Kremling Kosh

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Two green Kritters and one red Kritter.

Kremling Kosh is a Bonus Stage found in the game Donkey Kong 64.

After the player jumps in the Bonus Barrel, the player will play this minigame to try and win a Golden Banana. In this minigame, the player will need to shoot Kritters to gain the required score in 60 seconds using Watermelons. There are eight barrels that Kritter spawn from. The player can hold a maximum of five melons at a time, which can be reloaded by shooting the melon at the middle. There are two kind of Kritters: the green one is worth one point (common), and the red one is worth two points (uncommon). Once the player gained the required score, the minigame is cleared, and the Kong is rewarded with a Golden Banana.


Location Kong Score
DK Isles Chunky Kong 28 Points
Angry Aztec Chunky Kong 18 Points
Gloomy Galleon Tiny Kong 22 Points
Creepy Castle Lanky Kong 25 Points
Snide's H.Q. Any Kong 28 Points

In-game instructions[edit]

Hit as many Kremlings as you can! Press A Button to fire a melon.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese うてうて・クレムリン!
Uteute Kuremurin!
Shooting Kremling!