Banana Fairy's Camera

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A successful capture of a Banana Fairy in Jungle Japes.

The Banana Fairy's Camera is the magical camera that players receive from the Banana Fairy Princess in Donkey Kong 64. The purpose of the camera is to take pictures of the Banana Fairies. It is the only method to catch Banana Fairies, as it traps them inside special banana skin photographs. The camera is fueled by Banana Camera Film. The more pictures the players take of Banana Fairies, the more secrets and extras they unlock in the game. Any Kong can use the camera.

It is used by first holding Z Button, then pressing Camera down Button, and finally pressing B Button to snap a photo. In the mode, there is a face at the top-right corner. By default it is a sad, red face, but when the Banana Fairy's Camera's lens aligns with a Banana Fairy, the face turns into a green, happy one. If the camera lens misses a Banana Fairy, the game display an X mark over the printed photograph, in contrast to displaying a check mark when it successfully aligns with a Banana Fairy. Upon being captured in a photograph, the Banana Fairy replenishes the Kongs' item supply and increases the maximum Crystal Coconut and Banana Camera Film supply by one, and then leaves.