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Sprite of a photograph from both Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong Country on Game Boy Advance.

Photographs[1][2] are stamp-like items that are exclusive to the Game Boy Advance remakes of Donkey Kong Country and Donkey Kong Country 2. In both games, they can be collected by the Kongs and stored in the Scrapbook. They appear only in the main modes and are represented by small blue camera (also named hidden camera[3] or Camera Piece[4]) collectibles.

In Donkey Kong Country, photographs can be acquired by defeating certain enemy species with a Hand Slap or by finding them in hidden locations throughout the levels, as well as by completing challenges at Funky's Fishing and Candy's Dance Studio. Once collected, a photograph appears somewhere in the Scrapbook and is not available to collect again. There is a total of 52 photographs in the game.

In Donkey Kong Country 2, most photographs do not appear until the Kongs talk to Wrinkly Kong at Kong Kollege. Once they do so, particular enemies in the game display a camera icon floating above them, signifying that defeating them awards the Kongs a photograph representing that enemy. Likewise, Wrinkly Kong offers tips on how to find these photographs, which can be bought from her with Banana Coins and viewed in the Wrinkly's Help section on the menu. Other photographs are given by Funky Kong as reward for completing his challenges at Funky's Flights II. For each page the Kongs manage to fill with photographs in its entirety, they are awarded a Hero Coin by Wrinkly Kong. When 39 photographs are covered in the Scrapbook, Wrinkly herself rewards the characters with the 40th and final photograph.



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