Parrot Chute Panic (Donkey Kong Land 2)

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Parrot Chute Panic
Parrot Chute Panic DKL2.png
World-Level 4 - 4
World Gloomy Gulch
Game Donkey Kong Land 2
Music Flight of the Zinger
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Parrot Chute Panic is the twenty-sixth level of the Game Boy game, Donkey Kong Land 2. It takes place in the fourth area of Gloomy Gulch.

This level is the only one to feature Quawks in the game, and also the last one of the three wasp hive areas. The parrot Animal Friend is extremely similar to Squawks the Parrot, except he does not shoot eggs and the player cannot make him fly upwards in any way. He goes downwards instead, flapping his wings to slow him up while descending, not to plummet in one of the many Zingers that invade the level. The wasp hive this level takes place in is a very deep one, and the direction from the start to the finish is mostly straight. Apart from Zingers, there are also Klampons and Spinies that dwell in this hive.

Level layout[edit]

Quawks approaches a DK Barrel.

At the beginning of the level, an Animal Barrel can be seen at the edge of a ledge. To the left of here, there is a small gap that the heroes must drop through to reach a hidden area with the letter K, two Banana Bunches, and another Animal Barrel. If one of them is enter, they transform into Quawks. The parrot slowly descends through the hive, due to his inability to fly. As a passes down a rather wide passage, he approaches several bananas. A DK Barrel can be found here at a small turn. After the bird travels farther down, he enters a large room with a few Zingers around the center of it. The letter O is between two of the Zingers, who are found vertical to each other. A narrow passage stretches from the bottom of the room. As the hero descends through this part of the dangerous hive, he passes a few Zingers scattered along the walls.

A small number of Zingers can be found in the center of the area farther down. Collectibles such as Banana Bunches float between some of the wasps. Soon, Quawks reaches a solid piece of land with some honey splattered on it. A Spiny marches along the sticky substance. A No Animal Sign stands next to the honey, and once it is passed, Quawks transforms back into the Kongs. The two friends can find a gap ahead of them. If they jump in, they can find a flat piece of land with the Star Barrel on it. Honey is also placed along the ground. Additional honey is laid across the ground farther ahead. A Spiny walks along it as a Zinger floats in a vertical path, moving up and down. There is a Flitter nearby at the edge of a gap. It can be bounced on to reach a Barrel Cannon that can blast the heroes into the DK Coin. If they drop into the gap, they can find a spot of honey on the floor of the hive. A Zinger also flies nearby.

After passing a lone Kruncha located at the edge of a gap, the heroes can find another Animal Barrel that turns them back into Quawks. Once they resume this form, Quawks descends down a curved passage with many Zingers all around it. A straight, wider section of the level is ahead with a few more Zingers present throughout it. Some of these Zingers fly back and forth from wall-to-wall, while others stay stationary in the parrot's way. The bird soon enters a narrower passage, which is immediately followed by a large room. Platforms stand in the center parts of the room, creating two different paths for the hero. The first set of paths leads Quawks along a banana trail between several Zingers, some of which who are in motion and others stationary. The second set of paths both feature two stationary Zingers who hover across from each other with a small space between then.

After this large room, Quawks enters a narrower passage with the letter N above it. Zingers fly around the middle of this passage, which is followed by a second large room with platforms in the center of it. The short platforms create two separate paths for the parrot to travel through. As he approaches the first platform, he can find one side with a Zinger around it, and the other with no enemies in sight. The next platform that splits the area is farther down. Zingers are on both sides of it, but a Banana Coin hovers in the left side. A third platform separates the pathway as well. The right side of it holds a Banana Bunch, while the other features no special items. Once the parrot passes the third wall, he arrives in a narrow passage with Zingers all around in it. A flat, solid piece of land is below here with a No Animal Sign on it. If the hero crosses the sign, he turns back into the Kongs. A small gap can be found next to the sign for the primates to jump into. If they fall into it, they land on a ledge with a Klampon marching on it. Two Spinies are also ahead, found on piece of land at slightly different elevations. Another gap is nearby, but it has an Animal Barrel in it. The letter G is in the air above this barrel. The barrel transforms the primates into Quawks, who approaches many Zingers as he travels through the narrow passage beneath the gap. Some turns are also along the passage. Soon, the parrot reaches a flat area of ground with another No Animal Sign on it. Once passed, the buddy turns back into the Kongs. A spring is ahead of here. If it is bounced on, the level is completed.


K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

Dixie Kong shoots to the DK Coin.
  • K: If the heroes drop into the gap hidden behind the start of the level, they can land in a small area with the letter K and two Banana Bunches.
  • O: The letter O is shortly after the first DK Barrel between two Zingers.
  • N: After the Star Barrel, Quawks enters a large room with platforms at the center of it. After this area, the parrot descends into a narrower passage with the letter N above it.
  • G: The letter G is above the final Animal Barrel in the level.

Bonus Levels[edit]

  • After passing the first No Animal Sign, the Kongs should look for a hidden hook around the nearby abyss. They must use this hook to climb up to a Bonus Barrel hidden above. It sends them to a Bonus Level, where they must run to the end of an enemy infested hive within the time limit of 20 seconds. As they travel through the curvy area, they come up to several Klampons and Spinies, and if they touch any of these foes, they are immediately taken out of the Bonus Level. When they reach the end of the stage, a Kremkoin can be found spinning in the air, waiting to be grabbed. They must collect it before the remaining time runs out, otherwise, they will be taken out of the bonus.
  • Immediately before reaching the third Animal Barrel in the level, the primates must super-jump off of a nearby ledge to reach a hidden hook. The letter G can be seen near here, and if they jump to it, they grab onto another invisible hook on the way to it. If they continue to jump upwards from here, they grab onto some more hooks and eventually reach a Bonus Barrel, which leads them to another Bonus Level. Here, they need to use some barrels placed throughout the area to defeat five Zingers. The last Zinger is hidden in a corner near the exit, while the others are placed in the Kongs path. If all of the Zingers are defeated within the time limit of 20 seconds, a Kremkoin appears to grab within the remaining time. The Kongs are sent back into the main level if they run out of time or are hit by a Zinger.

DK Coin[edit]

  • After the Star Barrel, the heroes can find a Flitter over a wide abyss. They should bounce off of it to land in a nearby barrel. The barrels shoots them up to the DK Coin.