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Peanut from Dr. Mario World
Sprite from Dr. Mario World
First appearance The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! "Two Bums from Brooklyn" (1989)
Latest appearance Dr. Mario World (Ver. 1.2.0) (2019)

Peanuts are items in the Donkey Kong franchise and Super Smash Bros. series. In most appearances, they are the ammunition in Diddy Kong's Peanut Popgun.


The Super Mario Bros. Super Show![edit]

In The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! live-action segment "Two Bums from Brooklyn", Tommy Lasagna offers Mario and Luigi with a job of throwing peanuts at Brooklyn Dodgers baseball games, due to the fact that their skills are not good enough to make his team. He throws each of them a bag of peanuts, which they proceed to eat rather than throw.

Donkey Kong franchise[edit]

Donkey Kong 64[edit]

In Donkey Kong 64, Peanuts are used as ammunition for Diddy Kong's Peanut Popguns, and can be found scattered around the world in boxes.

Donkey Kong Country Returns / Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D[edit]

In Donkey Kong Country Returns and its Nintendo 3DS version, Diddy Kong wields the Peanut Popgun to shoot peanuts, but only in 2-player mode where Diddy is independently controlled by the second player. Launched peanuts bounce on the ground quickly and break upon hitting a wall or an enemy; while Diddy can kill a select few enemies by shooting peanuts at them, most will only be temporarily stunned by this, causing them to become dizzy or confused.

Although bosses and certain enemies such as Tikis are not affected by peanuts, a couple of exceptions are found in the respective boss fights for Mugly and Thugly: when the boss opens its mouth, Diddy can optionally shoot peanuts into it. By shooting enough peanuts, the boss temporarily stops to chew on the peanuts, and its vulnerable spot is exposed. This is indicated by hearts surrounding their head. After taking a hit, the boss stops being distracted and continues with trying to attack Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong.

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze[edit]

In Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze and its Nintendo Switch port, peanuts can once again be shot out from Diddy Kong's Peanut Popgun when he is controlled independently. However, no enemies can be outright defeated by peanuts though they can still be stunned, and stunned enemies will recover more quickly.

Super Smash Bros. series[edit]

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, a shelled peanut will sometimes appear when Diddy Kong (or Kirby after copying Diddy's move) uses his Peanut Popgun. This will recover a small amount of health if eaten. The peanut shells fired from the Peanut Popguns can be used as an item, by catching then throwing them.

Dr. Mario World[edit]

In Dr. Mario World, a peanut appears after Dr. Diddy Kong uses his skill, where it appears on the next capsule, and then the peanut breaks. After this, the capsules are also broken into two halves unless it is a single piece of rainbow capsule.