Manic Mincers

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Manic Mincers
Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong progressing through the Manic Mincers level in the Chimp Caverns.
Level code 6 - 2
Game Donkey Kong Country
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Manic Mincers is the thirtieth level in Donkey Kong Country and the second level of Chimp Caverns.


Manic Mincers is a cave level that feature several Mincers as the main obstacle, as its name suggests. Each Mincer moves in a different pattern, either horizontal, vertical, or clockwise. Some of them do not move at all. Early in the level, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong can release Rambi the Rhino from his animal crate to ride him for the rest of the level. Rambi cannot defeat the Mincers, because if he hits one, he runs away. Rambi can help the Kongs access a few Bonus Levels. A few Krushas are in the level, and Gnawties are the most common enemy of the level. In the original Super Nintendo version, the lighting subtly changes; for instance, it gets slightly darker just before the Rambi Crate but lighter after the letter O.


Manic Mincers
Donkey Kong defeats a Krusha with a TNT Drum

A Gnawty and a small pit containing a Mincer can be found at the level's entrance. Two more Mincers are ahead, moving in vertical paths. The level's first DK Barrel wobbles immediately before them, and a Gnawty walks between them. A small wall with the letter K next to it is located near the second Mincer in this area, which has a small pit in it. A Mincer floats in and out of the abyss. An animal crate containing Rambi the Rhino sits near here by a pit consisting of two moving Mincers that are always parallel to each other. The primates can find a few Gnawties marching down the area after the abyss, being followed by two higher pieces of land with Mincers on the edge of them. Another Gnawty can be found before a pair of Mincers on the highest piece of land. In this Mincer group, one stationary Mincer sits on the ground with the letter O over it, while the other Mincer moves up and down above it. Another pair of Mincers are ahead that move in the same pattern, except this time the top Mincer is stationary while the other moves. Four more stationary Mincers grind against the ground after this, and a fifth Mincer travels between the last two of the obstacles. The level's Continue Barrel can be found shortly after the last Mincer in this area.

A TNT Drum can be found immediately after the barrel, along with two Mincers; one of these Mincers are stationary, while the other orbits around it at a quick pace. The heroes can find a DK Barrel on a raised piece of land after they pass a Krusha. Two additional Mincers moving in a circular path are ahead above an abyss that is followed by a barrel and an alcove containing a Krusha. Three more Mincers can be found ahead, each traveling in a circular patten around a Banana Bunch. The primates can find a wide abyss ahead of here with a Mincer grinding in the center of it. A small platform hovers across the whole pit to help the heroes cross it. A TNT Drum and another Krusha can be found on the opposite side of this pit, followed by a second wide abyss with another moving platform in it. As it pulls them over the abyss, they are taken past two Mincers and the letter N.

A DK Barrel shakes on the other side of the pit, and it can be broken to free a lost partner. A Mincer orbits a small platform floating in an abyss nearby, which is followed by a lone piece of land with a pair of Krushas on it. Another abyss after this area contains a small platform used to cross it. Two sharp Mincers surround it. Once the heroes cross the pit, they come towards a few Gnawties and a sign indicating that the level is almost over on a straight pathway. A stationary Mincer with another Mincer speeding around it can be found nearby, being followed by a group of high ledges. Gnawties march along a pathway that leads farther into the level in front of the ledges. Using a small cave (leading to a Bonus Level) around this area, the primates can access the top of the high pieces of land, where a DK Barrel and a TNT Barrel wait. The primates' path is soon blocked by a wall created by two Mincers stacked on top of each other, which can be jumped over with the use of a tire sticking out of the ground next to them. An exit sign stands on the other side of the obstacles with a tunnel ahead of them that leads out of the level.


Enemy Count
A sprite of a Klaptrap in Donkey Kong Country
Sprite of a blue Krusha in Donkey Kong Country
A Mincer in Donkey Kong Country.
SNES: 36
GBA: 37

Items and collectables[edit]

Sprite Name Count
Sprite of a DK Barrel in Donkey Kong Country. DK Barrel 3
A Life Balloon in Donkey Kong Country. Life Balloon 2
Sprite of a TNT Drum in Donkey Kong Country. TNT Drum 4

K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

Letter Location
The letter K in Donkey Kong Country. The letter K is against a wall, which the third Mincer of the level moves over vertically.
The letter O in Donkey Kong Country. Between two Mincers shortly after the Rambi Crate.
The letter N in Donkey Kong Country. After crossing the first abyss with a moving platform, the Kongs pass the third Krusha from the Continue Barrel. From the next moving platform above an abyss, the Kongs must jump up to the letter N.
Manic Mincers At the end of the second Bonus Level.

Photograph (Game Boy Advance version only)[edit]

Image Location
Sprite of a photograph from both Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong Country on Game Boy Advance. While the Kongs ride Rambi, they must use him to defeat a Krusha. By doing so, they earn a photograph for the ninth page of their scrapbook, which shows them riding Rambi in a jungle area.

Bonus Levels[edit]

Image Type and description
Manic Mincers' first bonus area from Donkey Kong Country Bash the Baddies!: Past the Continue Barrel, there is a barrel next to a small alcove with the second Krusha. They can either defeat Krusha and then pick up the barrel to blast away the wall to the right of it, or they can break the right wall. The opening leads into the first Bonus Level. There, the Kongs must jump from three Klaptraps to earn many Banana Bunches. After jumping on each Klaptrap three times, the Kongs are rewarded a Life Balloon.
Manic Mincers Find the Exit!: After the arrow sign indicating a nearby exit, the Kongs must pass two Mincers and then enter an opening from a small platform to access the Bonus Level. Inside, the Kongs must sneak under vertically-moving three Mincers (four in the Game Boy Advance remake). The letter G is at the end, followed by the exit.

In the original SNES version, this Bonus Level differs from others because it is not required to complete the game, nor does the Bonus Room Blitz theme play in the area. These distinctions are not present in remakes.

Manic Mincers' third bonus area from Donkey Kong Country Stop the Barrel!: After exiting the second Bonus Level, the Kongs must pick up a TNT Drum. They must pick up the barrel and carry it down a ledge. They must avoid hitting the Gnawties and blast away a wall to the left of two vertical Mincers to enter the third and last Bonus Level. Alternatively, they can use Rambi to break down the wall. In the Bonus Level, the Kongs must observe a Life Balloon as it moves between four barrels before it stops and disappears. The Kongs must jump at the barrel that the Life Balloon stopped in to be awarded it. The Kongs return into the main level after either winning or losing.

In the Game Boy Color remake, the third Bonus Level's entrance is entered from the wall after the Mincers rather than in front. There is a similar case to the first Bonus Level of Reptile Rumble.


Super Nintendo Entertainment System[edit]

Game Boy Color[edit]

Game Boy Advance[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese あばれスピナーのがけ
Abare Supinā no gake
Cliff of the Rampaging Mincers
French Hachis Horrible Minced Horror
German Dyna-Grotten Dyna Grottos
Italian Tritatutto Mincer
Spanish Picadora Maniaca Manic Mincers