List of Donkey Kong Country media

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This is a list of media files for the game Donkey Kong Country.



Audio.svg Theme
File infoMedia:DKC SNES Theme.oga
Audio.svg Simian Segue
File infoMedia:DKC SNES Simian Segue.oga
Audio.svg DK Island Swing
File infoMedia:DKC SNES DK Island Swing.oga
Audio.svg Cranky's Theme
File infoMedia:DKC SNES Cranky's Theme.oga
Audio.svg Cave Dweller Concert
File infoMedia:DKC SNES Cave Dweller Concert.oga
Audio.svg Bonus Room Blitz
File infoMedia:DKC SNES Bonus Room Blitz.oga
Audio.svg Aquatic Ambiance
File infoMedia:DKC SNES Aquatic Ambiance.oga
Audio.svg Candy's Love Song
File infoMedia:DKC SNES Candy's Love Song.oga
Audio.svg Bad Boss Boogie
File infoMedia:DKC SNES Bad Boss Boogie.oga
Audio.svg Mine Cart Madness
File infoMedia:DKC SNES Mine Cart Madness.oga
Audio.svg Life in the Mines
File infoMedia:DKC SNES Life in the Mines.oga
Audio.svg Voices of the Temple
File infoMedia:DKC SNES Voices of the Temple.oga
Audio.svg Forest Frenzy
File infoMedia:DKC SNES Forest Frenzy.oga
Audio.svg Treetop Rock
File infoMedia:DKC SNES Treetop Rock.oga
Audio.svg Funky's Fugue
File infoMedia:DKC SNES Funky's Fugue.oga
Audio.svg Misty Menace
File infoMedia:DKC SNES Misty Menace.oga
Audio.svg Northern Hemispheres
File infoMedia:DKC SNES Northern Hemispheres.oga
Audio.svg Ice Cave Chant
File infoMedia:DKC SNES Ice Cave Chant.oga
Audio.svg Fear Factory
File infoMedia:DKC SNES Fear Factory.oga
Audio.svg Gang-Plank Galleon
File infoMedia:DKC SNES Gang-Plank Galleon.oga
Audio.svg K. Rool's Cacophony
File infoMedia:DKC SNES K Rool's Cacophony.oga
Audio.svg The Credits Concerto
File infoMedia:DKC SNES The Credits Concerto.oga
Audio.svg Fanfare
File infoMedia:DKC SNES Fanfare.oga
Audio.svg Level Goal
File infoMedia:DKC SNES Level Goal.oga
Audio.svg Bonus Win
File infoMedia:DKC SNES Bonus Win.oga
Audio.svg Bonus Lose
File infoMedia:DKC SNES Bonus Lose.oga
Audio.svg Lost Life
File infoMedia:DKC SNES Lost Life.oga
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Audio.svg Theme
File infoMedia:DKC GBC Theme.oga
Audio.svg DK Island Swing
File infoMedia:DKL Jungle.oga
Audio.svg Cranky's Theme
File infoMedia:DKC GBC Cranky's Theme.oga
Audio.svg Gang-Plank Galleon
File infoMedia:Gangplank Galleon DKL.oga
Audio.svg Game Over
File infoMedia:DKC GBC Game Over Theme.oga
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Audio.svg Theme
File infoMedia:DKC GBA Theme.oga
Audio.svg DK Island Swing
File infoMedia:DKC GBA DK Island Swing.oga
Audio.svg Cranky's Theme
File infoMedia:DKC GBA Cranky's Theme.oga
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Sound effects[edit]


Audio.svg Donkey Kong yell - When DK beats his chest while he is idle.
File infoMedia:DK_(yelling).oga
Audio.svg Donkey Kong teetering - When DK is close to an edge. Also used for Diddy Kong.
File infoMedia:DK_(almost_falling).oga
Audio.svg Donkey Kong yelp - When DK is close to an edge for longer. Also used for Diddy Kong, Gnawty, and Klaptraps.
File infoMedia:DK_(scream).oga
Audio.svg Donkey Kong grunt - When DK is hit. Also used for Armies, Very Gnawty and Mini-Neckies.
File infoMedia:DK_(damaged).oga
Audio.svg Donkey Kong trapped - When DK is inside a DK Barrel.
File infoMedia:DK_(trapped).oga
Audio.svg Donkey Kong freed - When DK is released from a DK Barrel. Also used for Diddy Kong.
File infoMedia:DK_(freed).oga
Audio.svg Diddy Kong trapped - When Diddy is inside a DK Barrel.
File infoMedia:Diddy Kong (trapped).oga
Audio.svg Kremling grunt - Used for Kritters, Klumps, Krushas, Manky Kongs and King K. Rool in different pitches.
File infoMedia:Kremling SFX 1.oga
Audio.svg Extra Life Balloon
File infoMedia:DKC SNES Extra Life Balloon.oga
Audio.svg Bonus Room Opened!
File infoMedia:DKC SNES Bonus Room Opened!.oga
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Audio.svg Hit, Metal - Anvil Fall On Head - Cartoon 1 - Used for steel kegs and mine cart in different pitches.
File infoMedia:Anvil fall on head 1.oga
Audio.svg Cartoon, Accent - Boing - When any enemy is hit.
File infoMedia:Cartoon, Accent - Boing.oga
Audio.svg Krunch grunt - Used for Kritters (higher-pitched in-game).
File infoMedia:Krunch (grunt) 1.oga
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