Super Slam

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Not to be confused with Simian Slam or Super Simian Slam.
Chunky Kong using the Super Slam on a Klump in Donkey Kong 64
Chunky Kong using the Super Slam to defeat a Klump

The Super Slam[1] is a special move given to the Kongs by the Banana Fairy Princess in Donkey Kong 64. She gives them the move after Tiny Kong agrees to help find her missing Banana Fairies. To charge the move, the player must hold B Button. Small orange orbs of energy will start appearing around the Kong. Once the orbs start spiraling, the player can release B Button to emit a shockwave.

The Super Slam is used to unearth 5-Banana Coins from DK Dirt Piles. It can also be used to instantly defeat most non-boss enemies that make contact with the Kong or the shockwave, including Klumps, Koshas, Klobbers, and Kasplats. However, there are some enemies where using the Super Slam will cause a Kong to take damage, such as Kabooms and the Toy Monster. Additionally, Purple Klaptraps are completely immune to the Super Slam; the attacking Kong would take damage, while the Purple Klaptrap is unaffected.

The color of the shockwave differs depending on the Kong using it. It consumes one Crystal Coconut per use.


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