Hot-Head Hop

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This article is about a level in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest. For the level in Donkey Kong Land 2, see Hothead Hop.
Hot-Head Hop
Level code 2 - 1
World Crocodile Cauldron
Game Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest
Music track Hot Head Bop
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Hot-Head Hop is the sixth level in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest and the first level of Crocodile Cauldron. It is the first volcanic level in the game. There are many pits of lava, and the Kongs can only cross many of them by jumping from Krockheads, who make their debut in the level. One of the Animal Friends, Squitter, also debuts in the level. Squitter can create web platforms to help the Kongs cross lava pits or reach hidden areas. There are a few Klobbers, and they attempt to knock the Kongs into the lava.


Hot-Head Hop
Hot-Head Hop in the Game Boy Advance version

The Kongs begin the level outside of a tunnel with a dark treasure chest, which contains a green Extra Life Balloon, on it. Another treasure chest is ahead of the tunnel that contains the letter K. After the heroes pass a Neek and a Klobber, they come up to a pit of lava with a few Krockheads in it, whom they can use as platform to cross. Once they reach the other side of the pit, they come up to a solid area of ground with a raised piece of land in the center of it. A DK Barrel sits in front of the raised platform, which a Klampon walks along. At the end of this area, the primates can find a Klobber and then a pit with three Krockheads in it. The last of the Krockheads can bounce the heroes high into the air so they can reach another solid piece of land with a treasure chest and a Klobber on it. Inside the treasure chest, they can find a Banana Coin, or, in the Game Boy Advance version of the game, a golden feather or a Banana Bunch. Two more Krockheads stick their heads out of a lava-filled pit ahead of here, and both of them fling the Kongs into the air when jumped on. They can send the heroes onto a high platform shooting out of the lava.

A wider pit of lava containing four Krockheads is ahead of here, and once it is crossed, the primates reach an area with a DK Barrel and a raised piece of land with two Klampons around it. One of the Klampons is in front of the raised piece of ground, and it guards a treasure chest with a kannonball in it. An additional Klampon marches on the raised platform, which the letter O floats above. The duo can find a lava pit ahead of here that they can cross with two Krockheads that fling them into the air when landed on. A small platform that holds a Klampon is on the other side of the pit, which is followed by an additional pit containing two more Krockheads that can fling them into the air. Another small platform is after this pit, and it holds another Klampon. There is a larger platform near here that supports a kannon and a Klobber. If the Kongs make their way to a pit east from here, they can find two Krockheads in it that can fling them to a nearby Star Barrel positioned high in the air.

Hot-Head Hop
The Kongs find a Squitter Crate

After the primates cross this pit, they can find a DK Barrel and an animal crate containing Squitter ahead of them. Next to the crate, the heroes can find a formation of bananas that form the letter Y (or the letter B in the game's remake). Some Neeks march along the path ahead of here, and after they are passed, the group reaches another formation of bananas that create the letter A (or the letter R in the Game Boy Advance remake). A Banana Coin floats above the letter A, which is followed by a small pit with a single Krockhead in it. The letter N floats above this pit, and once it is crossed, the primates make their way up a few steep ledges with Klampons on them to reach the top of a large structure. At the top of this structure, they can find a trail of bananas leading them towards a pit the contains two Krockheads and a Zinger that flies between the two reptiles. The Krockheads can fling them over the Zinger and across the rest of the abyss, where they can find a flat pathway with a Klobber on it. In the Game Boy Advance version of the game, this Klobber is in possession of a photograph.

Once the heroes make it to the end of the flat pathway, they reach a pit of lava with two Krockheads in it and a single Zinger flying over it. The Krockheads, who are able to fling the Kongs in the air, can help them cross the pit, which is followed by a platform with a Kruncha on it and the letter G above it. A group of bananas and Banana Bunches are also above the letter G. The primates can find a long pit ahead of here; they can either cross it with a pair of Blast Barrels, or with Squitter's web platforms. If they use the spider to help them cross, they find a few Zingers in their path on the way. However, they can find many bananas and some Banana Coins in the area between the Zingers. Once the group crosses the pit, they reach an area of land with two Klampons on it. A Bonus Barrel is in view above these foes, who are followed by a No Animal Sign that makes Squitter disappear if he comes up to it (there are actually two, with an invisible one being underneath the real one in an attempt to block players from using Squitter's web platforms to crawl underneath the sign). If the Animal Friend is successfully led to the sign, the Kongs are also awarded with a red Extra Life Balloon. They can find a small pit of lava ahead of here with a Krockhead in it, who can bounce them onto a nearby End of Level Target located on the opposite side of the pit. Additionally, if they land on the target from the nearby Krockhead, they either win a banana, Banana Bunch, or a Banana Coin for a prize.


The following enemies appear in the following quantities, and enemies marked in bold debut in the level:

Items and objects[edit]

The following items and objects appear in the following quantities:

a - The Red Balloon is rewarded from a No Animal Sign, while the Green Balloon is contained in a treasure chest above the starting point.

K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

Hot-Head Hop
The location of the letter O
  • K: Inside the first Treasure Chest at the start of the level, just ahead of the starting point.
  • O: On the platform with the second DK Barrel, there are two Klampons, one of whom is on a higher platform. The letter O is above the Klampon on a higher platform.
  • N: After the Squitter Crate, the Kongs (and Squitter) must pass three Neeks. The letter N is floating above a red Krockhead, and it can be reached with Squitter's web platforms.
  • G: After the second Bonus Level, the Kongs and Squitter must continue onward until they encounter a Kruncha. With Squitter's web platforms, they must go above the Kruncha and collect the letter G.

Key items[edit]

The Kongs and Squitter reach the DK Coin of Hot-Head Hop
The location of the Video Game Hero Coin
  • Cranky's Video Game Hero Coin: Right after the Star Barrel, the Kongs can find the Squitter Crate. They must open it and ride Squitter. Just overhead there are a group of bananas shaped as a Y Button (or B Button in the Game Boy Advance version). This indicates the button that the player must press to have Squitter create temporary web platforms. With these platforms, Squitter and the Kongs must continue up, where they can find the Video Game Hero Coin located between many bananas.
  • Golden feather (Game Boy Advance version only): After the first DK Barrel, the Kongs must continue past three Krockheads and land on the ground to their right. The golden feather is contained within a Treasure Chest on the ground, and the Kongs must pick it up and hit it into the Klobber to release the golden feather. If they already collected the golden feather, then the Treasure Chest releases a Banana Bunch instead.
  • Photograph (Game Boy Advance version only): Shortly after the letter N, there is a Klobber with a photograph floating above its head. The Kongs must defeat it to obtain a photograph of Klobber, which appears under the first page of the Scrapbook.

Bonus Levels[edit]

The first Bonus Level

Hot-Head Hop has three Bonus Levels, listed by type:

  • Collect the Stars!: Right below the letter O, there is a Treasure Chest containing the kannonball. After breaking open the chest, the lead Kong must pick up the kannonball and carry it past two brown Krockheads and a Klampon on a platform. They must then get across two more brown Krockheads and a Klampon. After passing the second Klampon, the Kongs must jump into the kannon with the kannonball, activating it and taking them to the Bonus Level. The objective is for Diddy and Dixie to collect 60 stars within 20 seconds. They must bounce from four brown Krockheads in the lava to collect the stars. Once the Kongs obtain every star, the Kremkoin appears on the platform to their right with the exit.
  • Find the Token!: After the letter N, the Kongs and Squitter must pass a few Klampons and then use Squitter's web platforms to get across a lava pit. After landing on the next ground platform, Squitter must create more web platforms and follow the direction of the three pairs of two bananas, which lead northeast into the Bonus Barrel. In the Bonus Level, the Kongs and Squitter must obtain the Kremkoin within 20 seconds. With Squitter's web platforms, they must move upward (as indicated by the bananas shaped as an up arrow) and collect the Kremkoin at the top-center.
  • Find the Token!: Just before the No Animal Sign, there are two Klampons and a Bonus Barrel hovering above them. It can either be reached with the Kongs' team up move or by Squitter's web platforms. In the Bonus Level, the Kongs and Squitter have 20 seconds to move across a wide pit of a lava and collect the Kremkoin on the other side. If Diddy and Dixie entered the Bonus Barrel with team up, Squitter appears at the start for them to mount. With Squitter's web platforms, they must continue northeast and land onto an elevated ground platform with the Kremkoin. Over the pit are three groups of four bananas each in the shape of a square.

Warp Barrel[edit]

Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong in the warp room of Hot-Head Hop from the Game Boy Advance version of Donkey Kong Country 2
The Warp Barrel area in the Game Boy Advance version

When starting the level, the Kongs should use their team up move to throw one another on top of the nearby tunnel that they begin the stage next to. If they use their team up move again on this tunnel, they can reach a hidden Warp Barrel that leads them to a Bonus Level, which contains a No Animal Sign and a group of bananas that form an exclamation mark. Once they exit the Bonus Level through the tunnel to the right of the area, they land in the main level on the final Krockhead in the level, who is located immediately before the End of Level Target.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ようがんクロコジャンプ
Yōgan Kuroko Janpu
Lava Croc Jump

French Parcours des Têtes Brûlées
Hothead Course
German Lava-Samba
Lava Samba
Italian Slavine di Lava
Lava Avalanche
Spanish Salto Impulsivo
Impulsive Jump