Funky's Flights II

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Funky's Flights II

Funky's Flights II is the name of Funky Kong's air service in Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong Quest. In the English version of Donkey Kong Land 2, it is simply called Funky's Flights.

There is a Funky's Flights II in every area of Crocodile Isle, except for in the Lost World. Because it is impossible for Diddy and Dixie Kong to travel between the different areas of the island without fighting a boss, Funky's Flights II serves as a safer alternative. Upon arriving at Funky's Flights II, Funky will present the Kongs with his Funky Barrel for them to fly around in. However, the Funky Barrel can only access areas that the Kongs have already visited, as a means of preventing the player from skipping levels.

While it basically serves the same purpose on Crocodile Isle as to what the original Funky's Flights did for Donkey Kong Island, Funky's Flights II now resembles an actual airport on a giant flying surfboard (the surfboard aspect is made more apparent in the Game Boy Advance remake). One more notable change is that the first flight from any location costs two Banana Coins, while any other consecutive flight is free.

In the Game Boy Advance remake, Funky Kong has a challenge at each Funky's Flights II. At the Gangplank Galleon location, he will reward the Kongs with a Gyrocopter if they can clear a minigame. The Gyrocopter is added to the Kong's inventory, and can be used anywhere on the map in lieu of the Funky Barrel. Also in the Game Boy Advance remake, the various Funky's Flights II located on Crocodile Isle act as a hub where Diddy and Dixie can play mini-games for DK Coins.

Game Boy Advance minigames[edit]

Gangplank Galleon - Aerial Loop[edit]

The Kongs must pilot the Gyrocopter through some bramble and go through twenty rings.

Crocodile Cauldron - Submerged Stint[edit]

The Kongs must carry a chest to a Landing Pad. They must blast obstacles such as crates and use bubbles to get air.

Krem Quay - Kongstruction[edit]

The Kongs must reconstruct a Donkey Kong statue by carrying the five different parts to the statue pedestal and assembling them. Flitters may steal them if they take too long.

Krazy Kremland - Kongnapped[edit]

The Kongs must rescue six Tiny Kongs from the Zinger hive and take them to the landing pad. Zingers may be carrying some of the hostages.

Gloomy Gulch - Cool Sounds[edit]

The Kongs must take Funky's boom box back to him, and must change the level of the water with some buttons in order to progress.

K. Rool's Keep - Kongnapped 2[edit]

The Kongs must raise and lowel the water level in order to rescue five Tiny Kongs from the areas where they are trapped.

Flying Krock - Toxic Kongstruction[edit]

Similar to the first Kongstruction level, but with toxic water. Touching it will make the Gyrocopter explode, so the Kongs must lower the level of the water. Flitters will not try to steal the statue parts this time, but they do obstruct passages. Contact with them will destroy the vehicle immediately, so they must be taken out with bombs. Each time a part of the statue is collected, the toxic water starts rising again.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ファンキーフライトII
Fankī Furaito II
Funky Flights II