must run and crouch to slide under a low block, just like in the original platformers. The background music is also a cover of the underground theme in the original Super Mario Bros.


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