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This is a list of quotes from the game Yoshi Topsy-Turvy. The quotes are listed by character.


  • "Oh, Great Spirit... Please return us to our ideal, peaceful land."
  • "This world truly is the best!"
  • "Hey! Where's Hongo? And where did the spirit who loves surprises go?"


  • "Oh, no! How rude of me!"

Spirit of Cuteness[edit]

  • "Mmmm..."
  • "I just love, love, LOVE cute little things! Yes, I'm the spirit who loves cuteness above all! But all is not cute in the world now. Listen to this! All of my tiny Eggling pals... Each and every one... They were turned into apples by the evil, evil Bowser!"
  • "They all fled to Yoshi's Island."
  • "Pleeeeeease! Please find the Egglings and free them from this curse! If you do a good job, I'll give you a Happiness Medal. If you get two or more Happiness Medals... I'll let you through here!"
  • "Collect - apples and be a hero to those Egglings!"

Spirit of Greed[edit]

  • "Money makes the world go 'round. MONEY is all that matters!"
  • "Oh! Hey, you! You got lots of money or what? I'm the spirit who loves money more than anything!"
  • "Sparkle, sparkle!"
  • "You need four or more Happiness Medals to pass me. You have to pay me to go down any road. If you want to get past here... Good luck!"
  • "Bring me - coins!"

Spirit of Power[edit]

  • "I can't HEAR you!"
  • "Speak up! Louder! LOUDER! Can't you speak up?!?"
  • "I'm the spirit who loves all things mighty! If you understand me, then let your mighty voice ROAR! A strong body often shows a strong heart, you know. So I want you to defeat many enemies... ...and become a hero!"
  • "You need at least six Happiness Medals to go beyond this point. But first you have to work hard at your training... and become stronger!"
  • "Defeat - enemies and get to the goal!"

Spirit of Kindness[edit]

  • "Who's there?"
  • "You're the hero who's come to save this land? I don't buy it!"
  • "I am the spirit who treasures kindness above everything. If you want to get past here... ...collect eight Happiness Medals! But if you disturb the peace even the slightest bit... I will PUNISH you!!!"
  • "Defeat - enemies or more and you're out!"

Spirit of Speed[edit]

  • "Hang on, hang on!"
  • "You can't just sit around and space out! You're in the way! Huh? You were running? You're slower than molasses! You see, I am the spirit who loves all things swift! I can't stand people who loaf around like slackers! Prove to me you can run fast as the wind... getting six or more Happiness Medals. Then I'll let you go!"
  • "Hurry to the goal within - seconds!"

Spirit Who Loves Surprises[edit]

  • "I am the tiny book spirit, a spirit who loves surprises."
  • "I did not wish for the whole island to be entrapped like this. But no one can stop Hongo one he makes up his mind. As you can see, I was fired for opening up my big mouth."
  • "We spirits have power, but not enough of it, I guess. We could not just lock Bowser away. I'm so sorry."
  • "Then again, if you can get to the last page in this book... And you find a way to lock Bowser away... Then maybe Hongo will think about changing his mind... He might just let your little island out of the book!"
  • "Other spirits are guarding the other pages of this book. If you want to turn the page, listen to what the spirits say. Then show them what you can do!"
  • "There are six spirits in all. If you convince all of them... they'll let you go to the final page, where Bowser waits."
  • "Hey, don't be so mad! As proof of my apology... I'll give you a truly amazing treasure! I'll give you the power to tilt this entire world! Look! See! Try it!
  • "Yes, that's it. That's how you use the power!"
  • "Sorry to frighten you! It's me! Me, remember? Uh-huh! You've gotten a lot better at tilting things....................Are you...mad?"
  • "Awwww! Come on now! Don't be so angry! You still have a long way to go to reach the last page. Good luck!"
  • "Well done! I knew that you could do it. Look! Bowser is just up ahead! In that cave! I know it!"

Spirit of Fright[edit]

  • "Hmm??? Who's there? Ah, I see... Are you really... that interested... in knowing more about... me? Really? Well... I love... scary things... I'm the... spirit who loves... all things scary..."
  • "You want to know... What to do to get past me? Bring me... hee hee hee... 10 Happiness medals... So... What scary game... Should we play?"
  • "I put a spoooooky thing on the screen!"


  • "Eggland is mine! ALL MINE! BWA HA HA HA HA HA HA! The tasty-looking Egglings belong to me! Bwa harf!"
  • "Huh? Get back here! You can't run! I'll hunt you down!"
  • "I've found you at last! A little magic spell ought to keep you from running. Ha ha!"
  • "Whoa! I never expected to meet Yoshi here!"
  • "So you got locked in this pop-up book, too, eh? Gwa ha ha har! You say you're gonna lock me away? Ha! What a joke! If you think you can do it, go ahead and try! Bwa ha ha!"
  • "Hey! S-STOP IT! What are you doing to the Koopa King? Ook! I'll get you for this! I'LL REMEMBER THIS DAY!"


  • "And so Yoshi succeeded in locking Bowser away... ...and the little spirits thanked him with all their hearts. Even Hongo, the book spirit, was happy. He was extremely grateful for Yoshi's heroism... ...and he welcomed him with an extravagant meal."
  • "But Yoshi was not amused."
  • "So said the great spirit, Hongo... he hurriedly returned Yoshi's Island to normal."
  • "And the Egglings will forever remember... They will never forget Yoshi's storybook deeds."
  • "Looks like even the spirit who loves surprises was allowed to return with Hongo!"