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This is a list of quotes from the game DK: Jungle Climber.

Cranky Kong[edit]

  • "What's that?! All that playing worked up an appetite? You're as hungry as a horse, aren't you!"
  • "Your problem is... Shoot. Now I'm hungry, too. Can't remember what I was gonna say..."
  • "You don't say!"
  • "Well, I'll be! Look at the color of that specimen! Looks mighty tasty!"
  • "OK, DK! You get up there and go get that banana!"
  • "Those no-good thugs! I'm sure they're up to no good, as usual!"
  • "What's that swirly business up there? It sucked them in and just vanished..."
  • "Hmm... Here we are at the top of the mountain. Where's the giant banana?"
  • "What in tarnation is going on?! That monstrous banana is attacking us! This is not good! In fact, it's very bad! Augh! I don't care what you do! Just shoot that crazy thing down!"
  • "So, you're saying you mistook us from Kremlings and attacked us? Those darn reptiles! What have they done this time?"
  • "Hmm... I know it was a mistake, but we DID destroy your spaceship... All righty! We must help each other out in times of need! We'll get that Crystal Banana back for you!"
  • "This is where your sinister plan ends!"
  • "Great job, you two!"
  • "The world's a safer place now that this is out of their hands. Let's hurry and go after them!"
  • "What do you even want that thing for? It's not like you can eat it!"
  • "Well done!"
  • "Well, that sure did give me a fright... But there's no time to lose! We've gotta hurry up and go after them."
  • "What in tarnation!?"
  • "That repulsive reptile's wriggling away again! But how are we supposed to stop something like that?"
  • "Huh... Well, it's worth a try! Let's get a move on!"
  • "Don't give up just yet! I brought a spare Booster Barrel for just such an occasion! You oughta be able to catch up to ol' King Scaleface now... Now, hop in there and catch that crook!"
  • "You've reached the end of the line! Surrender, King K. Rool!"
  • "Son of a gun! I didn't think of that! Let's catch him!"
  • "Aha! That would explain the delicious banana smell... But that means... King K. Rool has made it to the banana planet! He must be around here somewhere... Let's go!"
  • "Donkey Kong! Grab him!"
  • "Great job, DK!"
  • "Whew... At last, we can get back to our tropical vacation! That adventure was too much for these old bones!"
  • "Congratulations on finishing such as tough game!"

Diddy Kong[edit]


  • "Oh, wow! You're never gonna believe this! There's a HUGE banana on top of the mountain!"

Cliffy Peak[edit]

  • "Was that King K. Rool and the Kremling gang that were just here?!"
  • "A talking banana?! Now I've seen it all!"


  • "Hey, King K. Rool!"
  • "Year! We did it!"

Panic Factory[edit]

  • "We've got you cornered, K. Rool! Hand over that Crystal Banana!"
  • "Don't count on it lizard breath!"
  • "That's my Donkey Kong!"

Kremling Dock[edit]

  • "Say good-bye, King K. Fool!"
  • "A trap!?"
  • "Whoa!"
  • "The King Kruizer IV?"
  • "Hey, guys! Look! Over there! See that island? Maybe we can catch K. Rool if we climb to the top of that mountain!"

Space A Go-Go[edit]

  • "Oh, we're too late..."

King Kruizer IV[edit]

  • "Hrmph! Did you think you'd get away from us?!"

Planet Plantaen[edit]

  • "Where are we?"
  • "Not a chance, King K. Rool!"


  • "You did it! It's game over for King K. Rool!"
  • "OK, that's just weird. But also delicious!"


  • "Hooray ray fo fay! You did it! You've cleared 100%!"

King K. Rool[edit]

Cliff Peak[edit]

  • "That stupid alien! I stole the Crystal Banana right out from under his nose!"
  • "The Kremling gang will take over the world with this thing!"
  • "Gwa ha ha!"
  • "Oops. Can't bask in my own glory just now."
  • "Let's use the Spirowarp to get out of here before they come after us!"

Toy Box[edit]

  • "Duh-Donkey Kong! What are you doing here!?"
  • "Hey, fruit face, I didn't know you were here, too."
  • "Of course it makes sense that you'd sic DK on me to reclaim your trinklet."
  • "But I have no time to play with you apes!"
  • "Play with THIS instead!"

Panic Factory[edit]

  • "DK? Again? Why won't you go away! You're like a bad case of poison ivy!"
  • "Bwah hah hah!"
  • "What do you think I want it for? To take over the world! Duh!"
  • "Bah! Enjoy THIS!"
  • "I... didn't have enough time to finish it properly, but it's still plenty powerful!"
  • "Behold! The Mega Amp!"

Kremling Dock[edit]

  • "I can't believe it! Don't you have ANYTHING better to do than follow me?!"
  • "Uh-uh! You guys aren't getting in my way again!"
  • "See, I planned ahead this time and dug a trap just for you!"

  • "You're persistent, I'll give you that, but you lose for being a pain in my tail!"
  • "But you're too late!"
  • "The King Kruizer IV is primed and ready for action!"
  • "With it--and the power of those Crystal Bananas--I'm unstoppable!"
  • "And then, the world---no, the whole universe will be mine!"
  • "And maybe I'll start with the planet Plantaen!"
  • "So long, starch-for-brains!"

King Kruizer IV[edit]

  • "What?! No way!! How did you make it this far?!"
  • "You apes always spoil my plans..."
  • "Bwah ha ha! At last, my Mega Amp is complete!"
  • "It'll crush you but good! Bwah hah hah!"

  • "N-No way! You beat my amazing Mega Amp?!"
  • "Darn it! I've got nothing to lose now!"
  • "Looks like I'll have to take care of you myself!"

Planet Plantaen[edit]

  • "You pesky little apes!"
  • "Let's see if you can keep up with me!"

  • "Ugh... Bad monkey!"
  • "But there's no way I'm letting you have those Crystal Bananas!"
  • "Check this out!"


  • "Good gravy gravy bo bavy! You're not Kremlings! Sorry... I've made an awful awful bo bawful mistake, fanana!"
  • "No, no! I am Xananab from the planet Plantaen."
  • "They stole the Crystal Banana! It's a gem gem bo bem with super powers! It'd be a disaster if they used the power for evil evil bo bevil!"
  • "But now that you've destroyed my ship, I can't stop them! What do I do now?"
  • "Really? You'll help me?"
  • "Thanks!"
  • "Give back my Crystal Banana, fanana!"
  • "Thank you! We've got one of them for now!"
  • "Thanks thanks bo banks! We've got two of my Crystal Bananas back!"
  • "A spaceship!?"
  • "Oh, horror horror bo borror!"
  • "Fanana..."
  • Give me back the remaining Crystal Banana, fana!"
  • "Buh-wha? This is Plantaen! We're on my home planet!"
  • "Thank you, fanana! You got all the Crystal Bananas back!"
  • "You saved Plantaen! As my way of saying thank you bo bank you, have some bananas!"
  • "And you never gave up along the way! Well done! As a reward, here's a little gift dift fo fift!"