Kudgel's Kontest

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Kudgel's Kontest
Kudgel's Kontest from Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest
Level code 3 - BOSS
World Krem Quay
Game Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest
Boss Kudgel
Music track Boss Bossanova
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Kudgel's Kontest is the boss level of Krem Quay, the third world of Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest. It is where the Kongs fight the boss Kudgel, who they must defeat to move on to the next world, Krazy Kremland. Kudgel's Kontest is the only boss level in the game without an equivalent in Donkey Kong Land 2.


Kudgel's Kontest
The Kongs fighting Kudgel in the Game Boy Advance version.

The area takes place at a swamp and the ground is a flat stretch of land covered in moss.

When Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong enter the arena, Kudgel falls down onto the arena. The Kongs display a frightened expression as Kudgel swings his club, barely missing them. The battle starts with Kudgel jumping high off-screen and attempting to land on the Kongs a few seconds later. When Kudgel lands on the ground, the arena shakes briefly (in the Game Boy Advance version, a translucent shockwave effect is shown). If Diddy and Dixie are not in midair when this occurs, they will get stunned for a few seconds. Kudgel performs this action up to three times, and then he follows up by swinging his club at the Kongs. Diddy and Dixie must avoid getting hit by the club, or else they will get injured and knocked off-screen.

Right after Kudgel swings his club, he will stomp the ground, causing a TNT Barrel to appear in the middle of the arena. As Kudgel jumps back off-screen, Diddy or Dixie must quickly pick up the TNT Barrel before he lands, and then throw it at him from a safe distance; if the Kongs are too close to Kudgel, he will swing his club to block the TNT Barrel.

If the Kongs fail to hit Kudgel with the TNT Barrel, they will have to avoid Kudgel's attacks again until another TNT Barrel appears. When the Kongs do damage Kudgel, he will resume his attack pattern, but move at a progressively faster rate by jumping lower, and swinging his club more quickly as well.

When Kudgel takes damage three times, he will change his attack method by performing jumps in an arc. After doing three arc jumps, he will summon another TNT Barrel that the Kongs must use. And each time Kudgel takes damage, he will move progressively faster with his arc jumps.

Kudgel is defeated when he takes a total of six TNT Barrel hits, causing him to blast out of the arena, and into the swamp in the background. Afterwards, a Kremkoin appears for the Kongs to collect.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese げきしん!ボス グラッバ
Gekishin! Bosu Gurabba
Quake! Boss Glubba
French Kombat de Kudgel Kudgel Fight
German Kudgels Herausforderung Kudgel's Challenge
Italian Scontro con Klavo Clash with Kudgel
Spanish Concurso de Porras Cheer Contest


  • The Game Boy Advance version has a notable glitch where the game locks up if the Kongs throw the final TNT Barrel at Kudgel while he is in midair. This triggers a loud buzzing noise when Kudgel is blasted away, and the Kongs are unable to leave the level unless the player resets the game, or by exiting the level in boss rematch.