Banana Fairy's Camera

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Banana Fairy's Camera
Banana Fairy's Camera in use.
Utilizes Banana Camera Film for capturing photography, but intended for Banana Fairies.
First appearance Donkey Kong 64. (1999)
“Here, take my magical camera - It already has some film in it.”
Banana Fairy Princess, Donkey Kong 64

The Banana Fairy's Camera[1], also called the Banana Camera[2][3], Banana Cam[4], Banana Fairy Camera[5] or Camera[5], is a unique camera given to the Kongs from the Banana Fairy Princess in Donkey Kong 64. She provides it to all five of them after Tiny Kong meets her on Banana Fairy Island.

The Banana Fairy's Camera uses Banana Camera Films for capturing photographs, and one film roll is used up for each captured photograph. The Camera is intended for retrieving each Banana Fairy, since they all flew away from their island at the start of the game.

The player can activate the camera mode by pressing Z Button and Down C Button simultaneously. The B Button button allows them to capture a photo. In the mode, there is a face at the top-right corner, and a Banana Camera Film count on the bottom-right. The face is shown as red and sad unless the player aligns the Camera's lens to a Banana Fairy, in which case changes the face into a green, happy one. If the camera lens unsuccessfully captures a Banana Fairy, an X mark is briefly displayed over the printed photograph, in contrast to displaying a check mark when it successfully aligns with a Banana Fairy. If the capture was successful, the Banana Fairy disappears just before the photograph appears, and sometimes cannot be seen on the photograph.

If the camera is being used when there isn't a fairy nearby, then no mark will appear if a photo is taken. The face icon won't appear, either.


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