B. Locker

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B. Locker
B. Locker
First appearance Donkey Kong 64 (1999)
“If I disobey that fat old fool K. Rool, it's the big sawmill in the sky for me, so pay up pronto and I can get my wooden butt outta here.”
B. Locker, Donkey Kong 64

B. Locker is a grouchy signpost that appears in Donkey Kong 64. His name is a pun on "blocker", and he prevents the Kongs from entering a portal to a level unless they have enough Golden Bananas.

B. Locker is first encountered by Donkey Kong in the Jungle Japes lobby, where B. Locker reveals that he is unhappily working for King K. Rool, or else he would be punished (by "the big sawmill in the sky").


B. Locker is a wooden signpost with a pair of eyes, a nose, dark brown eyelids, a mouth, and two light brown arms with two red hands. B. Locker is attached to the ground by a small, metal pole. He usually crosses his arms. A picture of bananas are attached to his forehead.

B. Locker's mouth has three bottom teeth, and each tooth displays a number. The numbers displayed on his teeth represent the minimum number of Golden Bananas that the Kongs need to access a level.


A different number of Golden Bananas are required per each level. The later levels have a higher requirement than the earlier ones. If the Kongs have enough Golden Bananas, they can approach B. Locker, who then spins around and permanently leaves the lobby.

If the player presses Up, Down, Left, and then Right on the D-pad in front of B. Locker, the homing weapon sound is played indicating that the cheat code has been entered. If the player then approaches B. Locker with the correct Kong, B. Locker will let them through with a lower number of required Golden Bananas[1]. The minimum default number, the lower amount and the corresponding Kong of the level are displayed in the following table:

World Minimum number Corresponding Kong Lower amount
Jungle Japes 1 n/a n/a
Angry Aztec 5 Diddy Kong 3
Frantic Factory 15 Tiny Kong 10
Gloomy Galleon 30 Lanky Kong 20
Fungi Forest 50 Chunky Kong 35
Crystal Caves 65 Donkey Kong 50
Creepy Castle 80 Lanky Kong 65
Hideout Helm 100 Chunky Kong 80


  • "Come on. I haven't got all day! Show me the bananas and I'm outta this dump." When the player has enough Golden Bananas.
  • "Oh. Go on then [Kong]. Seeing as you've got more than [N] Golden Bananas." When the player uses the cheat code.
  • "Are you stupid or something? Read my teeth and go get some more, you furry fool." When the player doesn't have enough Golden Bananas.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French B. Locker -


  • There is a glitch which allows Lanky Kong to pass through B. Locker without having the proper amount of Golden Bananas. Donkey Kong can also do this with his standard B Button attack, and Chunky Kong can do it using the Primate Punch.
  • The banana bunch emblem on B. Locker's head was originally the HUD icon for Golden Bananas in the game's kiosk demo. It can briefly be seen in the demo if the player wins the Diddy Kong's Mine Cart minigame.