Screech's Sprint (Donkey Kong Land 2)

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Screech's Sprint
Squawks in a race against Screech in Screech's Sprint in Donkey Kong Land 2
Level code 6 - 1
World The Flying Krock
Game Donkey Kong Land 2
Music track Stickerbush Symphony
Run, Rambi! Run!
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Screech's Sprint is the thirty-fourth level of Donkey Kong Land 2, as well as the final level of the game, excluding the Lost World and the boss levels. It is located near the Flying Krock, and is the only area of this world.

Screech's Sprint is one of six levels in the Japanese version of Donkey Kong Land 2 whose name differs from its Donkey Kong Country 2 counterpart. While this level is known as Screen Race in Japan, its Donkey Kong Country 2 counterpart translates to Screech Race. This might be a typo as the change doesn't make sense and the name only differs by one kana. Three other levels share this distinction: Krockhead Klamber, Klobber Karnage, and Animal Antics. This is in addition to Krazy Koaster and Dungeon Danger, which differ in both the English and Japanese versions from their Donkey Kong Country 2 counterparts.


Screech's Sprint is the last bramble level in the game. The first part involves Diddy Kong and Dixie Kong traveling through a bramble thicket. They can climb on the vines and jump from boardwalk to boardwalk. Zingers are found around the area while Click-Clacks are on the boardwalks. After the Star Barrel, the Kongs must enter an Animal Barrel to transform into Squawks, who must race Screech for the second half. During the race, Squawks must carefully go through tight paths between the brambles and defeat Zingers along the way. There are some diverged paths which lead to items such as Banana Coins.


When the Kongs begin the level, they must cross a small gap and climb up a long vine. As they move along the several vines going up, right, and then down, they will have to sneak around many Zingers in the way. After they get off these ropes, they need to jump platform to platform, while avoiding a few enemies. They will have to climb up another vine after that, and travel in a U shape. Once back on a safe platform, the heroes must dodge a Klobber and cross an abyss to get on the next vine. When they climb up the long, Zinger infested vine, they will have to drop down to platforms below them and follow the banana trails. Soon, the monkeys will climb up a ledge, and hit the Star Barrel.

At this point, they must hop into the Animal Barrel, and turn into Squawks. As Squawks carries on through the level, he will suddenly find himself racing the bird, Screech. In the fast-paced race, he needs to fly up north and avoid many Zingers. Once at the highest point, he will have to move west. Once he passes some Zingers, the parrot needs to follow the banana trail south and soon go west. When goes west, he will find a fork-in-the-road. Either direction he takes, though, will put him at the same point in the same amount of time. After that, Squawks must begin to glide south and dodge more Zingers. When he progresses through this path, he needs to make way going west. Here, he must defeat several Zingers, who are right in his path. Once he gets to the letter G a while later, he will get to another fork-in-the-road. The top route will make the bird travel a longer distance than the Zinger blocked one at the bottom, although the bottom way uses more skill than the other. Either way, Squawks should soon zig-zag his way to victory and cross the No Animal Sign, turning him back into the Kongs. The monkeys must then jump off of a spring to exit the level.


Items and objects[edit]

KONG Letters[edit]

  • K: As Squawks, it is to the left of a Zinger near the beginning of the race.
  • O: In the middle of a clearing in the path of the race.
  • N: At a fork in the race path, go up to find the "N" along the path.
  • G: Found in the race path towards the end.


Bonus Level[edit]

Image Type and description
Find the Token!
At the start, the Kongs must climb to the very bottom of the first rope that leads down. By doing so, the Kongs can enter a Bonus Barrel at the bottom. In the Bonus Level, the Kongs have 20 seconds to collect the Kremkoin on the other side. The Kongs must jump across brambles and avoid Zingers and Click-Clacks along the way. About halfway through the Bonus Level, the Kongs must climb down a vine and continue left.

Cranky's Video Game Hero Coin[edit]

About halfway through the race against Screech, Squawks comes up to a banana trail leading south and another passageway continuing west. Instead of following the bananas, Squawks must go left and travel between a thin path of brambles to finally reach the Video Game Hero Coin at the end.


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スクリーンレース
Sukurīn Rēsu
Screen Race