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This is a list of quotes spoken by the characters from the game Paper Mario: The Origami King.


  • "Me? Well... I'm Bob-omb."
  • "You know that memory-loss thing? What's it called... Ambrosia? Amnesty? Thinky Thinky Panic? Whatever you call it, I've got it—big time."
  • "My name is not Bombert. I am Bob-omb!"'
  • "Oh wait. I don't have arms."
  • "Heh. Right. I'm sure you'd stay TOTALLY on-task in there, ma'am. 'No distractions,' she says..."
  • "I guess we have to check out Shogun Studios after all, huh?"
  • "Yeah...she's not even thinking about the streamer anymore."
  • "This is what every Bob-omb hopes for—a chance to change something for the better. To make an impact."


  • "I know what you're going to do to my minion, so CUT IT OUT!!!"
  • "Do you know who I am!?"
  • "Nooo! It's like pulling a bandage off halfway!" (After canceling pulling Bowser)

Bowser Jr.[edit]

  • "Ta-daa! How do I look?"

Captain T. Ode[edit]

  • "Ah, the sea chart. And the Great Sea herself... Yes, everything is coming back to me... In this moment...I am as a bird in a cage. I yearn to sail free at the helm of my Marino, underneath the great cresting waves. I shall require the sea chart, as well as my noble vessel. Make it so!"

Colored Pencils[edit]

  • "Aw, man! You were almost out of the picture...for good."
  • "I'm sick and tired of Philistines like you ERASING all of my hard work, man."
  • "You probably haven't heard of me, right? Figures. When was the last time you even went to a gallery?"
  • "Pfft. Don't answer. I'm gonna give you an art lesson for free."
  • "The name's Jean-Pierre Colored Pencils the 12th. I represent the Legion of the Stationery, I'll have you know!"
  • "Anyway, I'm guarding this streamer, and I'll scribble on your flat face if that's what it takes to stop you."
  • "Feast your eyes upon my art-senal! Twelve colored pencils, ready to make your paper bodies my canvas!"
  • "Locked on targets!"
  • "They ALL missed?! missiles are flawless! It's the TARGET that's all wrong!"
  • "No! NO! My lid is closed! I can't stop my missiles!"
  • "Did you enjoy my BITING critique?"
  • "Reload complete! And I have plenty more where these came from!
  • "Ugh. Everyone's a critic. I won't let my work be disrespected like this! Time to roll out my masterpiece..."
  • "Behold my Rainbow Roll!"
  • " way. Defeated by a no-name, no-talent piece of disgusting POP CULTURE! You were better when you were a sidescroller, man..."


  • "You may have heard of me. I am known as Kamek!"

King Olly[edit]

  • "Oh, and by the way...I am no longer your brother Olly. I am KING OLLY! By the time I am done, all of those miserable Toads will be folded... reborn as loyal Folded Soldiers--serving me! And I shall fold, crease, and bend the entire paper world to my whim... The birth of a new origami kingdom!"
  • "So what do you say? Will you volunteer your paper body to the cause?"
  • "Ah, I expected nothing less. And to be honest, I wouldn't have it any other way." (After saying no)
  • "Oh really? You expect me to fall for such a simple trick?!" (After saying yes)
  • "Why couldn't Mario have simply left you in that wall where I put you..."
  • "Oh, hello."
  • "Yes. It's been a while, hasn't it?"
  • "Ahh, sister... You have such a flat outlook on life. All I am doing is creating a glorious kingdom for origami like us."
  • "How can you not grasp the brilliance and daring of my plan?"
  • "Very well."
  • "I thought perhaps you would listen to reason. I see I was mistaken."
  • "Ever since you've teamed up with this Mario fellow, you've been nothing but a crinkle in my neck."
  • "It ends now."
  • "Consider this path closed."
  • "Alas, there will be an empty origami throne beside mine..."
  • "But no matter. The birth of my Origami Kingdom is imminent. You may as well sit back and wait for its arrival."
  • "Well, you're finally here. Took you long enough."
  • "As a matter of fact, it took you so long that there is nothing you can do to stop me now."
  • "Oh, the princess is right in front of you. Behold!"
  • "I told you, didn't I? That I would transform all of Peach's Castle into an origami castle. Including the princess herself."
  • "She is at one with the castle now. Beautiful, precious and silent. I'm sure she's happier this way."
  • "I would. And I did."
  • "Witness The Thousand Cranes technique! He who has the patience to fold 1,000 origami cranes shall have any wish granted."
  • "That is real, ultimate power, and I shall use it to turn every last one of those wretched Toads into mere blank paper."
  • "Of course I do! He's the whole reason I'm doing this!"
  • "That fool disrespected the very paper I am made of... He scribbled all over it!"
  • "Now I bear the hideous scar of his negligence and disregard for origami... And he shall pay!"
  • "If you've seen one Toad, you've seen them all! They're all the same to me!"
  • "That's why I have to turn them all into blank pieces of paper. So I never have to see a single one of their stupid faces again!"
  • "That... is my vision for a glorious origami kingdom."
  • "As for you, Mario. You've proven to be quite annoying."
  • "But there's nothing you can do now to stop me. Already, 999 of my cranes are complete..."
  • "After I defeat you... I'll honor your paper by folding you into the very last crane!"
  • "Your adventure ends here, Mario."
  • "I WILL fulfill my dream. If you won't fold willingly... I shall bend you to my will by force!"
  • "Indeed. I've mastered the techniques of every Bibliofold. Now... witness how a KING wields these powers!"
  • "*pant, pant* You... surpassed the power of my superior, folded paper..."
  • "SHUT IT! I don't need your pity!"
  • "I folded you so we could turn this flat world into an origami kingdom..."
  • "But you betrayed me... and allied yourself with these paper peasants!"
  • "Don't you see, Olivia? We're both origami! Why are you fighting me?!"

Koopa Troopa[edit]

  • "We'd go try to stop him, but, y'know... We're Koopa Troopas. What are we gonna do? Walk into him slowly?"


  • "We're the front line! That's proof that we're Lord Bowser's favorites. We always give 110 percent."

Hammer Bro[edit]

  • "You did it, man! First paper to ever defeat scissors. They're gonna write a book about it, and then a movie that everyone will hate."

Hole Punch[edit]

  • "Lady, I couldn't stop groovin' now if I wanted to. So I guess we're gonna have to... FACE. OFF."
  • "I am PUMPED. I'm gonna own this dance floor till the break of dawn. And, seeing as there's no sun to rise in here, that means this groove is never gonna end! HEY! C'mon!"
  • "You wanna dance? You wanna DANCE, bro?!"
  • "Get back down here so I can two-step your face!"
  • "Oh, man... Why'd you have to harsh my groove? We had it bumpin' in here!"
  • "Disco forever! Count it down!"


  • "I'm the single-oar sculler fer the Autumn Mountain downriver tour! I was folded fer way too long... Went a bit bananas."
  • "Ya think your day was stressful?! I was a monkey!"
  • "Welcome to Shogun Studios!"
  • "It's a SUPER popular location, full of SPECTACULAR shows and AMAZIN' attractions."
  • "If ya look up ahead, you'll see Shogun Studio's famous castle!"
  • "We could continue the river tour, if ya'd like. Sweetpaper Valley is jes' up ahead. What'll it be?"
  • "What in the- Where'd this thing come from? We can't pass through the gate with this in the way!"
  • "Yep. We'll have to turn around and head back fer now."
  • "OK, then! You folks go have fun. I'll be waitn' here when you're done!"
  • "Howdy, folks. We can't go any further with that blue thing blockn' our path. Whatcha wanna do?"

Ol' Grandsappy[edit]

  • "I've hardly got the hardwoods to speak, let alone learn you some manners... *hack*"
  • "If you can find a way to restore my energy, I may just let you two leave this place."
  • "Ach! Ptooey! Nope. That ain't it." (After giving Ol' Grandsappy the Shriveled Seed)
  • "It's doin' something! Watch out now!" (After giving Ol' Grandsappy the Soul Seed)
  • "That little seed was all it took. Tightened up my timbers and put the funk back in my trunk. I'm young again!"


  • "It's cramped and dark...almost like I'm in between dimensions or something"
  • "That...that sounded good! Are your arms all big and foldy now?" (After using the first Magic Circle)
  • "Oh, was I just stuck in that wall?" (After freeing Olivia)
  • "Save complete, huh? Guess that means your adventure up to this point has been saved! Phew!" (After hitting the first Save Block)
  • "Everything here is made of paper, of course, so every little bit of confetti is like a tiny piece of our world."
  • "I'm going to stop you, Brother. As your sister, it's my duty..."
  • "It's eating it?!"
  • "What?! Hang on. Are you telling me this place is..."
  • "A THEME PARK?! That sounds like so much fun! Can we go? Please?
  • "Well, looks like we HAVE to check out Shogun Studios. It would be irresponsible not to."
  • "So Shogun Studios it is! Right? We're gonna stop here, right? Please?"
  • "WHAT?! We're not going to Shogun Studios? But...but..." (if the player chooses to go downriver)
  • "Shogun Studios..."
  • "We do? My goodness! I guess you're right, Bobby! What a great idea. So glad you thought of it."
  • "Yesss! Oh, we're going to have SO much fun in Shogun Studios!"

Princess Peach[edit]

  • "How good to see you…"
  • "Shouldn't the Mushroom Kingdom... unfold? And be refolded unto glory?" (first question)
  • "And what of those... Toads? Shouldn't they be silenced... for all of eternity?" (second question)
  • "Will you crease yourself and be reborn, just like me?" (third question)
  • "Wrong answer. Right answer. It matters not. All your responses are all paper thin."
  • "Goodbye..."
  • "Why are you still so...flat?"
  • "Why haven't you joined me in folded glory..."

Professor Toad[edit]

  • "Well, all things considered, it could have been wors-Wait! Who are you? I've never seen anything LIKE you. Are you one of the Ancient Ones? Tell me!"


  • "Isn't this great, Bro? Back on the road again and heading to some kind of festival!"
  • "...Where is everybody? You don't think we missed it, do you?"
  • "OK...I'm just gonna take a deep breath and go find the key to this door. That's what you'd do, right?"

Rubber Band[edit]

  • "No, no, NO! The star of the show isn't Mario, you uncultured HACKS! The real MEEE!"
  • "I wanted to make this place GRAND! Eliminate things DULL and bland! Alas, this was my FINAL stand. It's curtains for poor Rubber—*gaaasp*"


  • "Let's get this straight: I WILL annihilate you...but I don't see why we can't have some fun first. After all, where's the challenge in slicing you to strips immediately?"
  • "My blade has been unsheathed... Now it must taste ink and paper!"
  • "It was fun while it lasted...but your feeble attacks have grown tiresome. Let's CUT to the climax!"

Shy Guy[edit]

  • "In even better news, the Sudden Death round is your chance to earn another fabulous prize! And in slightly worse news, if you lose, it's game over."
  • "That adds up to a grand total of (number) points. You still need (number) more points to win!"
  • "Oh no! Even if Mario gets everything right from here on out, he still can't get enough points to win."
  • "And you know what that means...Game over!"
  • "The rings have been set. The answer awaits. But is it the right answer? There’s only one way to find out..."


  • "It's not fair! I can't be paying people out—I'll go outta business!"
  • "Wrong!"
  • "Time's up!"
  • "Nope! So sorry."
  • "Time's up... So sorry."
  • "Let's try again. The number of chances you have 2/1."


  • "Hey! I'm elevatin' here!"
  • "And you, origami kid... Be a good goil and run back to Olly. It's past your beddy-bye time, capisce?"
  • "HEY! I'm not tacky! I'm STICKY! DAT'S IT! Ya want a piece of me? Well, you're gonna get it!"
  • "You two got some noive, bustin' up my precious, tailor-made dispenser like dat. It was worth a fortune, not to mention the senty-mental value!"
  • "Don't do dis to me! I'm a changed adhesive! I won't stick nobody up no more, I swear! Boss! Olly! Ya gotta do somethin'! Ya gotta avenge me! I'm... I'm... Ehhhhh, fuhgeddaboudit."


  • "To all the origami... Thank you!"