Monkey Mines

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Monkey Mines
MonkeyMines DKC.png
Game Donkey Kong Country
Level(s) 5
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“The vast mines of Donkey Kong Country have been stripped of any ore they may have once contained. All the tools of the miners remain, however, from mine carts to rickety scaffolding. There are special barrels that turn the lights on and off, and risky mine elevators full of slag. Without a hard hat, mine exploration is not recommended, but Klump is not about to give up his!”
Donkey Kong Country manual, page 23

Monkey Mines (simply known as Mines in the animated series) is the second world of Donkey Kong Country. It has five levels, most of which take place in a subterranean setting. On Donkey Kong Island, Monkey Mines is located at the foot of the hill leading to next world, Vine Valley. Winky is the only Animal Friend who appears in the world. Master Necky is the boss fought at the end. The Ruins world from Donkey Kong Country Returns is thematically similar and has been suggested to be the same location.[1]

In the cartoon, this area is closely connected to King K. Rool and his minions' base. The area is alluded to in the Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Donkey Kong Adventure story expansion, where it is mentioned in the description of Rabbid Cranky's Croaker Disposer. Since this weapon takes its design after Winky the Frog, the description references how the Animal Buddy first appears in this world in Donkey Kong Country.

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Name Description Enemies Animal Friends
Winky's Walkway
Winky's Walkway
The first level features Winky the Frog, whom the level is named after. Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong can reach his Animal Crate by jumping off a Necky. With Winky, the Kongs can reach collectibles and even a Bonus Barrel. Winky's Walkway is the shortest level in the game, and is about half the length of other levels. The level is an odd series of walkways, riddled with Kritters, Gnawtys, and some Neckys. The level was made longer in the Game Boy Color version. Kritter
Mine Cart Carnage SNES.png
Mine Cart Carnage
The second level of Monkey Mines and the first Mine Cart level. It involves Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong riding an unstoppable Mine Cart on numerous rail segments. There are tipped over Mine Carts lying on the tracks, and the Kongs must jump over them to avoid hitting into them. Krashes are the only enemies in the level. At the start, the Kongs can enter a warp to skip the entire level: to do so, they must jump over the Blast Barrel at the start, and move left against the wall to land into the Warp Barrel. The warp does not appear in the Game Boy Color version. Krash None
Bouncy Bonanza
Bouncy Bonanza
The third level of Monkey Mines is the only cavern-themed level. As its name suggests, Bouncy Bonanza features a lot of bouncing. There are many bouncing tires that the Kongs can bounce on, mostly to reach higher areas. Many bouncing Kritters and Zingers also get in the Kongs' way. Halfway into the level, the Kongs can optionally enter a room to find Winky and utilize his high-jumping ability. Kritter
Donkey Kong bouncing at a Stop & Go Barrel from a tire near the end of Stop & Go Station in Donkey Kong Country
Stop & Go Station
In this level, Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong encounter rapid, invulnerable Rock Krocs. Throughout the level, the Kongs must use the Stop and Go Barrels to manipulate the Rock Krocs' movement. When they jump at a Stop and Go Barrel, it changes to "STOP", causing the Rock Krocs stop moving. After a few seconds, the barrels revert to "GO" which allows the Rock Krocs resume with moving. Klaptrap
Rock Kroc
Millstone Mayhem
Millstone Mayhem
The final regular level of Monkey Mines, Millstone Mayhem takes place in a temple-like setting. The level introduces a strong enemy, Krusha, who can either be defeated by throwing a TNT Barrel at it or by Donkey Kong jumping on it. Winky makes his third level appearance hiding inside an Animal Crate about halfway into the level. Krusha
Necky's Nuts
Boss level: Necky's Nuts
The Kongs engage in a boss fight against the giant vulture, Master Necky. None None


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese レベル2 モンキーマインズ
Reberu 2 Monkī mainzu
Level 2 Monkey Mines
French Mines Macaques Macaques is a type of monkey
German Affen-Minen Monkey Mines
Italian Mondo di Miniere World of Mines
Spanish Minas Mono Monkey Mines


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