Funky's Flights (Bonus Game)

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Funky's Flights
The "Bonus Games" menu of Funky's Flights in Donkey Kong Country 2 for the Game Boy Advance.
Appears in Donkey Kong Country 2 (GBA)
Time limit 3, 5, and 10 minutes

Funky's Flights is a Bonus Game found exclusively in the Game Boy Advance remake of Donkey Kong Country 2. It can be accessed from the main menu or in Funky's Flights II. The game must be completed to collect all the Video Game Hero Coins. During the Bonus Game, Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong are challenged to complete a series of missions. Each of these missions involve them using the Gyrocopter to prove to Funky Kong that the heroes can control the helicopter. The apes must ride in the Gyrocopter to move around obstacles and to defeat enemies.

In the main adventure, the reward for completing each mission is a DK Coin, and the best time is displayed on a scoreboard on the left side of Funky's Flights II. Diddy and Dixie can optionally replay a mission to try and aim for the best time. If the Kongs complete the same mission again, Funky states that he is not rewarding them again because they already completed the mission. If the Kongs complete the mission faster than before, the best time scoreboard is updated.


Mission name Preview Description
Aerial Loop Aerial Loop Diddy Kong must ride the Gyrocopter through a bramble-infested area within five minutes. There are twenty rings in the stage, which he needs to ride through to complete the mission. Bad control of the Gyrocopter can cause Diddy to crash into the brambles as he tries to move inside of them, and the copter explodes if the life meter runs out. There is also a spider enemy near the end of the stage that shoots webs at Diddy to attack him. If the character manages to get through all of the rings safely and land on the helipad in less than five minutes, he completes the first mission.
Submerged Stint Submerged Stint Diddy must carry a chest with the Gyrocopter to the landing zone within ten minutes in this mission. The way to the landing zone is flooded and surrounded by crates and barrels. The Gyrocopter can only stand ten seconds underwater, unless Diddy has driven into an air bubble in the water, which gives up to fifty-nine seconds in the liquid. Additionally, ammo packs are scattered around the stage that Diddy needs to shoot missiles in order to defeat enemies and break objects in his way. Once the Kong reaches the landing zone with the chest, he completes the mission.

The enemies in Submerged Stint include Puftups and yellow spiders that shoot webs. While the Puftups do not shoots spikes like they sometimes do, they puff up and take up space. Missiles can defeat them. If the Kong hits into a Puftup or the web of a spider enemy, the Gyrocopter explodes and the mission is failed. Additionally, staying underwater too long or running out of fuel can cause Diddy to fail the mission as well. The Gyrocopter can also explode if it hits into too many walls, which makes it lose life. Life can be replenished with items found around the course.

Kongstruction Kongstruction Diddy Kong must fly the Gyrocopter around a castle area and collect the five parts of a Donkey Kong statue, putting them onto the stand near the helipad within five minutes. He can only hold one part of the statue at a time, which is made up of the Kong's legs, body, arms (which, unlike the legs, are both found separately), and head. The area is very large, so arrows appear around the screen to direct Diddy Kong to the parts. When a part is found, Diddy can return to the stand, making the part automatically land where it belongs on the stand; however, if he brings a part that the arrows did not direct him to, the piece is likely not to fit yet.

As Diddy travels around the level, Flitters attack him. He can shoot his ammo at them or simply hit into them to defeat them. If Diddy is not careful, the Flitters can steal reconstructed parts of the statue. When they get the pieces, Diddy must defeat them, reclaim the part, and put it back onto the stand. Like in other missions, the Gyrocopter has a life supply that can only be replenished with items hidden around the course. If he hits into a wall, floor, or ceiling, life in the Gyrocopter depletes.

Kongnapped Kongnapped Diddy Kong must save six hostages, who all share the appearance of Tiny Kong, from the Zinger hive within five minutes. When Diddy finds a kidnapped Kong, he must land in front of them to get them on board, and then drop them off at the helipad. Zingers appear around the stage, but they can easily be defeated if Diddy Kong hits them with the Gyrocopter. Therefore, the only way for the copter to lose life is by hitting into walls. If it loses all of its life, it explodes and Diddy must restart the mission. While Zingers are not threat to Diddy's survival, they may sometimes capture a hostage Kong. If Diddy doesn't same them fast enough, they are killed. Only ten Kongs are located in the course, so if more than five are killed, the mission is failed.
Cool Sounds Cool Sounds Diddy must find Funky's ghetto blaster in the icy water within three minutes. The ice is too solid for him to go through, and hitting into it only hurts the Gyrocopter, which has a limited supply of life that can only be replenished with items. So, Diddy must use buttons found on the walls to make the ice melt and sink to make a bigger area to explore. The buttons are always found in groups of three, with the exception of the last button that is found alone, and Diddy must hit the three buttons in each group in a certain order to affect the ice. If he hits them in a wrong order, he must hit them again with his ammo. As the Kong makes his way downwards, he encounters several of these buttons and even some Zingers. When Diddy reaches the ghetto blaster, he is attacked by a Kloak who can defeat him in one hit. Once Diddy claims the ghetto blaster, he can fly back up and give the object to Funky to complete the mission.
Kongnapped 2 Kongnapped 2 Diddy must travel around a sunken ship area that is filled with water to save five trapped Kongs within three minutes. The Kongs are all around the area, even underwater. Since the Gyrocopter has a limited supply of air, Diddy must use buttons on the walls to raise or lower the water. Though it would usually be best to lower the water level to avoid drowning, Diddy must sometimes raise it to let the water lift of large crates in his way. Other than drowning, the mission can be failed if the Gyrocopter explodes by hitting into too many obstacles. Once Diddy saves the five trapped Kongs, he can land at the helipad to end the mission.
Toxic Kongstruction Toxic Kongstruction Diddy must travel around a castle area full of toxic waste to find the five parts to a DK statue (the legs, which are found together, the body, the arms, which are found separately, and the head) within ten minutes. With the ability to hold only one part at a time, he must carry the pieces in the order the arrows on the screen show him to a stand near the helipad. The mission is complete once all of the pieces are reconstructed and Diddy lands on the helipad. Unlike the first Kongstruction mission, Diddy has to avoid the toxic waste in the area, which can make the Gyrocopter explode with one touch. However, the statue parts are found in the waste, so Diddy must use buttons on the walls, which are usually found in groups of three, to make the waste lower. The buttons must be hit in the correct order to make the toxic waste sink.

The toxic waste is not the only thing that can hurt Diddy Kong; Flitters found around the stage can too in just one hit. Additionally, if the Gyrocopter hits into too many walls, it can explode, causing Diddy to fail the mission. Items can replenish the missing life for the Gyrocopter, though.