Hornet Hole (Donkey Kong Land 2)

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Hornet Hole
Hornet Hole
Level code 3 - 1
World Krazy Kremland
Game Donkey Kong Land 2
Music track Flight of the Zinger
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Hornet Hole is the sixteenth level of Donkey Kong Land 2 and the first level of Krazy Kremland. The level takes place inside a Zinger hive where Diddy and Dixie must go to the top by climbing the sticky honey attached to the walls. Halfway into the level is an Animal Barrel of Squitter.


Hornet Hole
Diddy holds onto a honey wall located near the beginning of the level

At the start of the level, the Kongs can either travel east to progress, or head to the west to find a Klampon and a Banana Bunch. As they head east, they come up to a DK Barrel and a TNT Barrel, and also meet some Klampon enemies. Similar to Donkey Kong Country 2, there is also honey splattered all over the ground, and it is too sticky to walk through. Once they jump out of this honey, they can climb up a wall, covered in more honey, which is gooey and sticky enough to hold them. As they begin to climb the wall, a Zinger flies in their way. At the top of the wall, they need to continue east to progress and discover a few Spinies that can damage them. Soon, they reach the edge of a ledge, where there is an Exclamation Point Barrel with the letter K, some bananas, and a barrel under it.

A long path covered in honey is ahead of here. As they jump through it, they encounter a few Zingers and Spinies, and then drop down a ledge with more honey and a Klampon at the bottom of it. After passing another Spiny, the heroes reach a wall covered in honey, which they must climb to reach a short path with a Spiny on it. A single Zinger stands in the Kongs' way as they climb the wall. Yet another wall of honey follows the aforementioned Spiny, and once it is climbed, the primates reach a small pit with a Flitter in it. If the heroes continue up the wall of honey to the right of here, they can find a hidden Animal Barrel, which contains Squitter, and the letter O. Once the primates cross the nearby pit, they encounter a Spiny and approach another abyss, which they must cross by bouncing on a lone Flitter in it. The level's Star Barrel can be found immediately after this abyss.

Hornet Hole
Dixie uses her Helicopter Twirl to hover towards a hook

At this point in the level, the heroes must keep progressing west to find more honey with a Klampon walking through it. There is another pit ahead, but it can be crossed with the use of a few hooks that float in it. Once they cross, they make their way onto a high piece of land with a DK Barrel next to it. If they drop down into the area below this barrel, they can discover a pair of Spinies and a pair of Zingers, who surround some honey splattered on the ground. Two hooks in this area must be used to reach a high ledge that also holds a pile of honey with a Klampon on it. A No Animal Sign is next to the honey, and if it is reached with Squitter, the Animal Buddy disappears. A hidden structure with the letter N and another No Animal Sign on it is above here. If the primates continue ahead from the first sign, they pass a Spiny and then drop down a few small ledges to reach a pit with honey on the sides of it. If they drop into this pit, they can find a Klampon and a Video Game Hero Coin. Once they cross the pit, they reach another abyss with some honey on the wall to the left of it. Inside of the pit, the Kongs can find solid ground and a Banana Coin. If they climb up the aforementioned honey-covered wall, they reach some hooks that they must use to climb across the area. A Zinger flies between two of the hooks.

There is a slanted platform to the right of the hooks, and it must be crossed to reach another small pit that can be crossed with the hook floating in it. On the other side of the pit, there is a TNT Barrel in a pile of honey and a Spiny near it. A DK Barrel wobbles above an additional pile of honey that follows the Spiny. If the Kongs drop off the edge of the raised section of land after the Spiny, they can find a lower area that leads past some honey piles and towards a Zinger and a Spiny. A few hooks are after the pathway that can be used to land on a platform with a Klampon and some honey on it. Two small gaps are ahead of here that can also be crossed with hooks. The letter G floats in the second of these gaps. After the Kongs walk up a slanted pathway with a Spiny on it, they can reach one final pit with a Zinger flying in it. If they drop into this pit, they can find a hidden area containing some honey-splattered floors, a Klampon, a Spiny, and two Banana Coins. Using a few hooks, the heroes can cross the pit to reach a small pathway with a spring, which is followed by a Banana Bunch, on it. If they jump on the spring, the level is completed.


The following enemies appear in the following quantities:

Items and objects[edit]

The following items and objects appear in the following quantities:

KONG Letters[edit]

  • K: Under an Exclamation Point Barrel
  • O: Under a Squitter Barrel
  • N: A gap is before the final TNT Barrel. If the Kongs jump on it, they can find the letter N on a hidden platform, above the second No Animal Sign.
  • G: In the second-to-last gap in the level by a hook. Diddy or Dixie must perform a roll jump to reach it.

Cranky's Video Game Hero Coin[edit]

After passing the second No Animal Sign, the Kongs must fall through the left abyss. They can collect some bananas while falling until they reach the Video Game Hero Coin at the bottom.

Bonus Level[edit]

Hornet Hole
The Bonus Level of Hornet Hole

Hornet Hole has only one Bonus Level, listed by its type:

  • Find the Token!: After the Kongs climb the first honey-covered wall, they must pass a Zinger and go a bit farther to find an Exclamation Point Barrel. While under the effects of temporary invincibility, the Kongs must quickly return to the Zinger and jump on it to enter the Auto-Fire Barrel, which blasts them onto a wall of honey. The Bonus Barrel is at the top of the wall. Alternatively, Squitter can also reach the Bonus Level, although he cannot enter it because of a No Animal Sign appearing before it. In the Bonus Level, Diddy or Dixie have 20 seconds to collect a Kremkoin. The Kongs must climb a wall of honey to reach a small platform with a Klampon. They must jump down a gap to the right to fall into a lower area with a Spiny, some honey, and the Kremkoin.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ハニーアドベンチャー
Hanī Adobenchā
Honey Adventure