Crosshair Cranky

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Crosshair Cranky
DKC GBC Crosshair Cranky Overworld.png
The extended world map exclusively appearing in Crosshair Cranky
Appears in Donkey Kong Country (Game Boy Color)
Controls +Control Pad – moving the crosshair
A Button – firing a coconut
B Button – reloading the supply after it runs out

Crosshair Cranky is a mini-game mode exclusively appearing in the Game Boy Color version of Donkey Kong Country. Crosshair Cranky is seemingly run by Cranky Kong, although he does not appear in the mode.


Donkey Kong starts on the world map on an inaccessible area named "Crosshair Cranky" (which is actually Kongo Jungle). Crosshair Cranky has six stages, all of which take place on small islands on the shore of Donkey Kong Island. Every stage is inaccessible in the main Adventure mode, although Galleon Gunner could be considered a partial exception due to taking place just outside Gangplank Galleon. The mode has a two-player equivalent where the first player is Donkey Kong and the second player is Diddy with a blue cap, both of whom compete to complete every stage first.

During gameplay, every stage involves the use of the Coconut Shooter, which Donkey Kong has to use to fire coconuts at targets, usually Kremlings. A yellow-background coconut icon is displayed in the center of each stage, divided into four sections and sorted in a manner of the first section being at the top left corner while the last section is at the bottom right. Each time a coconut is fired, a section of the coconut icon turns entirely brown. When Donkey Kong is out of ammo, which occurs after shooting four coconuts, the player must reload the supply (and therefore reset the coconut icon). However, the supply cannot be reloaded until every coconut is used. A mood icon of Donkey Kong is at the bottom left, showing a happy face at first, but it worsens gradually each time Donkey Kong makes a mistake, such as failing to hit a Kremling. If Donkey Kong makes four mistakes, he loses. Every stage has a counter set to a specific number, which gradually decreases (usually by numbers of one) if Donkey Kong meets an objective, such as shooting a Kremling. When the counter successfully decreases down to zero, Donkey Kong wins at the stage. Just like in Adventure mode, the mini-game saves the progress of the stages that were completed by Donkey Kong.

The stages are as follows:

Name Summary
DKC GBC Kremlings and Kongs.png
Kremlings and Kongs
Donkey Kong must fire coconuts at fifty Kritters, who try to steal Bananas. Donkey Kongs and Diddy Kongs also jump on the Bananas, of whom he must not fire at. If Donkey Kong misses too many Kritters or misfires at too many Kongs, he loses. The stage is set in a temple, and as a result has the "Voices of the Temple" theme.
Crosshair Cranky Barrel O' Kremlings
Barrel o' Kremlings
Kritters randomly pop out of barrels, and they must be shot with coconuts. The counter is set at "100" at the beginning of this stage. The counter decreases based on which color Kritter Donkey Kong shoots--green ones are worth a point, blue ones are worth two, and red ones are worth five. If Donkey Kong fails to shot too many Kritters, he loses the stage. This stage is heavily based on the Donkey Kong 64 Bonus Stage, Kremling Kosh. The forest theme plays here despite the stage taking place on a wooden platform in the Island's shore.
DKC GBC Kremling Krackdown.png
Kremling Krackdown
Donkey Kong must shoot 70 Kritters, all of whom try attempt to steal the Bananas again. The stage has a jungle setting, and the background music is "DK Island Swing."
DKC GBC Buddies Beware.png
Buddies Beware
In this stage, big Gnawtys (who resemble Very Gnawty and Really Gnawty) chase Expressos, Rambis, and Winkys across three different pathways, each with two holes in them. Donkey Kong must help 25 Animal Buddies safely cross each pathway by firing coconuts at the holes, to prevent them from falling down. Each fired coconut will darken a half of the counter, which is not divided into four sections, unlike other stages, so the player has to reload each time they shoot two coconuts. The coconuts only temporarily patch the holes and disappear after an Animal Buddy crosses over it. The counter, originally set at 25, decreases by a number after an Animal Buddy exits from the right side of the third and lowest path. The stage's difficulty increases halfway through (when the counter is down at 12), as more Animal Buddies start to spawn from the paths and even run faster. Donkey Kong loses if too many of the Animal Buddies fall down the holes. This mini-game is similar to the Bonus Stage Peril Path Panic from Donkey Kong 64, but it can also be compared to the Game & Watch game Manhole. Just like Kremling Krackdown, this stage appears within a jungle and plays the DK Island Swing theme.
DKC GBC Wanted.png
This stage's objective is similar to "Barrel o' Kremlings" except that Donkey Kong has to fire at specific Kritters in the barrels, known as the "wanted" ones. After Donkey Kong accesses the stage, the lights go out and a Kritter (either red, blue, or green) pokes its head out a barrel; this Kritter is the "wanted" one, as indicated by its color. The Kritter then retreats in its barrel, the lights turn on, and many Kritters start to pop their heads out of barrels. Donkey Kong must only shoot a coconut at the "wanted" Kritter. The cycle repeats, and the number of wanted Kritters increases (thus increasing the difficulty) as the stage progresses; additionally, purple and gray Kritters are added, but are never "wanted." Donkey Kong loses if he hits the incorrect Kritter four times or misses too many of the wanted ones. The stage is set inside a cave and plays the "Cave Dweller Concert" theme.
DKC GBC Galleon Gunner.png
Galleon Gunner
Donkey Kong must shoot coconuts at Gangplank Galleon's six cannons, all of which are at the side of the ship. King K. Rool is on-board the ship in this minigame and operates the cannons. The counter is set at 36, and Donkey Kong must destroy every cannon by firing at each one six times. The counter decreases by one for every cannon that is shot. Donkey Kong can only shoot a cannon after K. Rool pulls it out; he has to quickly fire coconuts at the cannons before they fire first. After he shoots a cannon, it retracts into the ship. Donkey Kong loses at the stage if he gets hit by cannonballs four times. After Donkey Kong destroys every cannon, K. Rool furiously jumps around in his ship. The player then completes the mini-game. If the mini-game is completed for the first time, the player will unlock the Banner Creator, accessible from the Selection menu. Galleon Gunner plays the Gangplank Galleon theme.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クランキーのミニゲーム
Kurankī no Minigēmu
Cranky's Minigame

French Cibles Cranky
Target Cranky
German Crankys Crash
Cranky's Crash
Italian Mirino di Cranky
Cranky's Viewfinder
Spanish Mirilla Cranky
Peephole Cranky