Moleville Mountain

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Not to be confused with Mine Cart.
Mario riding in Moleville Mountain

Moleville Mountain, also referred to as Mine Cart Race,[1] Mine-Car Race,[2] or Mine Car,[3] is a minigame in Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars and its remake.


The minigame involves Mario riding a trolley on tracks. Mario controls the trolley by leaning in the direction he wants it to travel. If he fails to lean or goes too fast, he will crash on the corners, losing time. In this minigame, Mario can collect mushrooms and use them to boost the trolley's speed, and obtain coins that he can keep after completing the minigame.

During the ride, the player can jump by pressing B Button, so as to avoid pits and collect mushrooms and coins. The player can brake by pressing either A Button or Y Button, to avoid derailing and losing time in the case of the trolley going too fast before turns, especially sharp ones. The player can make use of the mushrooms they collect by pressing X Button, giving the trolley a speed boost. Additionally, the player can honk the trolley's horn by pressing L Button or R Button, though doing so has no actual effect besides the sound.

The first run through Moleville Mountain is mandatory and part of the story. Later, the moles make a tunnel leading directly to the trolley that triggers the minigame, and they charge ten coins to take that shortcut (Mario can still play Moleville Mountain by going through the Mole Mines and finding the trolley). The moles keep a record of Mario's time and reward him every time he beats his record.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドゥカティ・マウンテン
Dukati Maunten
Torokko Rēsu
Moleville Mountain

Trolley Race

Chinese (simplified) 杜卡提之山
Dùkǎtí Zhīshān
Kuàng chē jìng sù
Moleville Mountain

Mine-Car Race

Chinese (traditional) 杜卡提飛車
Dùkǎtí Fēichē
Cǎikuàng chē jìng sù
Moleville Runaway

Mine-Car Race

Dutch Schachtbaan
French Taupinie Express
Moleville Express
German Monte Mauldurf
Mount Moleville
Mine-Car Race
Italian Monte Talponia[4]
Mount Moleville
Korean 두카티 마운틴
Dukati Mauntin
Moleville Mountain

Mine Car

Spanish Ruta de la Mina
Mine Route


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