List of Super Smash Bros. Brawl glitches

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This is a list of glitches in the game Super Smash Bros. Brawl.


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NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, all names are conjectural.

Bang, Bang, Bang

This is a relatively simple glitch to perform. First, the player must get a Smash Ball for Kirby. Then, a different player has to grab an assist trophy. Once they have grabbed one, the other player must use Kirby's final smash while that person still has the assist trophy, but before the trophy is actually used. He will start banging his utensils like usual, but Kirby will never stop banging.

Disappearing Hat

The player must play as Captain Falcon and fight Jigglypuff with a green nightcap. Then the player has to get a Smash Ball and hit Jigglypuff with the Blue Falcon. When Jigglypuff lands, it won't have a hat on.

Double Glass Breaking

The player goes down with the bat at a close range while the other player hits the sandbag down (not far) and if done correctly one player breaks the glass hitting sandbag down and the other player hits sandbag (close) and if sandbag hits the platform then the glass will break again.

Earthquake Glitch

One will have to use Kirby and select PictoChat. Then, they must go to the right edge of the platform where it is slanted, and use Stone. The whole stage will be shaking and Kirby will be acting as if he just landed from Stone over and over again with dust all around him and stars above him. If a player comes within range, they will be repeatedly hit with Stone until it automatically wears off. This does not work if Kirby does it on the left side of the stage.

Final Smash Disappearing Character Glitch

In any stage, the player has to be Link, Toon Link, or Ike and there has to be 1 CPU. The CPU has to be Ice Climbers in order to do the glitch. The player has to break a Smash Ball then KO the leader of the Ice Climbers without the other Ice Climber following. Quickly Link/Ike/Toon Link has to use their Final Smash on the remaining Ice Climber. Midway through the Final Smash, the Ice Climber will disappear. It will then look like Link/Ike/Toon Link is doing their Final Smash on nothing.

Final Stucker

The only platform this will work on is the tree from the original Pokemon Stadium. It's similar to the Kirby Earthquake, only with the player requiring to press +Control Pad up+One Button. Kirby must go on the ledge mentioned before. Then, the player must use Kirby's Final Cutter on it. Kirby should get stuck on it and he will release himself in a few seconds.

Get Stuck In Walls

The player will need a custom stage with any shape with a hole in it but no opening. They can pick any character and make it a player or CPU (player works best). Now they must pick Fox, Falco or Wolf and set them as player. The player will need one Smash Ball roaming around the stage. One must make the random player next to the shape. They must have Fox, Falco or Wolf get the Smash Ball and peform their Final Smash on that random character. The player now has to make Fox, Falco, or Wolf use the cannon repeatedly until the end up in the shape. To free the enemy, the player must shoot a couple times more.

Giant KO'd Jigglypuff

The player must play as Jigglypuff, have the appearance of Smash Balls turned on, and select the Melee stage Rainbow Cruise. Jigglypuff must break a Smash Ball, and when the stage gets to the part when the screen scrolls down back to the flying ship, Jigglypuff must be at the top of the screen as it scrolls and execute its Final Smash, Puff Up. After doing so, when Jigglypuff is off-screen, it will be KO'd into the background (star KO'd) while in its giant form. When Jigglypuff re-appears on the stage (if it has more stocks left if the match is a stock match or if the match is a time match), it will be in its normal size.

Giga Trouble

First, the player should transform into Giga Bowser. Then, the Kirby Earthquake should be done, but Giga Bowser should be put right next to the corner. The result is that Kirby will get stuck there forever, and Giga Bowser will continuously take damage.

Go Through The Pillar

The player must go to Shadow Moses Island and get a Warp Star next to a tower. The player should get on it and hold the Control Stick/Control Pad in the direction the it is in. The Warp Star should crash on the other side of the it, and the player can behave normally, as if it wasn't there. The tower is still solid from the other side, however.

Invincible Opponent Glitch

The player must select the Bridge of Eldin and play as Meta Knight (Smash Balls must be turned on in the item settings). Meta Knight must break a Smash Ball and wait until the bridge's middle area regenerates (after it has exploded). Just before the bridge becomes fixed, Meta Knight must be in the bridge's missing section and use his Final Smash on an opponent who is near him. After the bridge has been fixed, the opponent who was caught in Meta Knight's Final Smash will be invincible, but frozen in place.[1]

King Dedede Fan Glitch

Go to rules selection and turn every item off besides the fan. Then set it to high and go to Brawl Mode, select any player 1 character and then choose one com which will be King Dedede. Go to the pictochat level and wait for the fan to fall, then grab it and get very close to him and start pressing 2 rapidly and the fan will fly and keep hitting him until cease pressing the Two Button button.

Kirby Punch

Kirby should copy Captain Falcon and use the Falcon Punch. The best strategy to use Falcon Punch with Captain Falcon is to face away from the other opponents, short jump forward or backward then the Falcon Punch should be used and the player should turn to their opponents. But if they use this with Kirby, what will happen is when Kirby does a short jump and does a Falcon Punch and turns in the other direction, Kirby will all of a sudden be really high in the air.

Lots of Items Glitch

To activate this glitch, Kirby and Olimar should be on a large enough stage. Then the player should get the Final Smash ball for Kirby and place Olimar far away from him. Then, Olimar should continuously pluck out Pikmin. If Olimar is far enough away, he won't get sucked into Kirby's pot, but his Pikmin will. As such, players can keep plucking Pikmin until the pot has reached the max amount of items it can hold and the result is a bunch of items (this trick also works with Fox's blaster).

Magnetic Wall

While playing the level The Lake in the game's adventure mode, having completing the Rayquaza battle and traversing through the section above the lake the player must walk up to the wall on the far right of the screen, the player must hold right and make a small jump. This will cause the player to be drawn to the wall. The player can walk away, but they will move very slowly and if they stop or jump, they will quickly move toward the wall and once again be stuck.

Music Continues

In Classic Mode, in the beginning of the battle against Master Hand, if the player presses the HOME Button button in the small cutscene of Master Hand coming into the battlefield and waits a few seconds and press the button again, the player will notice that the music has continued even though the game was paused with the Home (HOME Button) button.

Negative Zone Glitch

This glitch happens in the Home-Run Contest in Co-op Mode. If at a specific time when one player gets off the platform with the bat and the other player hits the Sandbag down then the player with the bat (who is off the platform) hits the Sandbag, and if used at a specific time the Sandbag will go backwards and the camera will follow it, if done right the player will see there is no distance or floor and the music and cheering will stop and if the Sandbag is thrown far enough he will hit an invisible glass wall (which can be told because if contact is made, the sound of a breaking mirror will be heard) then sandbag will slide and while sliding will stand up.

No Metal

In Classic Mode, if Captain Falcon performs his final smash against a metal character (permanently metal, not characters who use the Metal Box) the character will be normal, with no metal, and usually with a different color outfit in the cut scene of the Blue Falcon.

Play as Giant Jigglypuff

First, the player must select the Bridge of Eldin stage. The player should also have a Final Smash prepared. King Bulbin will eventually come and destroy part of the bridge with a bomb. Soon after, a portal will restore that part of the bridge. When the matter begins to rebuild the bridge, the player has to use the final smash in midair in the gap. Jigglypuff will begin to inflate while the bridge is getting mended. When the bridge is completely fixed, Jigglypuff should bounce up onto the bridge and remain giant; interrupting the final smash animation. Its attacks are completely the same, only that they have a much longer reach. Its movement seems to have slowed somewhat as well. It also becomes a very easy target and is simple to KO, as the slightest touch of the KO range will take it out. With this glitch activated, having Yoshi perform his Egg Lay attack will make Jigglypuff grow even bigger. This glitch can also be exploited with other characters. With most characters that have a transformation type final smash, they will stay in their final smash form and they will retain the stats and attributes of their final smash form until KO'd; for example, R.O.B. will have an infinite final smash and/or be impervious to all harm, until KO'd. For the other transformation type characters and all other characters, they will have the glowing aura (from obtaining the smash ball) around them until they are KO'd. Fighters which when activating their final smash the camera zoom up on them, with timing, will stay zoomed up to the fighter until KO'd. This glitch also works on the Pirate Ship stage.

Porky Beaten in Seconds

One must go to Boss Battles and play as Kirby. During the fight with Porky's spider machine, the player has to use Kirby's Stone move (Down + B) on Porky. If they hit him in the right spot, Kirby will not fall but sit on him, repeatedly attacking him as damage sparks fly. Porky's health bar will be depleted in a matter of seconds.

Princess Peach and Luigi "Merged"

This glitch appears during the end of a team battle. Any player is the blue team, who must knock their opponents out in one hit. Two players are the red team, being Princess Peach as part of the team. The fourth player will be Luigi for the green team. Once the member of the blue team has blown their opponents, the results score will show Luigi merged to Peach while they congratulate the winner. Players can actually do this glitch with many other characters.

Same character, same color

Without glitches, in Free for All mode, the player cannot choose the same outfit/color scheme for the same character multiple times, however to do so the player can:

  1. Select the same character for all the players.
  2. Change the first player's outfit to the desired outfit.
  3. Switch off the player.
  4. Change the next player's outfit.
  5. Repeat the steps 3 and 4 until there are no players left.
  6. Switch to Team Battle then switch all players on again.
  7. Switch back to Free For All mode.

Once the player switches back to Free For All mode, all players will be the same character and with the same outfit/color scheme.

Snake Glitch

Occasionally when Snake pulls out his walkie-talkie during his Final Smash, when he jumps into the air, the walkie-talkie will be stuck to his face. When he is on the ladder though, it won't be there.

Steal and Warp

Players must do this glitch on a stage where there are two solid platforms one above the other. Not including custom stages, there are three: Skyworld, Mario Bros., Big Blue, and two parts of Flat Zone 2. Also, the match must be on team stamina mode. Kirby is by himself on one team, two other cpus on another team. Both of them need to have 1 stamina. Now pick a stage that meets the requirements above. Go on top of a solid platform with another solid platform below it and steal someone's power. Kirby should have somehow warped the other character to under the platform.

Through The Wall

This is easiest to do with Mario. First, the player should make a level and put a block near a platform. Then, Mario should perform his B+Up move near the corner of the platform to the side of the block. If it is successful, Mario should go through the block.

Undead Glitch

If the player plays a stamina battle and they play as Bowser, when Bowser gets a Smash Ball and has 1 HP Left when using it, and the opposing player attacks, Bowser will have 0 HP, and will still be alive. If one plays as Wario, they should get a Smash Ball to transform into Wario-Man. After that, the player should either eat explosives or go offscreen to gain damage. Once his HP count reaches zero, then Wario will lie on the terrain. However, if the time runs out, Wario will change back into his original form, and he'll still live.

Walk Through Walls

The player should create a stage where a bunch of solid stone blocks are bunched up next to each other. They should then have Kirby jump right between the tiny space between the blocks. Kirby will now be inside the blocks. He can escape by flying to the top.