List of Paper Mario: The Origami King quotes

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This is a list of quotes spoken by the characters from the game Paper Mario: The Origami King.


  • "Me? Well... I'm Bob-omb."
  • "You know that memory-loss thing? What's it called... Ambrosia? Amnesty? Thinky Thinky Panic? Whatever you call it, I've got it—big time."
  • " My name is not Bombert. I am Bob-omb!"


  • "I know what you're going to do to my minion, so CUT IT OUT!!!"
  • "Do you know who I am!?"

Bowser Jr.[edit]

  • "Ta-daa! How do I look?"

Captain T. Ode[edit]

  • "Ah, the sea chart. And the Great Sea herself... Yes, everything is coming back to me... In this moment...I am as a bird in a cage. I yearn to sail free at the helm of my Marino, underneath the great cresting waves. I shall require the sea chart, as well as my noble vessel. Make it so!"


  • "You may have heard of me. I am known as Kamek!"

King Olly[edit]

  • "Oh, and by the way...I am no longer your brother Olly. I am KING OLLY! By the time I am done, all of those miserable Toads will be folded... reborn as loyal Folded Soldiers--serving me! And I shall fold, crease, and bend the entire paper world to my whim... The birth of a new origami kingdom!"

Ol' Grandsappy[edit]

  • "It's doin' something! Watch out now!"


  • "I'm going to stop you, Brother. As your sister, it's my duty..."
  • "It's eating it?!"

Princess Peach[edit]

  • "How good to see you…"
  • "Will you crease yourself and be reborn, just like me?" (third question)
  • "Wrong answer. Right answer. It matters not. All your responses are all paper thin."
  • "Goodbye…"

Professor Toad[edit]

  • "Well, all things considered, it could have been wors-Wait! Who are you? I've never seen anything LIKE you. Are you one of the Ancient Ones? Tell me!"
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