Jungle Jinx (Donkey Kong Land 2)

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Jungle Jinx
Jungle Jinx DKL2.png
World-Level 7 - 1
World Lost World
Game Donkey Kong Land 2
Music Stickerbrush Symphony
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Jungle Jinx is the thirty-fifth level in Donkey Kong Land 2. It is the first area of the Lost World, which can be accessed via Klubba's Kiosk, located at the left of Gloomy Gulch on the Crocodile Isle map, after the player has collected all forty-seven Kremkoins.

This is the first jungle level of the game. It features a new element in the game, spikes, which must be avoided at all costs. Enemies here include Klampons, Klobbers, Krunchas, Zingers, Neeks, Spinys, Flitters, and a single Kaboing.

Level layout[edit]

Diddy Kong approaching a Krusha

When they begin the level, the Kongs must travel east and dodge two Klampons. Then, they need to hop over a rather wide abyss, and drop down a couple ledges. After that, the monkeys have to walk across the path and avoid some more enemies, including the mighty Krunchas. From there, they must bounce off of a Klobber's head to reach a high ledge, and jump over some spikes. They should continue forward and avoid foes, until they get to a large abyss. They must cross it by using a few hooks, but while watching out for a nearby Zinger. After that, they need to keep going and get across three small gaps, followed by another one, which must be crossed with the aid of a Flitter flying around, or a well-timed jump. After dropping down a high ledge, Diddy and Dixie must use hooks to climb up several ledges, and then encounter the Star Barrel.

At this point, the heroes need to continue east and cross a wide abyss with a good jump. Then, they must keep going forward and jump over another gap, which has a Zinger in the center of it. Once they get over this gap, they need to walk along the jungle path, where they'll find yet another abyss. The group should hop across this, and then travel eastward more. Eventually, they will have to drop down a ledge again and cross three wide gaps, while also dodging Zinger and Klampons. Once past this area, they need to avoid more foes through the crazy jungle. As they move on, the heroes will have to jump over two small abysses, and watch out for Zingers, Klobbers, and even a Kruncha. Soon, they will come up to an abyss, although a long log acts as a bridge to help them cross. The Kongs should carefully, cross and look out for the hazards around them, such as Zingers. After this, though, they will find a spring, and it will bounce them out of the level.



K-O-N-G Letters[edit]

  • K: After a banana trail below a hook with a Zinger nearby.
  • O: Directly underneath the Star Barrel.
  • N: Above a spike pit past the Star Barrel.
  • G: Shortly proceeding a Flitter will be a banana trail that goes downward; Dixie should use her Helicopter Spin to instead jump and go east of the path to grab a hook that will lead her to the "G" Letter.

Bonus Level[edit]

Diddy Kong in the Bonus Level
  • Near the beginning of the level, the monkeys must cling onto a few hooks to cross an abyss, while avoiding a Zinger lurking around. They should see a trail of bananas leading under on one of the hooks, and then let go to follow it. After that, they need to travel east and defeat a few enemies, until they finally reach the Bonus Barrel, leading to the Bonus Level. Here, the heroes must cross a few gaps and avoid enemies to find the DK Coin at the end of the stage. There are also sharp spikes they have to watch out for, or otherwise leave the Bonus Level empty-handed.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese タイヤジャングル
Taiya Janguru
Tire Jungle


  • In the Japanese version of Donkey Kong Land 2, Jungle Jinx is called Tire Jungle (タイヤ ジャングル), although the level does not contain any tires at all, unlike the SNES counterpart of this level.