List of Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars glitches

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This is a list of glitches in the game Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars.


NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, all names are conjectural.

Chewy Glitch

The Chewy Glitch

To perform the Chewy Glitch, the player needs to go to the Bean Valley where the Shy Away waters the Piranha Plant-like Chewies arranged in a circle. Before he waters it, Mario will have to jump onto a Chewy. When the Shy Away waters it, the player will be inside of the plant (although it may not appear that way). The Chewy will move around, but it will not be able to initiate battle with the player. However, if the player moves or jump, the player will start fighting with it.

Go, World!

The battle text displaying "Go, World!" instead of an actual attack name

The player must first collect the Lamb's Lure or Sheep Attack. Then, they must start a battle with a boss that endlessly spawns other enemies such as the Manager or Director and use one of the previously mentioned items. If at least one enemy is defeated by the item, the glitch is in effect. When the game attempts to spawn in the defeated enemy again, the message "Go, World!" will display instead. If multiple enemies were defeated by the item, the message appears multiple times. As this is a normally unused text string, it may simply be a "Hello World!" type of message displaying under an unusual circumstance.

Headless Bowser Glitch

A headless Bowser during Yaridovich's battle

During the battle with Yaridovich, if Bowser is in the center of the team, when the top Yaridovich attacks the third party member, Bowser will be temporarily headless due to tile overload on that row of graphics.

Mallow the Living Dead


The player must first get into combat with Croco the second time. The player should allow Mallow's HP to reach 0, then the player must wait until Croco steals the player's items; his target will always be Mallow whenever this is done. Mallow will stand up, but he is unable to move.[1]

Skill swap

If the player manages to "Switch" characters while a star is active and a character levels up, that character will permanently obtain the technique that the other character would have learned at that level. While X Button is normally disabled during activation, the menu can still be accessed either through screen transitions or by pressing X Button just before hitting a treasure box with a star.[2]

Skip Mack

The Chancellor's cutscene playing while Mack and the Shysters are still present

It is possible to skip over the battle with Mack. When the player gets to the room where Mack is faced, instead of going straight to battle him, the player can jump on top of the Shysters on the left side, and carefully walk on them. If the Mack scene does not trigger when the player falls off them, the glitch has been performed correctly. The player must then walk to the Chancellor in the corner, and talk to him to finish the glitch. The "Star Pieces" option on the menu will not appear when this glitch is performed, as being victorious in the battle against Mack triggers the appearance of the menu.

Step on a Spikey

Mario standing on a Spikey while talking to an Apprentice

The player should have pressed the switch on Booster Tower to access this glitch. The player must go to Booster Pass and go to the area where the Spikeys and the Apprentice are and start the battle with the Apprentice while Mario is above a Spikey. After it is defeated, Mario will be able to stand and move freely on the Spikey. The glitch ends when Mario jumps or falls off the Spikey.

Stuck in a Yoshi

Mario stuck in a Yoshi

The player will have to go to Yo'ster Isle. Mario needs to get on Yoshi and then ride over to another Yoshi that moves. The Yoshis on the racetrack after Mario defeats Boshi work the best as their paths are preset. Mario must dismount Yoshi in the path of another Yoshi. As the other Yoshi approaches, Mario must mount onto Yoshi. If done correctly, Mario and Yoshi will be stuck in place. To get out, the player can jump or dismount Yoshi.

Through the Chancellor

Mario walking through the Chancellor

The player will have to start a new game. When Mario first reaches the Mushroom Castle, Mario needs to go to the room with the Chancellor. There are two rows of three Toads within the room. If Mario goes behind the Toads, they tell him that he should walk properly in-between the two rows to greet the Chancellor. However, if Mario jumps on a Toad's head, he can get past them. Mario will be able to freely move in the room beyond where the cutscene triggers. If Mario talks to the Chancellor from behind, Mario will walk through him and the Chancellor will turn around.

Unable to do Anything

SMRPG YI Glitch1.png

The player will have to go to Yo'ster Isle and hop on Yoshi. Using Y Button, the player must hop on top of the moving Yellow Yoshi and wait until it moves near the exit. After that, the player must go to the exit and, if done correctly, will teleport to the next area without jumping off from Yoshi. The player is unable to do anything except moving (this includes jumping, dashing, and going to the menu).

Yoshi Sprites Disabled

Yoshi Sprites Disabled glitch

This glitch only works after winning a race on Yo'ster Isle or find a Yoshi Cookie in Belome Temple. The player must ride on Yoshi to perform the glitch, getting close to the Baby Yoshi's nest and jump with Y Button. As soon as Yoshi jumps, within a few frames, press A Button to talk with the Baby Yoshi wanting Yoshi Cookies. After talking with him, the player must have to move around the Yo'ster Isle and see if the sprites for the Yoshi movements are not activated.

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